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Step It Up David


Just can’t wait for the Red/White Habs game at the Bell on Saturday. Five bucks to see some Habs hockey. Five bucks to help rebuild the damage done by a runaway train in Lac-Megantic. Five bucks and I get to hang out with Darth and Lydie.


And I sure hope David Desharnais, if he plays, lights it up, gets some cheers and smiles, and is off the hook until Sunday.

Desharnais signed a new contract last year, proceeded to have a mediocre year, and now the noose is tightening.

Another poor year from the guy and townsfolk will be marching toward his house with torches. It’ll be almost as bad as the Gomez thing. Is that possible?


I think he should be allowed one bad year without 20 million Habs fans ready to string him up. Give him 30 more games. If’s he’s still mediocre by then, I can show you some rope knots I learned at BC Ferries.

It wasn’t horribly bad for DD last season, just pretty bad. He was sixth in team points with 28 in 48 games. But he was healthy for every game, so that’s good. Right?

The year before, when everyone loved him, he was third in scoring with 60 points in 81 games. (Max had 65, Erik Cole had 61). The big line was great. Worthy of the title “The Big Line”.

Then Cole left and the big line was no more. Desharnais got that 4-year, $14 million contract, had a lousy year, and now a whack of Habs fan feel Obama should concentrate on him and not Syria.

We need three productive lines. Which means the centres have to be good. Which means I’m cheering for Desharnais.











Go Downtown, Men

The Habs development camp opened today in Brossard, and it got me thinking. I’m only seven minutes from the rink, and they might need a stick boy!

This is the kind of guy I am. Willing to go to development camp to hone my craft before the big team calls me up for the big stick boy job.

I’ve been told that many Habs live in the Brossard area, and if the wives need me to make them more comfortable, I can be there in minutes. This is the kind of guy I am. Sacrificing my time for the good of the wives.

It also got me thinking. Why would millionaire players live in the suburbs when they can afford a luxury condo downtown? Maybe it’s why many players don’t want to play in Montreal. They’ve never experienced what they should be experiencing. It’s a vibrant downtown, full of this and that. Better than Toronto’s downtown. Better than Vancouver’s. Even better than Orillia’s.

And way better than Philadelphia’s.

Instead, they park themselves in the suburbs where it could be any suburb in North America. It’s not right.

Brendan Gallagher, for example, has been living at Josh Gorges’ place in Brossard. There’s the ridiculously nutty Champlain Bridge to cross, and I’ll bet young Gally is bored silly at home. Gorges and his lady should buy a condo on Crescent or St. Denis, let Gallagher help out with the mortgage, and they might never leave, even after their playing days are over.

And that goes for any of them. C’mon Habs. Smarten up.

Chris Nilan said he lived in Brossard when he played for the Canadiens, hated the traffic on the bridge, and as soon as he moved into the core he began loving his life. Of course, maybe he loved life just a little too much but that’s not my fault.

Was Erik Cole unhappy because he didn’t live downtown? Is it why his smile was wiped away prior to last season and he got ants in his pants?

Maybe guys don’t play well  because they didn’t live downtown. Where did Scott Gomez live?

And is Brossard the reason why the team hasn’t won the Cup in twenty years?

It’s hard to understand. If I didn’t work on the south shore and have to battle the bridge thing, we’d be downtown. I’m certain about this. Coffee and bagels at the corner cafe. Short walks to pubs and bars and maybe the odd licensed establishment.. Old trees and old streets. People-watching. Bird feeding. Walk everywhere. Relive the Richard Riot on Ste. Catherines. Whatever I want.

I’m homesick for downtown and I’ve never lived there.

These players have all this money and they’re missing something fantastic because they want the big squeaky clean mansion in Brossard. They live in the kind of places you have to change your socks so you don’t get the floor dirty and I don’t understand it.

I think they’ve been hit on the head a few times too many.


Darth’s Done Another!

Darth isn’t happy with his new piece of art, but I think it’s fantastic. If I wanted a picture of Carey Price that looked exactly like him, I’d buy a photograph.

I like this much better. And I love what he did with the crest in the background.

What a Darth library we have here!





Darth Serves Up Some DD

Darth’s newest masterpiece is David Desharnais, which now joins his ever-growing gallery of exceptional works of art. Darth is a very talented dude, and it’s always my pleasure to post his remarkable creations.

Desharnais’s a player who needs to pick things up a notch in this postseason. We need all hands on deck.




Game Day – And Darth Sends A Flyer

I really admire Darth. For the sake of his art, he’s strayed from Habs players (and Sandy Koufax), and ventured into enemy territory, with his latest being Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers.

I think it’s a tremendous job Darth has done of this talented Flyers power forward, and it’s a real nice library we’re building of Darth creations here.

It’s Habs and Flyers, tonight at the Bell.



Darth’s Newest!

Darth sends his newest creation, an image he describes as almost cartoony, of our great young rookie Alex Galchenyuk, and it fits in wonderfully with his previous works of art below it.

It’s always a good day when a Darth piece shows up, and of course his latest is just beautiful. The portfolio is growing nicely.


Habs Sliced By Sabres

Ryan Miller stopped 38 of the 39 shots the Habs sent his way, with the end result being a 2-1 Sabres win at the Bell Centre, and I suppose if the boys are going to lose, they might as well do it before they play the Penguins on Tuesday and Bruins on Wednesday.

I’m sure P.K. Subban would just as soon not see the Buffalo Sabres again this year, although he’ll have to once more, on April 11th. Again tonight he was in the box when the Sabres scored an important goal, this time after the puck had found its way over the glass for a delay of game penalty and which was the goal that broke the ice after a scoreless first frame.

