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Raising The Cup


Unless these folks in New York decide to come to their senses, quit this nonsense, and give us a lousy 48 game asterisk season, maybe it’s just fine that the Cup probably won’t be awarded this year. The Habs aren’t quite ready yet. Next year they could be, and so thank you Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr and all the wild and crazy gang for not giving us hockey this year, thus allowing the Canadiens to blossom into a force to be reckoned with next year.

In fact, I think I’ll raise a cup right now. My coffee cup.

In the meantime, don’t just watch other sports, check sports betting options and make some quick cash. This is how I’m going to retire to a life of leisure. Betting on sports. I know of no other way.

Here’s what the two sides seem to be down to, from Elliotte Friedman’s fine piece in Friday’s CBSsports site – Bitterness Grows . Maybe you’re trying to make sense of all this, like me, and Elliotte’s explanations below might help somewhat.

Cap: League wants it to be $60 million next year, and Commissioner Bettman is trying keep it low to protect the floor from being too far from the ceiling. The players want $65 million for freer movement.

Contract length: League wants six years (other team’s free agent) or seven (your own). Players want eight overall.

Pensions: Players are determined to get what was previously agreed to. And they should.

CBA length: Both accept 10 years. League wants opt-out after eight, as long as intention to do so is after Year 6. And the CBA ends June 30. Players want opt-out after seven, with the CBA ending September 15.

Variance: League has offered a 30 per cent difference per season, but also that no season in any multi-year deal can be more than 60 percent lower than the highest-salaried one.

Buyouts: There will be two compliance buyouts per team before next season, although both will count against the players’ share of Hockey Related Revenue.

Toenail Clipping

I find myself thinking more and more about the lockout and how it’s affecting me, and I have to say it’s not affecting me a great deal at all, other than having to dig deep to keep posting here every day.

I’m just sick of the whole mess, one created through greed, distrust and lies, and one that may never get truly resolved, even if they go back to work. It’s way too discouraging. I’m also tired of seeing hockey analysts on TV going on and on about it every day, of press conferences with Donald Fehr with sombre-looking players standing in the background, and hearing that the Winter Classic is cancelled, with the all-star game next. Which is fine because I despise the All-Star game anyway. Seeing smiling players in a big love-in isn’t my idea of the sport.

I’m tired of hearing about players signing with teams overseas – it’s boring and depressing, and every time I hear, it’s like another nail in the season-being-over coffin. And of course I’m tired of Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, and the word “millions.”

I’m just sick of it all, even to the point of putting personal hockey memorabilia away, out of sight, and making my museum-like room, which I’ve shown photos of here, more of a normal room. I hate the term “man-cave” and I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m too old for a man-cave, and I’m allergic to dust.

When PK Subban does the weather on TV, it doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t smile or laugh or have any kind of emotion. All I can think of is, why didn’t he sign a contract. When Andrei Markov gets hurt in the KHL, I’m nonchalant. When owners and players jostle over millions, I yawn. I’m too busy trying to get my ducks in a row so I can retire from the workforce and still be able to pay some bills.

I think about hockey players now and I think very little. With the Canadiens it’s always been about the team as a whole anyway. When I watch them, I see the sweater. I see the crest. I see if they win or not. Who wears the sweater makes very little difference. It’s how they help the team that’s important. That’s why I climb up one side of Scott Gomez and down the other. He hasn’t helped the team and thus, he deserves it. It goes with the territory.

If Josh Gorges or Erik Cole came to Powell River, it doesn’t matter, even though they do a good job for the team. I wouldn’t go out of my way. I don’t want their autographs. Trevor Linden was in town recently, played road hockey just around the corner from me, but I stayed in the house and clipped my toenails or whatever. This sort of thing just isn’t important to me. Yes, if it was Jean Beliveau, I’d seek him out and ask him to tell some stories about another time, about Plante and Harvey and the Rocket and such. Being coached by Toe Blake. With Josh Gorges or Erik Cole, I’d really have nothing to talk about.

I won’t be watching when Toronto plays Pittsburgh or Columbus takes on the Devils, or any other of the hundreds of meaningless games (to me) around the league. I could care less. I have toenails to clip. It’s only about the Habs crest and the team winning. Everything else about the NHL means nothing. The lockout, money, and the previous disputes, have made me tired.


Seen In Passing

I spotted Gary Bettman and Bill Daly the other day on the Sunset Strip, and I asked if they wouldn’t mind if I took their photo. They were gracious and true gentlemen, and I don’t know why everyone is so hard on them right now.

