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Sandy Wasn’t Fooling Around

Beatnik sent over this most amazing collection of photos, from Britain’s Daily Mail, of the trail of devastation left by Sandy, who proved without any shadow of a doubt that she is/was an almighty bitch. The bitchiest of bitches. This was a hurricane that got up on the wrong side of bed.

The photos, dozens and dozens of them, are unbelievable. Thanks Beatnik.

Just click here –   Sandy, and be amazed.

Junk Food For Thought

On the agenda today…..

There’s this…..British papers were loud and clear during the Vancouver playoff riots.

No, it is not another G20 protest — somebody lost an ice-hockey match,” screamed the Daily Mail.

“Angry, drunken Vancouver Canucks fans took to the streets, setting cars and rubbish bins ablaze, smashing windows, showering giant TV screens with beer bottles, dancing atop overturned vehicles and looting shops,”  reported The Guardian.

 Meanwhile, where The Daily Mail and The Guardian are….

Also…….It’s in the hands of prosecutors now. But what to do about Zdeno Chara?……..He’s too tall for prison beds. His feet would hang over. Prisons beds are around 76 inches long and Zdeno measures about 81 inches. It’s inhumane.

However, he’ll probably fit in an electric chair.

And…..Who needs a checker to look after Brad Marchand?

And finally, Sean Avery the horse…

Todd Bertuzzi, Elmer Lach, And Some Guy From England

Now that pretty well every free agent has been signed by teams not named Montreal, including Todd Bertuzzi who is now a Calgary Flame, I guess the only players left for Bob Gainey are Teemu Selanne, Emile Bouchard, and Elmer Lach. Everyone else is gone.

 I suppose Bertuzzi, if he’s in the right frame of mind which remains to be seen, can be a real asset to a team because he’s huge and mean, with good hands. But when I heard he’d signed with Calgary, I admit I breathed a small sigh of relief that he didn’t end up a Hab.

 Bertuzzi, even before the Steve Moore incident, was known far and wide as a miserable type to the media and even to many of his own teammates. His best friend on the Canucks was Markus Naslund, and Naslund may have been his only friend. Yes, the grapevine extends to Powell River.

 I’m just not convinced he would’ve been a good Montreal Canadien. And not only on the ice. If he didn’t like interviews elsewhere, how would he have put up with the onslaught of reporters in Montreal?

 Not only that, a lot of women around Powell River thought he was a hot stud, which I never understood. I always thought of him as someone out of an Edgar Allan Poe novel.

 In other news:

 Philip Delves Broughton, writing for London’s Daily Mail newspaper, says British workers considering invitations to come to Canada to escape the UK rat race should think again.

Broughton says that while Britain’s national symbol is the lion and America’s is the eagle, Canada’s is the flat-tailed, slow-witted beaver.

And he also says that Britons shouldn’t think for one moment that watching Canadian hockey will distract them from our lousy climate.

“If you thought British sport was becoming crude and violent, try watching two teams of toothless brutes sliding around on ice and pausing every few minutes to beat the daylights out of each other,” he says.