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A Mighty Fine Nine

Rocket's sweater

Yes, Leafs fan, I’ll give you this. Your team spent much of the second period in Montreal’s zone, played well, outshot the Habs 23-11, and for awhile made things dicey.

Heck, your team had lots of gas for most of the game, and peppered an incredible 52 shots at Carey Price.

But you can thank your captain, Dion Phaneuf, for being a baby after getting hit hard by Dale Weise late in this second frame and getting sent to the box, which must  have been a kick in the gut to Dion’s teammates.

Phaneuf, to our amusement, took a crosschecking penalty on Weise because he couldn’t handle being hit hard, and the Canadiens, who were in tough at the time, scored with 14 seconds left to make it a 5-2 game at that point, and the dagger was thrust.

So blame some of the loss on your captain. If you can’t take a heavy hit, you shouldn’t be in the game.

Canadiens win their ninth straight, with Vancouver on Tuesday to tie the league record, with the boys not allowing a single goal in any first period along the way.

Random Notes:

My friend Mel St. St. Onge in Orillia wants to start a movement to have hockey host George Stroumboulopoulos sent packing and Ron Maclean brought back. I think it’s a great idea. C’mon Rogers, toss this guy.

Shots on goal when all was said and done – Leafs 52, Habs 27.

Canadiens went 2/4 on the power play.

P.K. Subban, especially in the first period, fired several cannons at Jonathan Bernier, with one going in while the Habs were enjoying the man advantage.

Lars Eller, David Desharnais, Max, and Gally tallied in the second, while in the third, after Morgan Rielly had made it 5-3, the Canadiens held the fort and skated away with their win.

Alexander Semin showed tonight why previous coaches and managers just weren’t thrilled with him. He floated, looked uninterested, and provided a blatant turnover which led to James Van Riemsdyk narrowing the gap to 3-2 at the time.

But Max would notch a shorthanded marker soon after, and Brendan Gallagher deflected a PK blast on the power play with Phaneuf serving his time, and the gap widened even further.

Have a great night and excellent Sunday. I’m on my way to a birthday party where there’s gonna be live music and a keg of draught in the back yard.


Imagine – A Habs Fan Hosting

How refreshing it would be to have a Habs fan hosting Hockey Night in Canada.

This, from the National Post, with thanks to Hobo for sending it along.


“TSN reporter Bob McKenzie tweeted Sunday the CBC host of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight will become the face of the show when Rogers Communications Inc. takes control of Canada’s NHL broadcasting rights next season.

“Stroumboulopoulos, who was a presenter at the Canadian Screen Awards on Sunday, was not made available for comment. A spokesperson for Rogers’ Sportsnet also declined to comment.

“The hiring of Stroumboulopoulos would be the first major personnel change made by Rogers after acquiring the NHL rights in a blockbuster 12-year, $5.2-billion deal in November.”

Name Tags

I’ve always liked this picture, which is in my old scrapbook, even though it’s a little worse for wear. Two fine Habs fans showing off their favourite players the best way they knew how. Good thing their favourite player wasn’t named George Stroumboulopoulos or Ronaldo Konabopopolopolis. It would have to carry on down their legs.

Harvey captured the Norris Trophy seven times between 1954 and 1962, with Johnson winning it for the 1958-59 season. With these guys on the blueline, along with the usual suspects like the Richards, Beliveau, Moore, Geoffrion, Plante etc, it’s no wonder the Canadiens won five straight in the late fifties.


Non-Breaking Announcement

We interrupt the Canada-Russia tournament, which presently stands at one win for them and none for us, to give you this important non-breaking announcement.

P.K. still hasn’t signed. We’ve seen on the George Stroumboulopoulos show with brother Malcolm, and we’ve seen him in the crowd of players standing behind Donald Fehr as we’re told that they don’t like the latest offer.

We just haven’t seen him signing a piece of paper.

And speaking of Subban, a fellow at work told me how much he disliked our guy, but agreed that P.K. is going to be a superstar. And that’s all that matters.


Game two of the big series goes September 4th in Toronto. They need this. We need this. Another loss would be terrible. I wonder if Sinden decides to go with Ken Dryden again, or starts Tony Esposito instead. Dryden was, shall we say, less than stellar in game one.

This guy Kharlamov. Holy smokes, would he ever look good in a Habs uniform.

And about the two scouts, John McLellan and Bob Davidson from the Leafs, who went to Russia and came back saying the young Tretiak wasn’t very good and might be the team’s weakest leak. Tretiak sure seemed fine to me in Montreal. Those guys must have got into the hotel vodka.


Did you hear Foster Hewitt pronounce Yvan Cournoyer’s name during game one? He said it exactly as it looks, forgetting that Yvan is French, not English. Foster calls him “Kor-Noye-Er,” which is just weird considering Cournoyer has been in the league for eight years already. Surely Foster should have gotten it by now.



George’s Interview With Gary Bettman – ZZZZZZZZZ

I watched Gary Bettman interviewed on The Hour tonight and not one question posed by George Stromboloupolopsoulopsoulospopopolousopos was hard hitting, and not one answer by Mr. Bettman taught me anything new.

Expansion – not now, we’ll look at it, we’ll see, if needed.

Shape of league – doing great, fine, no problems we can’t handle, better than ever, wow.

Jim Balsillie (rich dude who wants to buy a team) – must be nicer to Gary and friends if he wants a team.

Gary’s father was in the edible nuts business.

Gary liked hockey a little bit when he was young.