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Game Day – Canes In Town

Like so many other teams, and there’s about six of them, the Carolina Hurricanes are hovering around the eighth and final playoff spot. So they’re going to want to win the game tonight at the Bell Centre.

Of course, wanting, and actually doing, are two different things.

Carolina has won just one game in their past seven, although the win happened on Saturday against the Jets, which means they’re on a one-game winning streak. This team is missing two goalies, Cam Ward and Dan Ellis, due to injuries, so we might expect coach Kirk Muller to possibly don the pads the way Lester Patrick, coach and general manager of the N.Y. Rangers, did in 1928 against the Montreal Maroons at the Forum.

Montreal also has injuries. Rene Bourque and Raphael Diaz have concussions, and Henri Richard and Dickie Moore have arthritis.

Random Notes:

And how did the 44-year old Lester Patrick do against the Maroons? He allowed one goal in regulation time and his team won 2-1 in overtime. This was game two of the Stanley Cup Finals and the Rangers would go on to win it all in the five-game series.

Mind-blowing side note:

Lester Patrick, along with his brother Frank, lived for a while in the Slocan Valley, near Nelson B.C., where they played hockey and helped out at their dad’s sawmill. My daughter lives in the Slocan Valley, and I knew you’d be amazed by this incredible coincidence. And not only that, I once worked in a sawmill which was only about 700 miles from the Slocan Valley. Truly eerie stuff.


Could A Dog Or Two Help?

Dustin Boyd, who came over from Nashville in the Sergei Kostitsyn trade, has been put on waivers by the Canadiens and so much for getting anything for Sergei, as the other guy in the deal, Dan Ellis, decided he could make more money elsewhere and currently wears a Tampa Bay jersey.

That’s fine. Alex Auld did the job his first time out and we expect more of the same. Tampa can have Ellis.

So now what, in regards to skaters up front? On the farm, young Ian Schultz, who, along with Lars Eller was part of the Halak deal with St. Louis, has notched o points in 7 games so far in Hamilton.

But David Desharnais has 4 goals and 11 assists and Max Pacioretty has 3 goals and 9 assists, both after 11 games, as the leaders of the Bulldogs so far this year. And Yannick Weber, although a defenceman, is right behind with 7 goals and 4 assists, also after 11 games.

We need scoring. Could one of these help?

I’m Feeling Low About Hockey

I’m going through some kind of depression right now regarding the Habs and the NHL. Anger, actually. 

About the Habs, seeing Dan Ellis deciding no and the team signing journeyman Alex Auld makes me more nervous than excited for the season to begin in the fall. You tell me what will happen if Carey Price has a terrible first ten games and they try Auld instead. Is that a pretty picture or what?

And the othe reason I’m feeling low is I see Andrew Ladd of the Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks now shipped to Atlanta and the dismantling of the Hawks continues. As I’ve previously mentioned, Dustin Byfuglien, Brent Sopel, Ben Eager, Colin Fraser, Kris Versteeg, and now Ladd are gone from the team, and if this is the way the NHL is going to work from here on in, I just may concentrate on hockey from other decades when it was beautiful and tough and teams had a chance to be powerhouses for a few years at least before players would gradually move on.

This Chicago thing has really bothered me and has caused me to re-examine a few things.

I’m depressed and feeling low right now.

Alex Auld Signs With Habs

Goaltender Alex Auld has signed with the Canadiens for a million bucks.

This is neither earth-shattering nor monumental. Auld is a journeyman goalie who’s played for seven other teams before becoming a Hab, and has been a back-up throughout his career. I recall him mostly as a very ordinary netminder while with the Canucks.

What does this mean? Is Dan Ellis now out of the picture? Will it be the netminding duo of Price and Auld next season?  I need to phone Pierre Gauthier and have him explain this to me.

This is not something that is making me giddy and overcome by excitement.

Here’s the lowdown on Alex Auld for what it’s worth.

Nashville Fans Ponder The Trade

Below is a sampling of what Nashville fans are saying about the Kostitsyn/Ellis/Boyd trade on the blog “On The Forecheck.”  It appears most weren’t impressed with Ellis and Boyd anyway so they don’t really mind this swap at all. Although some are wary of Kostitsyn’s reputation.

“But I wonder what DP/BT sees in this guy? A cheap under-performing winger? And if he’s like Rads, why would we want two of them next year? Unless they somehow both put up big numbers…hmmm.”