And it was just an incredible stroke of luck that later in the day, I also ran into NHLPA big shot Donald Fehr and two player reps – Philadephia’s Scott Hartnell and Vancouver’s Manny Malholtra. Wow! Who would’ve thought?

What are the odds of meeting so many important NHL people in just one afternoon? Sometimes I think Lady Luck follows me around.

“Just Fill In The Blanks” Game!

Yes, just fill in the blanks. And for once on this blog, hard-core swearing is perfectly acceptable, and downright encouraged.

Here we go –

The NHL is a………league, with players who………., and owners and Mr. Buttman who should………..

It’s a ……..league full of ………and……., and I think that these guys should reach down and………and then do it ……..and then to……..too.

So let’s re-examine what’s going on, try to understand all the…….., and feel that Gary Bettman is doing a ………..job.

Players should check ………., and the owners should………

In closing, I think Mr. Buttman might want to consider……….., with Mr. Fehr and the player reps following behind after they………..and ……….

That’s the game, and I’ll go first:

The NHL is a greedy, second-rate and fucked up league, with players who have blown their brains out sniffing dollar bill perfume, and with owners and Mr. Buttman who should appreciate what they have and understand it’s about backchecking and forechecking, not bum checking and foreskin.

It’s a two-bit league full of greedy bastards and people ready for the insane asylum, and I think these guys should reach down and check if they’re male or not, then do it to each other after satisfying barnyard animals.

So let’s re-examine what’s going on, try to understand all the insane greed flying around, and feel that Mr. Buttman is doing an incredibly lousy job and will forever be known as the leader during three work stoppages and the guy who table dances at Boystown on Santa Monica Blvd.

Players should check their bank accounts, and the owners should get their little dicks checked out at the doctor’s office and make sure everything’s okay after screwing all of us without using a condom.

In closing, I think Mr. Buttman should shove the lockout up his ass, with Mr. Fehr and player reps following behind after they remove stick-like objects, not made of graphite, from their behinds.



Sept. 15th Works Just Fine

I’m fine with Buttman’s proclamation that Sept 15 is lockout deadline day. Because if it happens, we won’t have to go through a long training camp with about fifty different hopefuls giving it their all until such time when they’re sent back to a lesser league, light years from the bigs. Back to reality for these kids. The dream is once again put on hold for a whole whack of them.

And we also won’t have to go through eight preseason games with many of these fifty hopefuls taking turns suiting up for games, with people like you and me (okay, maybe not me, unless they come to Powell River), shelling out a bunch of money and not recognizing most of them. Tickets for preseason games filled with hopefuls who probably won’t make the team should go for about ten bucks, not a hundred.

I get tired of preseason real quick. All I want to see is the big club, with the one or two new guys who have cracked the lineup, and everyone plays hard together for a few quality weeks as they rev up for the regular season. But no, an army of them has to be weeded through first. Can’t this be done at another time and just let the real team get on with it instead?

Imagine if Montreal did this and nobody else. They’d be out of the gate like Speedy Gonzales. Like they’d just cranked up some of Walter White’s blue crystal meth.

Last year in Canadiens preseason action, they were a really lousy two wins and six losses, and it definitely was a sign of things to come. They sucked way before the real season began, and they sucked for most of the six months after that. And although they pounded Tampa Bay 5-1 in their final exhibition and played a fine game, their preseason record should be buried in a deep hole and covered with cement.

So the lockout officially begins on Sept. 15th, which is great, providing Buttman and Donald Fehr and the gang get everything figured out by early October. That’s three extra weeks to smarten up, and we can still get a full season in without all the preseason weeding-out.

(Question – Who gets the preseason gate and concession money – owners or players, or is it shared? I’m asking because I don’t know).




The Union Says What, Me Worry?

The players and union head Donald Fehr say there’s plenty of time. The Buttman says differently:

“I re-confirmed something that the union has been told multiple times over the last nine to 12 months,” Bettman said. “Namely, that time is getting short and the owners are not prepared to operate under this collective bargaining agreement for another season, so we need to get to making a deal and doing it soon.”

The Buttman’s right that time is of the essence. And Fehr says “there is a meaningful gulf there.” We know that. Fix it for ^%$# sakes. Oh wait, there’s no hurry.

If the union is taking its sweet time, its unacceptable. Is the drive down from the cottage in the Muskokas too much of a hassle? And owners need to make gazillions instead of only billions and refuse to budge.

Both sides are nitwits.

There had better be a full season of hockey coming up. I’m already seeing remarks here and there from folks saying that’ll be it for them if there’s a lockout. I don’t blame anybody for saying these people can stick their league up their ass.