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Habs Skin Cats

I’m not able to write a decent recap of the Habs-Panthers affair on this Saturday night.

It just seems that I’m never able to go to the neighborhood community club without  having biker friends and Mafia greasers and misunderstood gangland slayers insist on buying me drinks and paying for lap dancers because these folks relate to me and appreciate all those things I taught them, and which, for me anyway, makes it difficult to slip out and watch the game without them being insulted.

Although I can tell you that the Canadiens, on a goal by Max Pacioretty in overtime, won 3-2, and the boys managed two power play goals and came within one second of another.

Max’s goal was his 36th, while Alex Galchenyuk notched his 20th and Lars Eller his 12.

Canadiens outshot Florida 25-23.

Next up – Monday, when the other Florida team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, pays a visit to beautiful downtown Montreal.




I Get The Feeling Fans In Florida Weren’t Happy With Jacques Martin


After the Canadiens played the Leafs and squeaked it out in overtime while being outshot about a thousand to 20, I asked this question:

“Why are we getting outshot like this? Our defence is an experienced group, and Andrei Markov is back to make it that much better. Jacques Martin’s forte as coach is to create a solid, defensive system. Habs forwards can play both ways, they’re not just an offensive team up front.

So why the inordinate shots on goal against every night? Help me, people. I don’t have any answers.”

The guys from a Florida Panthers blog, The Rat Trick, having had Jacques as the Panther coach in a previous life between 2005 and 2008, answered my question. And it’s not pretty..

“The System that Jacques uses is to have the other team take more shots than his team, but hope that his team scores more! Saw this personally here in Florida for three very aggravating years.
He preaches defence, but I’m not sure if it’s actually applied.
I feel your pain and continue to question his philosophy.”

Filling Up A Spare Room With Stuff Moths Want To Get At.


There’s probably a real good reason why I like and collect this old stuff. Probably has something to do with my inner child.

I’ve got a room full. I especially like finding old Habs sweaters from the 40’s and ’50’s, I’ve got about 12 of them, and I continue the hunt for ones from before that, from the 20’s and ’30’s. They’re out there, I know that. I just can’t find them.

 Habs in Tampa Bay Tuesday to play Vinny Lecavalier and his Tampa Bay Lightning, (or is he a Montreal Canadien now?)  finally, after this long break, and then down the road and across to the other side to play the Panthers.

Four big points. I’m pretty sure about this.

Montreal Won The Game. That’s The Best I Can Say

I would say, in trying to describe the Canadiens’ 6-5 shootout win over the Florida Panthers Sunday afternoon, as only a mediocre win. I could also say ugly, and lucky, and a sad excuse for a win, but I guess I’ll stick with mediocre.


And although we say a win is a win, is it really? Because there were so many things wrong with the Habs today, that it’s hard to get worked up when they squeak out a shootout thing.


Montreal came out snoring in this game and fell behind 2-0 by the time the first period had ended. But in the second, for whatever reason, (and I suppose there’s a reason) they woke up in the second, scored four quick goals, and took a 4-2 lead.


But it was the third period I have a big problem with. Beginning with Alex Kovalev. Someone has to sit this guy down, (and I’m sure he’s been told a hundred times in his career,) and convince him he’s not stickhandling around 14 peewees on a lake out there. He’s crafty, but not that crafty. In the NHL, rarely does anyone stickhandle through an entire team.


Kovalev tries to all the time. And in the third, while trying it on the power play, he once again lost the puck, this time to Radek Dvorak, who promptly skated in on a clear-cut breakaway to score.


Then the Habs, on Andrei Kostitsyn’s second goal of the game, went up 5-3 before Florida stormed back to tie it. And in the process, dominated the Habs and were the better team for the most part.


Of course, now that it’s over, the results show a Montreal win, as Andrei Markov potted the big one in the shootout. Just don’t tell anyone how bullshit lucky they were and didn’t really deserve to win. No one needs to know this.


Game Notes:


Robert Lang played well and contributed a goal and two assists.


Carey Price was on the shelf so once again, Jaroslav Halak was between the pipes. I’m not saying Halak played poorly, but he let in five goals. So what does that mean?


