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I Almost Lost My Wife And I Want You To Learn From It

I’d taken the goddam course more than once. The course I hated. I was bored and could hardly wait for it to end. The course that showed you what to do if someone is choking on a piece of food.


I was at a pub last night with my wife, my wife who is kind and loving and warm and caring, my wife who I love so much, and she choked on a piece of meat. I was up from the table in a flash, and I got behind her, wrapped my arms around her, and pulled.


But my arms were too high up, and I was failing my job. But she, in her terror and panic, grabbed my arms and pulled them to her stomach, where I again applied pressure. The meat dislodged and it was over, and we sat back down and just kind of sat there.


But that goddam course taught me to wrap my arms around her stomach, and I didn’t do that. I was up around her top chest, and that was wrong. We got the job done, but I failed her because I hadn’t cared or shown interest about that course.


I ask everyone to please do something for me. If someone is choking on food, stand behind them, wrap your arms around the STOMACH, and with clenched fists, apply back and forth pressure.


You don’t need to take the course. Just do this little thing. I almost lost my wife, and I can’t imagine life without her.


There’s a second part to this story: Only a few weeks back, my wife, while at her job, choked again on a piece of meet. But this time, no one was around. She stumbled around in panic, and somehow remembered that she had a bottle of water in her locker. She drank and drank, and like a miracle, the meat came free.


So that’s twice now in less than a month. She’s promised me to make her pieces of meat smaller and to chew more. But am I ever worried.