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Now It’s Subban And Money

It’s just so great that with the lockout ending, we no longer have to hear and read about million dollar differences and rich people disagreeing with rich people. I’m just glad it’s over.

Oh wait a minute. It’s not.

P.K. Subban hasn’t signed with the Habs yet, and reading Dave Stubb’s piece in the Gazette – Subban’s Future in Doubt I see that there’s a chance that P.K. won’t sign and could be in a different uniform in the near future.

Subban told the Gazette:“I should know pretty quickly if the (contract) numbers are suitable for myself and my agent, or maybe they slow things down a little bit. The ball’s not in my court, it never has been. It’s in the court of the franchise that’s been standing for 100-plus years. They’ve got to figure out whether they see me as a player who’s a part of their future or not. I hope they do.”

Expletive deleted inserted here. I love Subban’s big talent, and he needs a healthy raise from his now-ended $875,000 a year deal, but he says “the ball’s not in my court.” I hate that. It is so in his court. He’s going to be offered several million, and in a  few years if he becomes what he could become, he’ll get a whole bunch more millions. He can say, yes, I’ll take that offer, which means the ball is in his court.

He and agent Don Meehan have decided on some sort of nice round figure, and if it’s not met or close, that’s it. Who says their number is the right number? Maybe it’s way too high and Marc Bergevin won’t pay it because Bergevin’s no dummy. So Subban goes. It wasn’t about the city that he says he loves so much, or the sweater which should mean everything. It was about the team not meeting what Subban thinks he’s worth. Everybody thinks they’re worth plenty. I think I should be paid a hundred bucks an hour. But reality can be a slapshot in the face.

“I should know pretty quickly if the numbers are suitable for myself and my agent.”

I hate that too. I hate that word “suitable.” It sounds arrogant to me. What’s he want – four million a year? More? Does he want a long-term deal like the six-year, 4.5 million per year extension Max Pacioretty signed for? Maybe Bergevin feels PK hasn’t matured enough for such a commitment. Maybe, when the pros and cons are weighed, the jury’s still out.

Or does P.K. want to be close to Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson, who signed a seven-year, 45.5 million dollar deal last year. They’re both great young defencemen with one tiny difference. Karlsson won the Norris Trophy last season.

Please take a fine and fair offer and stay with the club, P.K. You’re an important guy, we like you, we love watching you, love your big shot from the point and the way you dash up ice. Of course we want you to stay. Surely somewhere between what you want and what they want can be agreed on and you stay a Hab for many years.

This whole money/hockey thing is wearing mighty thin. Like so many others, I’m just plain sick of it.


Max Gets Solid Security

Geez, Habs news. I don’t know if my little laptop can handle the shock to its’ system.

The Canadiens have given Max Pacioretty a nice six-year extension worth 4.5 million annually, on a contract which had a year left to go. So our boy ain’t going nowhere for seven years at least. This should give him plenty of time to crack the 50-goal mark.

Dave Stubbs, back from the London Olympics, writes in the Gazette/Hockey InsideOut that Pacioretty is absolutely thrilled to settle in like this, and I don’t blame him. Great money for seven more years in Montreal, where he can buy a big new house if he doesn’t already have one, his wife can get to know the neighbours and enjoy European fashion, and the future kids can have good friends and familiar schools. And he gets to play for the Montreal Canadiens!

It just seems like happy times for the Pacioretty’s right now.

If somebody wouldn’t mind giving me $27 million dollars, I’d be able to explore even further how one could be happy with this.

Stubbs’ fine piece can be seen here Pacioretty “Honoured”.

Max’s linemates have contracts as such: Erik Cole is inked until the end of the 2014-15 season, when he then becomes a UFA, while David Desharnais has one year left before he becomes an RFA. Another season like last year and Desharnais might get one those Pacioretty-type long-term deals too.

So there’d better not be a lockout, because our big line is ready to rock.

Abe Hefter’s New Show About To Kick Off

I received a note from Montreal radio station CJAD’s Abe Hefter today, who talks about the launching of his new sports talk show, “The Locker Room.” It’s absolutely my pleasure to pass this info unto you.

Here’s Abe:

“Wanted to share this with you and your web readers:

Starting this weekend, CJAD Sports is taking you inside “The Locker Room.”
Saturday’s 6-7 p.m.; Sunday’s 5-6 p.m. It’ll be sports, sports, and nothing but sports.
And of course, during the hockey season, that’ll include wall-to-wall coverage of the Montreal Canadiens!
Yours truly will be hosting and taking your calls.  I’ll be joined by CJAD’s Rick Moffat, Chantal Desjardins and Barry Morgan for some
spirited round-table discussions.  And regular contributors will include Dave Stubbs of The Gazette.
The Locker Room on CJAD and CJAD.COM.”

