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Blitzed In Big Apple


It was like watching a sampling of last year’s Eastern Conference Final between the Habs and Rangers. Habs couldn’t do much, the Rangers could.

The Canadiens just didn’t seem to have their legs, losing 5-0 to a Rangers team that was in control from start to finish. Basically every guy throughout the Canadiens lineup had an off night and need a good solid scolding from their mothers.

Serious pressure on Henrik Lundqvist was basically non-existent. Loosey goosey defence. Glaring mistakes that led to goals, from Alex Galchenyuk swatting the puck towards Dustin Tokarski instead of away from him and which landed on a Ranger stick, to Alexei Emelin getting stripped of the puck by Martin S. Louis, to Tom Gilbert being soft with his man in front of the net, to the forwards and defence letting Rick Nash waltz in alone.

But it’s fine because the nasty stretch has ended, a stretch that began on November 5th and ended on November23rd, 10 games in 19 days, and because the schedule maker has some sort of twisted sense of humour, the boys don’t play again until next Friday, 5 days from now.

But this thing definitely smelled of last year’s playoffs. The Rangers outskated the Habs by a country mile. And last year’s Rangers heros Lundqvist, St. Louis, and Moore were heros on this night too.

Montreal showed almost no attack and it was a fairly easy night for Lundqvist. Except for that fun time when Brandon Prust collided with him and which led to Kevin Klein dropping the gloves with Prust, which led to Prust pounding Klein with a flurry of knuckle sandwiches.

Random Notes:

Rangers outshot Canadiens 34-21, and now the Habs moms are free to party in Manhattan. Look out New York.

Next game – Habs in Buffalo on Friday, and then the two teams are back at it in Montreal on Saturday.



Always Sad When We Hear

The wife of former Montreal Canadiens forward Dominic Moore has passed away. Moore played 21 games for the Hab in 2010 before moving on, and was with the San Jose Sharks before becoming an unrestricted free agent. So sad, so young, and from Lucy and I, our sincere condolences.

This, from Associated Press:

The wife of former San Jose Sharks forward Dominic Moore has died.

The Sharks say Katie Moore died Monday after a nine-month battle with liver cancer.

Dominic Moore missed San Jose’s final two playoff games last April to be with his wife shortly after she was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer.

Dominic Moore was acquired by San Jose last February in a deal with Tampa Bay. He is currently an unrestricted free agent.

The Sharks offered their condolences to the Moore family and called Katie Moore’s courage during the illness an inspiration.

How Are Some Of The Ex’s Doing?

Jaroslav Halak, as we all know, is playing extremely well in St. Louis with a meagre 1.71 GAA, two shutouts, and a record of 6 wins, 1 loss, and 1 overtime loss. 

And how are some of the other ex-Habs doing in their NHL careers?

In Anaheim, Saku Koivu has 2 goals and 2 assists, Kyle Chipchura 0-0, and Paul Mara 0-0.

Michael Ryder in Boston has 2 goals and 3 assists.

In Calgary, Alex Tanguay sits at 4-4.

Tom Kostopoulos in Carolina is 1-1 and Sergei Samsonov is 2-0.

Dallas’ Mike Ribiero is 0-9.

Chris Higgins in Florida is 1-1.

In Minnesota, Guillaume Latendresse has notched 3-3.

Sergei Kostitsyn is 1-0 in Nashville and his teammate Francis Bouillon is 0-2.

The Senators’ Alex Kovalev has 3 goals and 2 assists so far.

Dominic Moore with Tampa Bay is 4-1.

And in Toronto, Mike Komisarek is 1-3 and Mikhail Grabovski 0-4.

Hoping To Rain On Boucher’s Parade

Guy Boucher practices the famous New Yorker move in preparation for next season's Dancing With The Stars

Ex-Hab Dominic Moore is a Tampa Bay Lightning, Steven Stamkos is a young superstar, Martin St. Louis continues down his stellar Hall of Fame path, and Montreal fans no longer talk about how close the Habs are to getting Vincent Lecavalier.

Things have changed. Maybe we can begin rumours about St. Louis becoming a Montreal Canadien now that the Lecavalier madness has come to a close.