Coming Up:


A beauty of a stretch is coming up. Beginning Wednesday, Montreal visits the Rangers, and we know how important that game is. Then, on Thursday, it’s home to meet Toronto. On Saturday, the second place Washington Capitals are in town, and the following Tuesday, the Habs travel to Boston for a game I’ve been waiting for for awhile.



Late, Great Enemy Watch News. Thank You Sabres and Panthers!

The Buffalo Sabres beat Boston 4-2 in Boston today. This ends the Bruins’ ten-game winning streak. It’s so nice to see this over-achieving band of Beantown gangsters lose, and hopefully it’s the beginning of many more losses to come.


Also….Florida took it to Pittsburgh, winning 6-1 in Pittsburgh. Sidney Crosby was in a couple of fights, the goon.

Thank you Florida. I’ll try to be nicer to you in the future. 


Later on, two Habs enemies clash with each other when the Rangers play Washington. It’s a no-win situation here. We need both to lose somehow. Also, hopefully Tampa Bay can beat Carolina and LA destroys Philadelphia.


It’s all for the good of the Habs, people.

Max Does It Again! This Time In The Shootout

First, to give credit where credit’s due. The Tampa Bay Lightning, although sitting well out of a playoff spot in 13th place in the east with only 29 points, played a solid game, had their chances, and could have very well pulled it off.


But the Canadiens, in another impressive road win, ended 2008 with six points out of six points on the road, taking out Pittsburgh and Florida beforehand, and now Tampa Bay, with a terribly exciting 2-1 shootout win.


And again, two less-heralded players, Guillaume Latendresse, who tied the game at one, and Maxim Lapierre, coming off a three-goal night in Florida, notched a shootout goal along with Alex Kovalev to win it.


Everything looks good right now for Montreal. The team has won five of their last six games, Carey Price is on top of his game, and everyone is playing well. The only negative right now is Alex Tanguay looks to have some health issues, and Saku Koivu, Chris Higgins, Georges Laraque, and Mathieu Dandenault still need to be fit and ready to go.


Other than that, all’s well in Habland. Watch your back, Boston.




Boston won again, this time against Pittsburgh. And Washington also beat Buffalo.

Enjoy it, you two. You’ll come crashing down soon.


Philadelphia is in Vancouver tonight and it’s just begun. Go Vancouver. (I never thought I’d say that.)

Another Night, Another Hero. This Time – Maxim Lapierre

Maxim Lapierre, in front of what seemed like hundreds of fans wearing Montreal sweaters in Florida, did what Andrei Kostitsyn did the other night. The much-improved forward scored three big goals, like Kostitsyn, in leading his team to another big win, this time 5-2 against the Panthers.


This isn’t the first time Lapierre’s had a big game this year. But it’s the first time he’s scored a hat trick, and it was nice to see Guy Carbonneau put the blue collar worker on the ice with Florida’s net empty to let him try to get that third, which he did with only seconds left.


It was a fine win, and everyone played well. And without sounding overly-optimistic, it really looks like the team has picked it up a serious notch.


Now it’s on to Tampa Bay for a Tuesday night visit, and of course we need the two points to end off 2008.


And right now, as you’re reading this, Steve Begin’s cheekbone is still smarting after his enthusiastic scuffle with Anthony Stewart.


Lapierre and Begin. Doing their part for the team. You gotta love it.


Game Notes:


This was the Canadiens’ 3000th franchise win and puts them into fourth place in the east.


It’s a curious thing about Maxim Lapierre. I see a hard-working, valuable player for the Habs, while  announcers like Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire keep reminding us of how much Lapierre is disliked by opposing players around the league. Frankly, I think these guys in the booth are just blowing smoke. 


How much fun must it be to be a snowbird spending your winters in Florida and going to see your team, the Canadiens, when they come-a-calling. There were so many folks in the stands wearing Habs sweaters, and cheering like crazy. Surely it must piss off Panthers fans who must endure this in their own building.

These Habs fans even did the “Carey” chant, and also sang both the ‘na na na, goodbye’ song and the ‘ole’ song. It was almost like watching the game in Montreal.




The Rangers won 5-4 over the Islanders, which is bad news. Why oh why, Islanders, do you have to be so lousy?