New Kid On The Block

Joe Who? Joe Callahan. Sounds like a detective.

Pierre Gauthier went out and signed the 6’3″, 210 pound defenseman, (the same size as new forward Blair Betts), and does this mean Alexei Yemelin has impressed absolutely no one and is about to book a one-way ticket back to the Motherland? Or will he play in Winnipeg on Sunday and show he belongs?

I think Yemelin will stay put, play in Winnipeg, and Callahan is just insurance, a little more depth. With Chris Campoli now on the sidelines and with the possiblity of more going down because that’s what the Habs are really good at – losing defencemen – we need guys with big league experience to step in when called upon.  

Detective Callahan, if he sees any action at all, (and he may not), probably won’t figure much in any stats department. One assist and 12 penalty minutes in 27 games with Florida, and in a total of 46 games in the bigs with not only the Panthers but also with the Islanders and Sharks, he accumulated four big assists.

Of course, if he plays and he shows that he’s a big, mean son-of-a-bitch who strikes terror in oncoming forwards, then he’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

But he’s probably just another journeyman. We’ll see.

Good luck Detective Callahan.

Curious Note:

In looking up information about Alexei Yemelin, I’ve noticed that some aren’t sure about his last name. Does it begin with a “Y” or an “E”?

I’ve always said it was Yemelin, not Emelin, and CTV.ca, The National Post, TSN.ca, and Pat Hickey and Dave Stubbs at the Montreal Gazette also say it’s Yemelin. Wikipedia has him listed as both.

HF Boards, HockeyDB, Russian Prospects, and Canadiens.com have him as Emelin.

So I did what I had to do. I asked my Russian wife. And the definitive answer is……….it’s both. It’s just what we do in the translation process. It’s like Yevgeny and Evgeny.




Good For Bob Gainey

Bob Gainey spoke to the media on the eve of the Heritage Classic and had the following to say about players from other teams crying about PK Subban. (Not mentioning any names, of course, like Joffrey Lupul and Mike Richards and a bunch of Bruins for example).

This comes from Dave Stubbs reporting from Calgary for Habs Inside/Out.

“(Subban) is a very talented player,” Gainey said. “Anyone who’s met him knows that his personality is outgoing, overflowing, and it hasn’t yet been tempered with full maturity. I think he should have fun and play. Some of those people should shut up and play against him. Just keep their mouths shut and play.

“He doesn’t have a big, tough guy playing beside him to look after him, he looks after himself. Not everybody else in the league who is an outgoing above-average player plays in that position. I think Montreal is lucky to have him and the NHL is lucky to have him.”

Will The Craziness In Montreal Ever End?

It seems that some people in Montreal aren’t happy that Saku Koivu passed on the annual Montreal Canadiens golf tournament and stayed in Finland to continue working out with a Finnish hockey team to prepare for the season.


People are complaining on talk shows. La Province sports writer Bertrand Raymond agrees with these people and says Koivu isn’t on the list of great Habs captains.


The story broke earlier today in the National Post in an article by Dave Stubbs, and I have a couple of small thoughts on the subject.


Much of the Montreal media shouldn’t be media, they should be divorce lawyers. And the fans complaining shouldn’t be fans, they should be laying in a crib sucking on a bottle. What do they want? Do they want Saku to play some leisurely golf, or be ready to lead the team through a pressure cooker season and playoffs and onward to a Stanley Cup, by continuing his training?


Tomas Plekanec, the Kostitsyn brothers, Roman Hamrlik, and Jaroslav Halak stayed in Europe too.

And Georges Laraque remained in Edmonton, saying he doesn’t golf and he detests the sport.


But Koivu gets the heat because he’s the captain. It doesn’t seem to matter about his charities, or his talent, or his coming back from cancer and a serious eye injury. It only matters that people in Montreal have found a new thing to complain about, this one being golf.


He missed a golf game so he’s a rotten bastard. The French-speaking media and the local crybabies are stirring the pot because Saku’s not from Trois Rivieres or the Gaspe. If these people had their way, the entire Montreal Canadiens roster would be born and raised not far from the St. Lawrence Seaway.


It probably wouldn’t even matter if the team did well or not. As long as everyone came from Quebec.


Why can’t people in Montreal just sit back and be ready and excited about the upcoming season? Why is it that every year there are such ridiculous controversies that swirl around the team. Great teams have Europeans and English and French, all passing the puck around to each other and sharing in big goals.


Are these idiots the reason other players opt out of coming to Montreal, like Daniel Briere and Brendan Shanahan?


And why would Mats Sundin want to endure this?


I find it just unbelievable that people who say they’re Habs fans would want to inflict such damage over a  golf game.