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Seven Bucks

Yes, Gary Bettman’s vision of NHL in southern cities is definitely working out. If you’re a Florida Panthers fan.

The Panthers have announced their new ticket promotion and it goes like this: Buy a season ticket and games can be as low as $7 a ticket. This also includes free parking and a Panthers jersey. Total this and the three comes to $336.00 for all of the 48 games.

Now compare NHL rinks in Canada to what the Panthers are offering. Off the top of my head, maybe $100 a ticket, $30 for parking, and $200 for a jersey, which works out to $330 for ONE game. Then it’s another five grand or so for the remaining 47 games, plus parking.

With not a palm tree in sight. And scalpers prices? I don’t even want to go there. I can tell you first-hand, it hurts immensely.

Yes, it’s a great deal for hockey fans in Sunrise. Seven bucks a ticket? I’m glad I don’t own this franchise.