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Price And Subban Come Up Big

Carey Price was often sensational and P.K. Subban scored a couple of beauties as the Canadiens edged the Colorado Avalanche 3-2 Saturday night at the Bell Centre.

Five wins and just one loss, but without getting carried away, it was Colorado’s third-string goaltender Calvin Pickard between the pipes, and we still had to hold our breath as the clock wound down.

It truly would’ve sucked if a third-stringer shut the door. But he didn’t, so maybe I’ll just quit talking about it.

The Canadiens once again were forced to play catch up, with the Avs leading 1-0 after the first frame. Max would fall short on a clear cut breakaway, and we moaned and groaned. (I’m assuming you moaned and groaned).

But the second period took a definite turn, beginning with a P.K. blast from just inside the blueline on a power play.

Finally this guy was solved, and nightmares regarding a rawer than raw goaltender beating our team were put to rest. If someone’s gonna have a storybook night, let it be against another team.

Shortly after, cooler than cool stuff happened, if you’re a Habs fan of course, which, according to the organization, approximately 10 million around the world are. (How do they count something like that?)

Alex Galchenyuk jumped out of the penalty box, took a nice feed from Brandon Prust, and gave the guys a 2-1 lead. More and more, we’re seeing fine hints of soon-to-be superstardom from Galchenyuk. Just like we knew we would.

Jarred Tinordi, showing again that he’s the team’s tough guy, got his licks in on Avs’ tough guy Cody McLeod, and ain’t it grand when our tough guy can also play, unlike George Parros and Georges Laracque.

Speaking of Georges Laraque, I’m reading his autobiography that Danno sent me, and Georges, according to himself, is the world’s greatest person. He won every fight, he’s a saint in many, many ways, he was underappreciated and never used properly as a hockey player, and the only reason he decided to play for the Habs was because his mother lived in Montreal.

Maybe I’ll talk more about Georges another time. But back to things that matter – the game. Not that I don’t appreciate Danno’s gift. Thanks again Danno.

The highlight of the night? P.K. Subban, out of the penalty box, chased down the puck, swooped in behind the Avs net with a defenceman losing his footing, found himself with the puck in front of Pickard, moved to the right and beat the young fellow with all the swagger P.K. could muster.

If you missed it, it’s at the bottom.

A goal that put smiles on 20,000 folks at the Bell, and a big slice of the 10 million Habs fans around the world who saw it. If they have Rogers of course.

In the third period, Price came up big several times, but the game was narrowed to 3-2 when, with Pickard pulled for an extra attacker, a deflection fooled our guy, making P.K’s second goal even more heroic.

But that was it. The team held the fort, it ended 3-2, and we exhaled.

Five wins and one loss to start the 2014-15 season. If you’re wondering, the boys were 4-2 last year after six games.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the Avs 36-34.

Overall a fine win, with Price, P.K., and Chucky sparkling, Manny Malhotra winning draws and playing like the mature player he is, and I thought Eller skated well and at least he finally has a point now in his six games, collecting an assist on P.K’s winner.

Next up, Tuesday when Detroit visits. The Canadiens’ only game until next Saturday.



Trying Out Guys Except Georges

The Canadiens have sent Jarred Tinordi to Hamilton and have called up Greg Pateryn, and as Bobby Dollas explained yesterday morning on Montreal TSN 690, it’s a time to try out different guys while there’s holes in the lineup due to injuries.

I’m fine with that. Although I’m sure Tinordi is disappointed.

In other news, good old Georges Laraque told an interviewer that he thought he could come back and help the Habs.

I have nothing to say about that. It boggles the mind.

The Beaverton’s Fun With Georges

Ian Sirota shared another link on Facebook, a piece in the satirical “The Beaverton” about Georges Laraque lacing his political spiel with hockey jargon, and which you can see here – Georges in the Beaverton.

Things like “hoping long hours of practice and hard work will pay off.”
“Have to go out and play solid.” And he threw in some passing, forechecking, and scoring.

Of course it’s all tongue-in-cheek. Good old-fashioned humour. It’s my introduction to the Beaverton, and thanks Ian, it’s pretty darn amusing. I like the one about the 90-year lady who’s decided not to go skydiving this year.

And Georges passing? Forechecking? Scoring? Maybe in a hotel room.

Georges might make a good politician. He’s a talker. And he’s way too mouthy when he shouldn’t be. Like most politicians. He went on about George Parros recently, and the way he blabbed dressing room gossip such as he did about Mike Cammalleri, which you can see right here , was childish and should have stayed in the room where it belonged.