P.K. was also sitting in the sin bin when the Sabres won it last Tuesday, and I think the best thing our guy can do now is offer to wash Michel Therrien’s car and maybe send Madam Therrien a nice flower arrangement.

But please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not blaming P.K. for anything. He’s The Man. He having a terrific season. I’m just saying that going for a few brownie points can often be a good thing.

P.K. reminds me of me. We both have a knack for getting into trouble without even trying. Oh, the stories I could tell about the times I’d sneak into the drive-in theater.

On Vanek’s goal, which came with just 38 seconds left in the second frame, Brendan Gallagher broke his stick outside the blueline which opened things up for the dangerous forward. Just one of those things. Buffalo took advantage of a couple of breaks, one literally, and Montreal – not so much.

All in all, the sky isn’t falling, and I know you might be getting sick of hearing this from me, but we really need our injured guys back. Imagine the difference with Brandon Prust shaking things up, the revitalized Rene Bourque being the power forward he’s proven he can be, and Raphael Diaz doing the job in a big way from the back end, especially in power play situations. But we’ve been an absolutely fine team through this adversity, and it’s positive vibrations all round, even with a low-scoring loss to dwell on.

Random Notes:

Montreal’s lone marker came from Michael Ryder when he converted an Andrei Markov shot, and if you’re interested in petty comparisons, Ryder has four goals and seven assists in 11 games with the Habs, while his trade counterpart Erik Cole in Dallas has managed just two goals and zero assists in ten games. Most everyone in hockey universe agreed at the time it went down that Montreal won this trade, and it’s appearing that everyone was right.

Canadiens outshot Buffalo 39-18.

Toronto beat the Bruins 3-2 tonight and are just a hair from being in a position to play Montreal in the opening round if the season ended now. I’m torn about this. I’d hate to see the Leafs make the playoffs, but I’d love to see the Habs kick their ass. It’s a real dilemma.

Yannick Weber and Ryan White are presently on the shelf too, and I feel bad for not including them with Bourque, Prust, and Diaz as guys we need back soon. Yes, we need everyone healthy. And I’m sure even Weber and White would freely admit that the above-mentioned trio are the most important in the scheme of things.





Habs Rally But Lose

Montreal can beat a lot of teams. Just not the New York Islanders. And thus ends the lovely eleven-game point streak.

The Canadiens had clawed back from a 3-1 deficit to even the score, and then it all just slipped away like those dew worms we’d try to grab on the front lawn in late evening. The boys gave it the old college try, sort of, but in the end it was 6-3 Islanders, with one being into the empty net. Now it’s on to Raleigh to try and get another long point streak going, and thankfully it’s only one more time this season that the Habs have to face the Islanders (Mar. 21). Once more is plenty, thank you very much.

Montreal’s showing wasn’t pretty by any stretch, and Carey Price was okay but not great, but they did manage two power play goals, which is good. Of course they also gave up two goals with a man short, so I guess it was a good, bad, and ugly kind of thing. But they’re on the road, they’d just beat Boston a couple of nights ago, and I’m proud of them regardless.

I’m also proud of Washington for coming back from down 3-0 to beat the Bruins 4-3 in overtime. It’s always a beautiful evening when one learns the Bruins lost.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal, Montreal 32, N.Y. 24.

Brian Gionta’s third-period power play goal was the Canadiens 20,000th total regular season marker. Didn’t Wayne Gretzky get that many every year when he was a little kid?

Tomas Plekanec opened the Habs scoring, and PK Subban also tallied on this night. Michael Ryder added three assists and we now sit patiently, tapping our fingers, waiting for Ryder to score his first for his new team. Erik Cole popped one the other night for Dallas, so now it’s really time for Ryder to get it going.

Thursday in Raleigh, Montreal won’t have to worry about facing Cam Ward, who’s on the shelf with a sprained knee ligament.

I really wish we’d hear how Rene Bourque and Raphael Diaz are coming along with their concussion problems. Bourque’s now missed six game and Diaz four.

Alex Galchenyuk got his first point in five games when he threw a nice pass over to Plekanec.



Goodbye To Cole, Hello To Ryder

These things always seem to happen when I’m at work and not supposed to be on the computer.

Erik Cole is now a Dallas Star, and Michael Ryder, who toiled for the Habs for four seasons between 2003 and 2008, is back in the fold. Who wudda thunk.

Before the Stars, Ryder spent three years as a Boston Bruin. Maybe he can regale his new teammates with funny Tim Thomas and Brad Marchand stories.

There was definitely something off with Cole this season. He expressed his unhappiness before the season kicked off, even admitting it might be his last campaign, and he was less than stellar up until now, with just three goals and three assists. Who knows what was wrong. Maybe he missed the good old U.S. of A.

The bottom line was, he wasn’t really helping the team and when that happens, it’s time to move on. He seemed like he was ready for a change anyway.

I trust Marc Bergevin on this move. Michel Therrien probably said, “hey boss, we need more scoring,” and the G.M. listened. Michael Ryder is a pure sniper with a great shot, and we could’ve used him the other night in Ottawa when the team was able to manage just one goal on 45 shots.

Ryder potted 112 goals in his four seasons as a Hab, an average of almost 30 a year, and that ain’t chopped liver. His total NHL stats sit at 203 goals and 207 assists in 650 games.

So goodbye to Erik Cole, he was a fine player up until this year, and he seems a charismatic and friendly fellow. It’s just too bad he wasn’t helping. Here’s wishing him all the best as a Dallas Star.