Regardless, this Lightning team appears to be a vibrant bunch, with a new General Manager- Steve Yzerman, a new coach – ex-Hamilton Bulldog head honcho Guy Boucher, and a host of players including the above-mentioned Stamkos and company along with Simon Gagne, Ryan Malone, Victor Hedman, Steve Downie and others who hope to be nasty to the good guys on Wednesday night.

It would be a real nice thing to ruin Boucher’s party. Yes, he did a great job as the Bulldog’s coach and he’s a smart and classy bench boss. But we want him to lose big on this big night and endure a sleepless few hours back in his hotel room, wondering what went wrong.

It’s our way of saying hello and thank you from the Montreal Canadiens.

Victor Hedman has mentioned that this is one of his favourite books

Halpern Brings Experience And Hopefully More

He’s 34 with a one-year contract with a brand new team.  He’s Jeff Halpern, now a Montreal Canadien via, LA, Tampa Bay, Dallas and Washington, and the team has just gotten a little bit grittier and a little bit deeper.

Take away Dominik Moore and Glen Metropolit, and add Jeff Halpern.

Halpern has racked up 131 goals and 185 assists in 720 NHL games. And no, these aren’t numbers to make anyone’s head swoon and recall Steve Shutt. But Halpern adds depth and grit and experience, and these three important intangibles are welcomed on any team. I’m guessing he’s great in the dressing room and on the bench, and there is much to be said for that.

This addition is good, I’m sure. Well, sort of sure.  Not really sure. It certainly isn’t earth shattering.

But there’s nothing I like better than gritty players. Remember Tom Kostopoulos?

This is also the power of positive thinking hard at work.

Halpern’s wikipedia info is a click away

Seems Like More Than Enough To Me

Because I lost several billion brain cells during the 1960’s, I can’t figure this one out but maybe you can help.

The Canadiens have said goodbye to Glen Metropolit, Dominic Moore, Paul Mara, and Marc-Andre Bergeron because there’s only so much cap space left, which is 5.6 million. Gauthier is now working on trying to get Carey Price and Maxim Lapierre signed.

But isn’t 5.6 million more than enough to sign these two, plus maybe one other, like Moore? Or am I not getting it because of the aforementioned loss of brain cells? Price made $850,000 last year and Lapierre $800,000, so even a huge raise for both should still keep things well under the cap.

Obviously I’m missing something and I’m hoping someone can explain it to me in simple terms.

Gentlemen, Start Your Moving Trucks

It must be a fairly depressing time for players who remain unsigned with their team and their chances of staying in the city they’ve kind of gotten to know are remote at best.

Glen Metropolit, Marc-Andre Bergeron, and Dominic Moore are in sort of no-man’s land right now, the Canadiens don’t seem interested any more, mostly because of cap space, and this is when these players need a strong and loving wife to stand by their side and kids who don’t mind making new friends at a new school. It’s a tough life, but even the lesser-lights are paid more than Barack Obama and Little Stevie Harper so it’s not like they’re working in the coal mines struggling to make the car payment.

With these guys in limbo, it really brings out the sweetness of a long-term contract. Unfortunately, only stars get long-term deals and these guys aren’t stars. Just blue collar guys thinking about where they’re going to live next fall and wondering if the little lady wishes she would have married Henry the insurance salesman instead, the one who never gets traded and plans on living on the old family farm until his and her dying days. And I can’t say for sure but I’m assuming there aren’t a lot of insurance salesman groupies lingering at the bus stop waiting for Henry.

Tom Pyatt is staying, at least for a year, and he’s a good guy to have around, a hard-working plumber who kills penalties and goes about his business while the big stars are catching their breath on the bench for a couple of minutes.

Being a big star would be nice. There’s more money, and you only have to move your family three or four times in a career instead of ten.

And what about guys who are supposed to be stars but play like plumbers? According to the Gazette, Benoit Pouliot will be receiving a contract offer today, and the Habs have taken their sweet time getting around to this. Someone said the other day the team has waited to send a strong message to the guy that they aren’t happy with the way he played for much of last season and all of the playoffs, so he’d better shape up. You’re not chosen 4th overall in the 2005 draft for being just an ordinary player.