Yeah…the bad work ethic will never, ever fly with Trotz. That’ll have to change on day one.

The logic is if Trotz can’t straighten him out, nobody can. Personally, I’m ecstatic for the trade. Boyd is no better than a bottom-6 forward and Ellis was gone/not really worth anything in the first place. Kostisyn makes us younger, more skilled, and has huge potential.

Anything for nothing is OK I guess, but I don’t see Kostitsyn working out here at all.

Nashville doesn’t strike me as a place where underachieving head cases find a second chance.

I’m with Dirk on this one. Underachieving, lazy head cases with cursory NHL experience aren’t my cup of tea. If he was another Joel Ward, fantastic – but he’s not the type who will bust his ass every shift.

nobody would argue he’s likable or a typical Predator. The point is, we traded nothing to take a flyer on a 23-year-old who scored 130 points in the OHL not too long ago.

Lotsa guys score like that in the OHL – 18 year old Preds prospect Taylor Beck scored 65+/- goals this year.

What would you realistically say is Kostisyn’s ceiling for points in the NHL, then?

The +/- was my way of saying that I was guessing on how many he had scored; I couldn’t really remember.

You are correct, Beck had 93 OHL points and 40 goals.

I really have no idea – don’t know enough about him to assess it.

we need more dangle

Sure, but I’m not sure this is it. Time will tell. First Poile negotiates.

He was suspended by the team this past October for failing to report to Hamilton of the AHL after being demoted.

He was also told to stay away from the Canadiens prior to Game 4 of their Eastern Conference semi-finals series with the Penguins for his poor attitude and work habits. He was publicly criticized by goaltender Carey Price for his lack of effort in training.

This is a move that smacks of desperation

we’re not investing anything in him. If we don’t like him, he gets released, with no risk to the team. We literally traded nothing of value for him—the negotiating rights to two frivolous players (sorry, Dan). And his salary won’t be a big cap hit either.

A good camp could easily find him on one of the top two lines. Perhaps he takes the role and runs with it…

or perhaps we don’t sign him and he’s a UFA by the end of the week.

It has never worked with mercenaries in Nashville why would it worked today. I don’t like this trade and I hope Poile won’t find an agreement with the Montreal-Mafia-Boy

 is it some categorial denunciation of Russian players?

He’s not Russian. He’s Belarussian.

I thought the mafia reference was some russian thing. Or is he just calling him a hoodlum

there has been rumors that the kostitsyn brothers have had ties to the mafia in canada.

this is not a “categorial denunciation” against Russian players. I would not say something like that for any other players but one of the Kostitsyn brothers. There were serious accusations AND police investigation in Montreal.

Anyway I don’t like the idea to have someone like him in the team. If some people like this player and buy some jersey, great, but I won’t cheer for him if he stays.


Sergei To Play In Music City


The Canadiens have shipped Sergei Kostitsyn to the Nashville Predators for 24 year old forward Dustin Boyd and goalie Dan Ellis, 30, and in doing so rid themselves of an ongoing headache that a hundred bottle of aspirins wouldn’t cure.

It’s slightly bitterseet, though. Kostitsyn had plenty of natural talent, and in the beginning, hopes were high on the young Belarusian blossoming into a star. But too many things were off-beat aside from a lack of production. He had run-ins with coach Martin, was sent down a couple of times to Hamilton, had publicity asked for a trade, got into a brief argument with Carey Price after not being an eager participant in a practice, was told to stay home during a team playoff roadtrip, and only days ago criticized the team for trading Jaroslav Halak. And of course there was the infamous friendship with a Montreal criminal. 

It’s best for Sergei and best for the Habs. It’s a year-round soap opera in Montreal with the hockey club, and lessening the soap opera in anyway at all is a beautiful and important thing. It’s like a dark cloud rising.

Hopefully Sergei plays well in Nashville and has a great and long career. It certainly wasn’t going to happen in Montreal.

With Dan Ellis adding to the goaltending situation, Montreal seems to be fine in nets. Of course…………………

I remember Dustin Boyd from the World Junior Championships in 2006 and he was a solid, impressive young forward who should look good in a Habs jersey.

I think this is a great deal for Montreal considering some fans wanted to trade Kostitsyn for three rolls of tape.

Here’s the lowdown on these two good Canadian prairie boys, Dustin Boyd and Dan Ellis