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Houses Of The Holy

Presenting the boyhood homes of four of the greatest players of all time.

All four photos were taken by yours truly. Not that I’m bragging or anything.

Below, the house in Bordeaux, Quebec, just north of Montreal, where Onesime and Alice Richard moved to from the Gaspe area when Onesime took a job in the big city as a CPR machinist. This is where son Maurice grew up with brother Henri and six other siblings.

When Maurice was older his dad got him a job in his machine shop for $20 a week.


Bobby Orr’s place in Parry Sound, across the street from the Seguin River where young Bobby learned to play the game better than anyone else, except for maybe the fourth player on this page.

This house is only a couple of hundred feet from Parry Sound’s main drag, but I’m guessing he didn’t hang out there looking for trouble, like I did in my home town.


Wayne Gretzky’s pad on Varadi Avenue in Brantford. A fine house on a nice tree-lined street. Bicycles and a little hockey net sit in the driveway, probably for various grandkids visiting Walter.


And finally, Elmer Ave. in Orillia, where the smallish yet shifty Dennis Kane grew up. This is a guy who, while playing for Byers Bulldozers midget all-stars, had his shot clocked at an incredible 29 mph. And aside from seven or eight others, was the fastest skater on the team.

It’s a shame that scouts were either drunk or weren’t paying attention when Kane was playing.  It’s a shame that he was too smalI with shitty muscles. It’s a shame his shot sucked. It’s a shame that the wild and crazy 1960s came along and he got sidetracked. It’s a shame that he had a hard time focusing and would sometimes sing Beatles songs under his breath while carrying the puck down the wing.

There are several other fine excuses as well.


Will The Craziness In Montreal Ever End?

It seems that some people in Montreal aren’t happy that Saku Koivu passed on the annual Montreal Canadiens golf tournament and stayed in Finland to continue working out with a Finnish hockey team to prepare for the season.


People are complaining on talk shows. La Province sports writer Bertrand Raymond agrees with these people and says Koivu isn’t on the list of great Habs captains.


The story broke earlier today in the National Post in an article by Dave Stubbs, and I have a couple of small thoughts on the subject.


Much of the Montreal media shouldn’t be media, they should be divorce lawyers. And the fans complaining shouldn’t be fans, they should be laying in a crib sucking on a bottle. What do they want? Do they want Saku to play some leisurely golf, or be ready to lead the team through a pressure cooker season and playoffs and onward to a Stanley Cup, by continuing his training?


Tomas Plekanec, the Kostitsyn brothers, Roman Hamrlik, and Jaroslav Halak stayed in Europe too.

And Georges Laraque remained in Edmonton, saying he doesn’t golf and he detests the sport.


But Koivu gets the heat because he’s the captain. It doesn’t seem to matter about his charities, or his talent, or his coming back from cancer and a serious eye injury. It only matters that people in Montreal have found a new thing to complain about, this one being golf.


He missed a golf game so he’s a rotten bastard. The French-speaking media and the local crybabies are stirring the pot because Saku’s not from Trois Rivieres or the Gaspe. If these people had their way, the entire Montreal Canadiens roster would be born and raised not far from the St. Lawrence Seaway.


It probably wouldn’t even matter if the team did well or not. As long as everyone came from Quebec.


Why can’t people in Montreal just sit back and be ready and excited about the upcoming season? Why is it that every year there are such ridiculous controversies that swirl around the team. Great teams have Europeans and English and French, all passing the puck around to each other and sharing in big goals.


Are these idiots the reason other players opt out of coming to Montreal, like Daniel Briere and Brendan Shanahan?


And why would Mats Sundin want to endure this?


I find it just unbelievable that people who say they’re Habs fans would want to inflict such damage over a  golf game.