But if Pouliot signs with the Habs, it means the title of my June 25th post is premature. It reads, “Pouliot On His Way Out” and he might not be after all. But I’m not slinking into a corner. I’m coming out with the big guns. If the Chicago Daily Tribune can get it wrong, then so can little old me.

The 1948 headline screamed “Dewey Defeats Truman” but the paper had gone to print a few hours before all the votes in the US Presidential election were counted, and in the end, Truman had won and the Tribune had egg all over their face.

Just like me if Pouliot stay with the team.

Back In It, Baby!!!

“The boys are going to be just fine, they’ll get it done tonight,” said a very confident assistant coach Kirk Muller, and I believed him. Every word. I had this inner peace after listening to him. This kind of thing is said by every coach before every game, but the way Muller said it was different. It was in his eyes and I believed him absolutely.

And was he ever right.

The Canadiens steamrolled to a massive 5-1 demolishing of the visiting Philadelphia Flyers, they played as fine a game as you’ll see from this year’s edition, and climbed back in the series in a big-time way.

Kirk Muller is a very smart guy.

No one’s talking about Michael Leighton now. The guy had received way too much ink from the previous two games. But now the big guy’s back – Jaroslav Halak, and his red-shirted brothers in front of him played a fire-wagon hockey we rarely see in this day and age from  the CH.

By the time this series is over, Michael Leighton will be mentioned in the same breath as Tommy Soderstrom and Ray Emery instead of Bernie Parent.

Someone said Montreal played in this game 3 like they did in the Pittsburgh and Washington series, but I feel it was a much different story on this night. In those games, Montreal blocked shots, took advantage of a few chances, and enjoyed Halak stopping almost every missile launched at him. 

Tonight, they dominated in all aspects, threw the puck around with precision, swooped and swerved with abandon, had a dozen great scoring chances, and Flyers fans can stop peeing their pants from excitement and concentrate on not shitting them instead.

Roman Hamrlik was a rock on the blueline, and Maxim Lapierre….. Ah, Maxim! You skated and thumped and yipped and yapped and had the Flyers looking to throttle you all night. It was beautiful. Although I can understand why opposing players want to tear your eyeballs out with their fingers and remove your teeth with a pair of pliers.

I’ll go out on a limb and say all Habs fans enjoyed Max immensely on this night. I also figure Flyers fans thought about firing a bullet through their plasma TV’s as they saw Max’s big grins. They were probably so angry they couldn’t wait to get outside and slash some more tires.

The teams ended it all with less than good will, and Don Cherry said later the Canadiens should have been more mellow while holding a four-goal lead because they shouldn’t upset Mike Richards and gang. I say bullshit to Mr. Cherry. The Flyers know now that not only do they have to skate with the speedy Habs, but the Canadiens aren’t pussycats either.

Wasn’t it the entire hockey world except for Habs fans who thought the Flyers were too big and too strong? And now Cherry thinks the Habs should be peaceniks?

Random Notes:

Canadiens got goals from Mike Cammalleri (his 13th), Tom Pyatt, Dominic Moore, Brian Gionta, and Marc-Andre Bergeron.

Bergeron’s power play blast from the blueline is exactly what we want Bergeron to do on a nightly basis.

Several lovely young ladies sat behind the Habs bench.

Shot on goal – Montreal 38, Orangemen 26.

Game Day Gazing. I Know What’s Going To Happen

Once again, while you’re snuggled in your beds tonight, I’ll be at work, giving 110%, working for the man, bringing home the bacon.  The complete opposite of a famous hobo in the Dirty Thirties who said no hobo should ever work until everyone else has found employment.

It’s just a roundabout way of saying I won’t be seeing the game until after it’s been over for a few hours.

But it’s no problem. I know what will transpire. I looked within myself and saw how it’s all going to go down in game one of the Habs-Flyers series.

“In the end, as the buzzer sounded at the Wachovia Center, Flyers VP Bobby Clarke was so incensed he slashed a popcorn vendor across the ankles with a broom stick. And retired goon Dave Schultz threatened to cause havoc in the press box until Larry Robinson, sitting not far from him, told him to settle or down he’d once again pulverize him.

