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Habs Live To See Another Day!

The original title was going to be “Habs Crush Washington in Game 5” which was the title of the piece I was writing in my new movie/YouTube Masterpiece, but this 2-1 Montreal win was anything but crushing. It was a big squeaker, but it was a win – a gigantic, beautiful, heart-stopping victory that sends the thing back to Montreal for a game six, and as we all know, anything can happen when you grab a little momentum.

I wouldn’t even mind seeing some food poisoning from the Caps’ restaurant. Or more on the drug probe involving Washington players that sends the players into a tizzy. And maybe the little flag boy’s dad will kick the shit out of Alex Ovechkin.  

The boys are back in it, they know they can do it, and Washington must be feeling just a little tight right now. “What if we lose on Monday?” the Caps are thinking. “Shit,” they add in unison.

Montreal jumped out to a 2-0 lead with goals from Mike Cammalleri and Travis Moen, but we’ve seen them grab big leads before so it was never time to feel warm all over. Andrei Markov hit the post soon after the second goal and all throughout the night I kept thinking how nice it would have been if it was 3-0.

But it wasn’t. It became 2-1, the Capitals outshot the Canadiens 38-28, and had chances galore to even it up. But two key things happened to prevent Washington from scoring again – Halak was sensational, and Roman Hamrlik and Marc-Andre Bergeron sat on the bench for most of the third.

Sitting these two was one of the most ingenious moves coach Jacques Martin has thought up in awhile.

Random Notes:

Travis Moen had a nice, hard-working game, as did Maxim Lapierre, and Andrei Kostitsyn chipped in a little more than usual. And Hal Gill has been a beauty throughout and I apologize for every joke myself and several thousand other Habs fans have made about the big guy. I’m only now beginning to appreciate the importance of this sort-of-gentle giant.

My wife, who is Russian, doesn’t like Alex Ovechkin at all and prefers Sidney Crosby instead as the league’s best player. So when I told her about Ovechkin spraying the little flag kid in Montreal she just shook her head in disgust. She feels he’s a bit classless, unlike Crosby. I also think Crosby has more dimensions to his game and has better teeth.

And as a side note, a couple of years ago I wrote the Montreal Canadiens and asked them if I could be a flag kid too but they wrote back and told me it’s only minor hockey kids in Montreal who get this chance. First it’s Sam Pollock destroying my dream of being stick boy, and now it’s the organization doing it again with the flag boy thing.

Heck, I even offered to buy my own equipment.