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Natasha Says Happy 2013

This is my stepson Denis’ wife Natasha, wishing you a Happy New Year from Russia. She’s a tremendous gal, smart,(she notched straight A’s throughout university), she spends hours helping daughter Anastasia with school work, and she was as easy going as can be when the bunch of us drove to California last spring. She also has a lovely smile. Denis is a lucky guy.

Natasha helps manage a hotel in St. Petersburg, where she works 24 hours on, 24 off, which has to be tough.


Below, Natasha with hubby Denis and Anastasia


The Russians Are Coming (Today)

Today will be busy, as we zoom down to Vancouver International Airport and pick up my wife’s son Denis, his wife Natasha, and eight year old daughter Anastasia, coming to Canada for their very first time, from St. Petersburg, Russia.

It’s gonna be great. We’ll be doing this and that, and going here and there, and I’ll let you know as things unfold. I think I’m taking them to a hockey game, and that’s good, even if I do have to see those annoying Canucks. Some cool road trips have also been planned.

This is a great family, and although they don’t speak much English, it’s never seemed to matter. I’ve known Denis since he was thirteen, he’s a creative guy, loves hockey, and raved about Alexei Emelin before Emelin joined the Canadiens.

Natasha got straight A’s all the way through university. Imagine. I don’t know Natasha as well as Denis. She’s very shy, but I think she’s been studying English lately and maybe we can connect. She’s got a great smile.

My wife is having anxiety attacks. This trip has been in the works for about a year, the Canadian embassy put them through every hoop imaginable, but they persevered, got their visas, and I apologized to them for the nonsense from the Canadian government,

Denis Brel Sends Another

Aother wizardly creation from my terrific stepson in St. Petersburg, Russia – Denis Brel. This guy has so much talent that if he lived in North America or Western Europe he’d be so successful I’d almost certainly be borrowing money from him right now.

He’s sent me stuff before – the Queen and Barack Obama wearing Habs sweaters, Obama behind the Montreal bench, Jacques Martin lounging shirtless on a couch, Bobby Orr wishing he was a Hab, and the photo for my site over on the right-hand side of the page – the one with the Jacques Plante mask. He sent great pictures of a KHL game he was at, a scouting report on Alexei Emelin, and also created an amazing comic book years ago that I think he continues to update.

It’s great. I say, hey Denis, can you please put Bobby Orr in a Habs uniform for me, and soon after it shows up. Perfect!

Denis, his wife Natasha, daughter Anastasia, and Denis’ brother Maksim have just finished the process of doing the endless paperwork to visit us for a month next April for my wife’s birthday. It’s all in the hands of the Canadian government now, who have to the power to say yes or no to this important visit.

This is a fine fellow with a beautiful family, with a mom who misses them very much. We need the government to say yes.