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Bidini”s New Book, Which Mentions…….

Toronto author, musician, and media personality Dave Bidini has a new book on the stands about the 1972 Summit Series, and included in it is a small piece about yours truly and my wife. I’m quite thrilled about this.

And although my wife is mostly known as Luciena, her birth name is Ludmilla, as you see here in the book. She also goes by Luda and Luci. (It’s a Russian thing).

Pages shown with kind permission from the author:

New Habs Website With A Difference Enters The Picture

There’s a plethora of tremendous Habs websites out there, offering different styles and insights, and giving us all great reads on a regular basis. Everyone has something special to offer, and now another comes along.

Montreal Mystique, fresh out of the gate and created by Homme de Sept-Iles, has its own unique perspective, choosing to incorporate poems and what they call “in-game-stream-of-consciousness writings, an exploration of the intersection of art, culture and sport – Canadiens flavour.” Interviews with politician Jack Layton and hockey great Howie Meeker are in place, and scheduled are upcoming chats with well-known jounalist Lorna Jackson, writer/musician Dave Bidini and legendary wordsmith Margaret Atwood.

I’m dying to find out what Bidini has to say about the Habs.

There’s always room for another Habs site, and this one, with its unique creativity, is very cool.