Montreal appeared rested, and although playing with vim and vigour, managed just one goal in the first period. However, they did blast several shots off Dan Carcillo’s face, which more than made up for the lack of goal production. Dominic Moore took advantage of a Flyers ‘too many men on the ice’ penalty, and the Canadiens struck first.

Jaroslav Halak was fine but didn’t appear quite as sharp as in previous games. But he was still better than Michael Leighton, Ron Hextall, and Bernie Parent combined.

Carcillo, althout outwardly feisty, refused to fight Travis Moen, Hal Gill, and Ryan O’Byrne on different occasions, and said later he would have clobbered them if he didn’t have that nagging paper cut problem and if there had been more teammates in the vicinity. 

Canadiens continued their strong play well into the second, but a roughing penalty to Brian Gionta for pulling Carcillo’s pants down allowed the Flyers to set it up, and big Chris Pronger fired one that deflected off Carcillo’s face to tie the game.

For the next while, Philly took it to the Canadiens, momentum was on the Flyers side, but they couldn’t solve Halak. Scott Hartnell was also given two minutes for being such an ugly son a bitch but the Habs couldn’t capitalize.

In the third, with the Flyers still forcing things, Marc-Andre Bergeron shot a low shot that went through everyone’s legs and over Daniel Briere’s head, right onto the stick of red hot Mike Cammalleri, who made no mistake.

Late in the game, Maxim Lapierre, who has had a fine playoff thus far, scored the insurance marker after Dan Carcillo took a penalty for diving while he was still on the players bench, and the Habs win 3-1 to take game one.”

This, I’m sure, is what will happen. Late tonight, when I get home after giving 110% working for the man, I’ll watch the real game and report back.

Dominic Moore Impresses. Plus…..Another Contest Because It’s All About You

The more I see Dominic Moore, the more I understand why Habs GM Pierre Gauthier signed him.

Moore is a player who not only checks the opposition into the ground, but also possesses good hands, as was witnessed when he notched the winner in game seven against the Capitals. He’s a smart player, a good skater, doesn’t mind getting his nose dirty, and can be dangerous around the net. And he’s not only smart on the ice. The guy went to Harvard for gawd’s sakes. 

The only way most NHL players would go to Harvard would be if they took a bus tour.

I wasn’t sure why we wanted him. Now I know. In fact, Moore has picked up the slack left by others such as Glen Metropolit and Andre Kostitysn, who have been relatively quiet lately. I wondered why he’d bounced around from team to team, and I concluded he was just another journeyman with a brother Steve, who was involved in the infamous Todd Bertuzzi sucker punch incident that broke Steve’s neck. But a contract dispute sealed Dominic’s fate in Toronto, and things just never took off elsewhere. And elsewhere means New York, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Toronto, Buffalo, and Florida before he became a Montreal Canadien. Now it seems he’s found a home.

Good move, Pierre Gauthier..


I know we’re in the midst of the Habs’ magical mystery tour, but I want to slip this in. Because I want good things to happen to you.

You’ve been complaining for years about how you never win anything. “I never win anything,” you complain. Well, I’m trying to change that. It’s why we have contests here! And this is number four!

The story begins with Hockey Canada setting up an online store to sell Hockey Canada products. It’s a place where one can buy the same jersey as the ones being worn by Team Canada in the World Championships beginning soon in Germany. There’s lots of stuff – Team Canada clothes, signed Bobby Orr Team Canada photos, Team Canada golf bags, and my personal favourite – a Team Canada rubber ducky.

This place, Hockey Canada simply wants more people to know about it, and have offered a $100 gift certificate here on my site that we can turn into a contest. A hundred bucks!

Just mention in the comments section of any of my posts, something that’s for sale on the Hockey Canada website and I’ll put the names in the hat and draw one. So click on the Hockey Canada link above, pick one, and tell me. It’ll take you about twenty seconds.

Kind of like the good old “Leafs Suck” and “Bring Home the Cup” contests that we’ve had recently. But this one’s $100.

The contests just keep rolling along. Sooner or later it’ll be your turn to win, and you can say the only time you’ve ever won anything was on Dennis Kane’s blog.