And speaking of Mike Cammalleri, I don’t know if you’ve seen his commercial where he’s working out and is so fast he can stop and sign a kid’s shirt and take a picture, and a guy watching couldn’t see it until the film was slowed down.

Have you seen that? I hate it. And the kid looks like he’d rather be at the dentist.

Here’s a link if you haven’t seen it – Cammy. I think it’s the stupidest thing.

Or maybe this is even stupider – Georges

Four Things

Congratulations to Chris Chelios, Brendan Shanahan, Scott Niedermayer, Women’s player Geraldine Heaney, and coach of the ’70s Broad St. Bullies, Fred Shero.

I remember reading the headline in the Montreal Gazette when Chelios was first called up to the Canadiens. “The Coming of Chris” it heralded, which I thought was a fun headline. Several years later when I was in Leningrad I mentioned that headline to a couple of Russians and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Good for the inductees. It’s a good crop, even though Shero was at the helm of those Broad St. maniacs.

I’m also one of those guys waiting for Paul Henderson to get the call.


I’ve made it through a total of six days so far at Classic Auctions, which I think is a substantial number for a new guy. Today, among other things, I wrote about Jean Beliveau, Doug Harvey, Claude Provost, and Ted Harris 1960s game-used sticks. And a rhinestone brooch given to players and executives’ wives after the Habs won the Cup in 1946.


Georges Laraque talks too much, and I think him saying George Parros isn’t intimidating enough in a competitive division isn’t very nice. George should stick to what he’s good at – smiling and wearing tight t-shirts.

Georges told La Presse, “I’m sure that when the Canadiens signed Parros, the Bruins and Shawn Thornton were relieved. In Ottawa and Toronto, they were relieved.”

Yes Georges. And you weren’t exactly Attila the Hun when you were playing. Especially when you were a Hab. You were a peacenik, even though you weren’t supposed to be. You hated beating up people so you stopped doing it. But you were being paid to beat up people.

Stop criticizing the new sheriff. It’ll be tough enough trying to live up to the expectations of Habs fans without being trashed by peers..

“He’s a good guy, but in the NHL you have to intimidate,” Laraque continued. “He has a good technique, but he’s more like a wrestler than a finisher…Florida wouldn’t let Parros go if he was doing the job.

Georges wouldn’t stop.

“Knowing the Montreal market, people will begin to wonder why they got this guy after two or three beatings. I know the guy – I know them all. But those who don’t believe me will see for themselves.”

Georges, you’re not being nice. Be quiet and run for politics.


I’m going to say this anyway. I hate cell phones. Bring back the phone booth.


Just when I was about to do nothing, I get word from Danno that the Habs have signed big and tough George Parros, who happens to stand 6’5″ and weighs 228.

Okay other teams, try screwing around with our small guys now.

This is a signing I like. We’ve got ourselves a mean machine.

Just when I was feeling down, I’m up again. Kind of like the elevators in Toronto when elevator tech Mike Williamson was on strike.

If Parros does thing properly, in other words, the opposite of Georges Laraque, the Habs could be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.

Hip hip hooray! Bring on the season!





I guess I was a little surprised by a couple of players who received qualifying offers from the Canadiens. You may not agree with me, but that’s great. I didn’t agree with George Costanza when he ate a chocolate bar with a knife and fork.

I was slightly surprised that Blake Geoffrion was given an offer. Blake wasn’t great by a long shot. He worked hard enough I guess, and is a nice skater, but the offence just wasn’t there, managing two goals and no assists in 13 games. Blake’s grandpa was one of my favourite Habs when I was a kid, and I wanted so much more from the grandson.

But if he accepts the offer and stays, maybe he can pick it up a big notch.

Andreas Engqvist is another who hasn’t dazzled. Fifteen games over two season, with points tallying at 0-0-0. But he was given an offer.

Brad Staubitz is a UFA and his name hasn’t seemed to come up much lately, so I’m assuming there’s still a chance he could be Hab next season. I like teams that are tough, you probably do too, and Montreal wasn’t tough until Staubitz came along and gave Ryan White a hand in that honourable department. Staubitz proved more than willing to pound it out. The opposite of Georges Laraque.

With Staubitz and White being feisty, the Canadiens have that extra dimension we’ve been missing, thanks to previous management miscues.

