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Tonight!!! Go Habs Go

May you play like the wind is at your back, your skates have wings, your shots have eyes, and from time to time, your punches hit faces and your pucks sometimes land extremely close to opposing goalies’ nether regions.

It could be a sensational season for the Montreal Canadiens and of course their fans, without question the smartest and best looking fans in hockey.

Start if off right boys, tonight against those wild and crazy Laffs.

Artwork from the young and talented Wade (Darth) Alexander (Twitter @DarthAlexander9).


Darth Comes Through Again

Darth (Wade Alexander) has been creating cool pieces of computer art for several years and it’s always a good day when another shows up that I can post.

Some of his other stuff can be seen right here

And now, without further ado, Darth’s newest.


Darth Does A Devil

Darth has sent over a legendary Devil to join his super cool and ever-growing library.

This one is of a guy Darth says should’ve been a Hab. A Montreal boy whose dad was the Canadiens official photographer for many years.

Definitely, Martin Brodeur would have been a sensational fit for the Canadiens. He’s been playing since 1993 and so for the first three years he’d have to be elsewhere until Patrick Roy left in ’96, and then in a perfect world, the team would have had the future Hall of Famer all those years until young Carey Price  grew up and arrived on the scene.

Here’s Darth’s Martin Brodeur, along with his other Dartharians.



Old Habs fan




PK Subban 2





Another Darth Dandy!

Darth’s newest, this one of the kids Gallagher and Galchenyuk, joins his sensational library.

Here they are, the whole bunch up till now, in all their splendor.

Thanks Darth. Keep ’em coming.


PK Subban 2





Big Night For P.K.

Perfect timing for Darth to send along his newest creation. This year’s Norris Trophy winner!

PK Subban 2

Even though it was leaked a week ago, congratulations to P.K. Subban for winning the Norris Trophy as the league’s best defenceman.

P.K. deserved it. He logged the big minutes, he was big on the power play, and he was his team’s best defenceman as they moved from the basement to near the penthouse in the 2012-13 season.

All this after he’d missed the first four games of the regular season and finally signing a two-year, $5.75 million contract.

I know for sure that fans of other eastern division teams mostly hate our P.K. They think he’s a whiner and can’t back himself up when the going gets rough, and has too much of a flair for the dramatics. I think most hope he deserves at least a good punch in the noggin at least once a game.

But he’s won the James Norris Memorial Trophy as the league’s top d-man. So whatever they think is fine with me.