Michael Blunden wasn’t given an offer, and when I think back on how Blunden played, I see a good-sized player who got his nose dirty from time to time, who crashed the net and got involved, but scored only when certain planets aligned. Just twice in 39 games. Blunden is a right winger, as is Staubitz, so is Staubitz sticking?

I’m not trying to be an expert, and maybe I’m missing certain technicalities that I’m not aware of, but what I know is, the Canadiens have to pull up their socks like they’ve never been pulled up before, so the decisons to keep some and let others go are key decisions. Onwards and upwards. The team found themselves in the dumpster last season, and now it’s time for them to climb out, wipe themselves off, and go to work to make sure such disaster never occurs again. At least not in my lifetime.

That sound a little selfish. Not in my lifetime. Yes I care about future Habs fans who will want Cups long after I’m gone. I can see these future fans now, watching on their 100 inch 3-D televisons while robots brings them beer, the sight of grizzled 40-year old Alex Galchenyuk Jr., son of legendary Hall of Famer Alex Galchenyuk, hoisting the Cup for the 7th time in his illustrious career. The tradition continues.




Georges Laraque Talks About Mike Cammalleri

Geoff F. has sent along a most intriguing clip of Georges Laraque giving us some insight into Mike Cammalleri on a Quebec TV show, TVA Sports, and for those of us who struggle with the language, Geoff has been kind enough to give us an outline of what Laraque says.

I don’t know if Georges is exaggerating or whether he’s on the level, but regardless. it’s very interesting stuff. And I don’t suppose he and Mike will be getting together anytime soon.

Here’s what Mr. Laraque said:

– Mike C went in to JM’s office and asked for a letter on his jersey – One game when the Habs were playing poorly JM came in the room and started to yell at guys and said, “Hey Mike, instead of coming into my office and asking for a letter on your sweater, start playing like you deserve one.”  All the guys in the room started shooting incredulous glances at each other that he had went in and asked for a letter.

– at Christmas they had a gift exchange at a steakhouse and Lapierre had picked Mike C’s name as his gift recipient and put a “C” as the gift for Mike C. -Mike was offended by the joke and decided to leave -All the guys were a little uncomfortable with it but thought it was funny.

-When they were picking the captains nobody picked Mike C and he didn’t like that.  Apparently a lot of the guys thought he was a little too conceited and since then it appears was when Mike C’s performance dipped.

-Many feel that he was like a politician, the way he went shaking hands with all the legends at the Centennial.  Everyone felt it was like Mike C. throwing in his candidacy for the “C”.

The video clip of this can seen here – Laraque on TVA Sports

Wanting To Switch Off Georges Laraque

Georges Laraque, whom more and more I wish would just go away, talks about performance-inhancing drug use in the NHL – Georges Laraque. I’m tired of Georges. I hate his commercials, his wrestling with pros, his dressing up as a bride like Dennis Rodman, and I especially hated it when he did almost nothing during his two-year stint with the Habs.

All he did was smile a lot.

Now he’s become sort of a rat, without naming names.

Thanks to Danno for sending the link.

You Heard It Here

Andrei Kostitsyn spouted off on somebody’s website. And in the process, the website found itself with a nice juicy scoop.

That’s what I want. A big story broken here. 

How great would it be to report that I’ve found out that former Hab Georges Laraque is actually the love child of Lionel Richie and Aretha Franklin, or Jacques Martin enjoys jello shooters and Eminem? That’s what I need. Something like that. I’ll bet that Belarusian website got a lot of hits after the Kostitsyn sound-off.

Josh Gorges admits he hates ice cream. Is it true? You read it here first.

ABC is pushing Sean Avery to retire from hockey and become a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. “I’m definitely considering it,” Avery told this blog. “I’m just waiting to see who my male partner would be.”

Scott Gomez denies on my site that he’s ever been married to Selena Gomez.

Evangelist Billy Graham reveals that he reads the Bible every night, right after he reads this blog. “I get divine inspiration from this Habs site” says Graham in a Newsweek interview. The Pope said ditto to this comment.

Yannick Weber is a professional yodeler. Now you know.

Hal Gill spills the beans. “I’m not friendly. It’s been an act all along.”

Gary Bettman sat down with me for beer and discussion. “My dream is to have many more Canadian teams,” he told me. Later, after several pints, Bettman admitted that he likes basketball better than hockey.

This is the stuff I need. Just one big exposé. The internet would be buzzing. Maybe even overload and crash.

That’s what I want. A scoop big enough to crash the internet. Is it too much to ask?