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You Mean We Still Have To See The Bruins?

Don Cherry is elated. Mike Milbury and PJ Stock toast each other. Colin Campbell is over the moon. Gary Bettman is worried the Canucks might win.

Well gang, guess what. Everyone should stop smiling and toasting, and should be worried like Mr. Bettman. Because the unlikeable Boston Bruins are going to have their hands full with those solid, dangerous, and very rested Vancouver Canucks.

The problem with Boston taking out Tampa in Friday’s 1-0 shutout win is that we have to still see the Boston Bruins. Not to mention seeing Nathan Horton, who should have been suspended a game for being less than professional with a fan in Tampa. But of course he wasn’t.

I could list all the players I don’t want to see, but I’m not going to because I’m just sick of them all.

Vancouver’s got a great team and I see them definitely beating Boston, and it could even be a short series if things go right. The Sedin’s, as good a one-two punch as there’s been, are rolling along, and hopefully their tic-tac-toes will quickly erase Tim Thomas’ seemingly good-natured demeanor. (Although maybe his demeanor is an act. Maybe he’s a miserable son of a bitch who kicks cats and swears at the paper boy.)

I wonder if Vancouver native Milan Lucic will behave himself and try to act normal. And I’m hoping to see Ryan Kesler give a Gordie Howe major league elbow to Brad Marchand’s face when the referee isn’t looking.

Should be good, this Stanley Cup final. It would have been much more fun though, if it were the Habs and Canucks going at it.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to watch the games and not look at any Bruins while doing so.


It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s….Hockey’s Saviour!

It’s possible that Gary Bettman and his clan won’t be able to fix the woes of the NHL. Brendan Shanahan, Bill Daly, Mike Murphy, Colin Campbell, the owners and the rest of those guys in Armani suits who run things might try but it’ll be tough.

Don Cherry isn’t interested.

Hal Gill or Travis Moen or Ryan White won’t fix Zdeno Chara. He’s too freaking big and strong, with fists like sledgehammers.

Via Rail, Air Canada, and Geoff Molson have given it a shot, probably to no avail, and the cops have better things to do.

Readers weigh in with solutions but it’s still a dead end.

In fact, there’s only one man I can think of who can take care of business. One man who doesn’t fool around, who scares the hell out of me and Jack Schitt and the cat. One man who fights dirty, pulls hair, and kicks people in the nuts. A man who has friends in the big house and who ruins my day on a regular basis.

Time to bring out the heavy artillery.

Put your hands together for –


Thoughts About A Dark Night

A 6’9″ locomotive smashes a player into a partition with the puck nowhere near, a blatant infraction, and the player goes down, out cold, with doctors and trainers scrambling to hold his head steady as he’s strapped onto a stretcher. The locomotive gets thrown out of the game, and it’s discovered that the receiver of the attack has suffered a fractured vertebra in the neck and a severe concussion.

If no names had come about and you were simply told of this occurrence, wouldn’t you think the 6’9″ locomotive might receive at least some kind of discipline because of his brutal actions?

Well, the rub is this. Big Zdeno Charo will play the next game, and the game after that, while Max Pacioretty lays in a Montreal hospital bed after almost dying and with the possibility that his playing days are in the distant future only if he’s lucky.

What did Pacioretty’s coach, Jacques Martin, say about all this?  

“It is not our role to accuse. There was an incident that occurred and there have been other incidences. The league has to look at all those incidents that have had serious repercussions to certain players and I think at some point address it.”

Have we ever seen a less demonstrative coach in the NHL? Think of others, and go back as far as you want. Think of what Toe Blake would have said, and Scotty Bowman, and John Tortorella, and even Bruins’ coach Claude Julien. Any coach, even those with cool and calm demeanors, would have been furious, outraged, with fire in their eyes and expletives spewing from their mouths. Only Martin would come up with a calm, monotone answer such as “I think at some point address it.”

Mike Murphy, doing the disciplinary duties for Colin Campbell because Campbell has a son on the Bruins, didn’t feel Chara did anything worthy of a suspension. Then why is Max in a hospital bed, assaulted, when the puck was thirty or forty feet from him, and why was Chara even thrown out in the first place if the play was so innocent?

Chara was upset by the push Max gave him after Max scored the Habs winner previously? Wow. For those who haven’t seen it, Max fired it home and Chara, just in front of him, was pushed ever so slightly out of the way. Chara was supposed to apply payback for such an evil wrongdoing? Everytime I see a clip of this I ask myself what was so wrong with this little push. What a ridiculous thing for someone to get his shorts in a knot about.

Did Chara bide his time and finally pay back for such small thing in the first place? Did Chara, with his size, almost kill Max because Max gave him a little push that would barely move a small child?

It’s insane. Everything about this entire mess. TSN’s Bob McKenzie and all the rest of people out there who think there was no justification for a suspension have it wrong. A player the size of this Bruin must be responsible for damage done. Especially when the puck was nowhere near.

Thank God Max is alive and not paralyzed. And if one of these worse situations had actually happened, would Mike Murphy still allow Chara to continue playing the next game? Because what’s the difference between what happened and what could have happened?

We Wait To Hear About Max

Max Pacioretty – our young, long-legged power forward, considered one of the few untouchables on the Montreal Canadiens, rammed into the support holding the glass near the team benches by an overgrown slug named Zdeno Charo, with possible injuries I don’t care to think about.

If there is a God in heaven, please look after Max. And if the NHL does the right thing, they’ll take care of business regarding Chara. Now Colin Campbell or Mike Murphy, whoever it may be, needs to remove this guy for awhile.

Yes, the glass support did the damage. But it was a late and nasty hit, a career-ending type of hit, and Chara didn’t get a five-minute interference penalty and a game misconduct for nothing.

Now we wait.

And to Bruins fans, your team got their asses kicked and it began when Johnny Boychuk tried to do damage to PK Subban with a knee-on-knee, whereas Ryan White proceeded to thump the defenceman. I’m sure Bruins media and bloggers, as they always do in cases like this, will be saying Boychuk got the better of the deal, but not a chance. White cleaned his clock.

I ask all Habs fans – try to imagine PK Subban out for the season with a knee injury compliments of a dirty check. Try to imagine.

The Bruins lost the fight and they lost the game 4-1. And Brad Marchand, who was a goof with Team Canada Juniors a few years back, who made such idiotic plays that he was benched most of the time in the World Juniors, couldn’t get it done on his penalty shot. This, after whining beforehand that Montreal doesn’t play fair or some such nonsense. Just a mouth that roared who needs a series of knuckle sandwiches to improve his looks.

My stomach is in knots and my heart isn’t in it to write a long piece on how good the Canadiens looked on this night as they took out this pack of yellow thugs who have traded class for crass, and who were taught a big lesson. You lost. It wasn’t even close. And except for a lucky shot from another goof, the guy with the nose, it would have been a big goose egg.

Maybe we’ll meet you in the playoffs. Does it make you nervous? After all, isn’t that four wins and one loss for the Montreal Canadiens so far this year?

It was a great win, Lars Eller scored two, and now we wait.

Oh, I Get It!

Clarence Campbell suspended Mike Cammalleri.

No he didn’t, Colin Campbell suspended Maurice Richard.

No way. Clarence Campbell suspended Maurice Richard and Mike Cammalleri suspended Colin Campbell.

I thought Colin Campbell suspended Clarence Campbell.

Nope, Mike Cammalleri suspended Clarence Campbell.

Are you sure it wasn’t Maurice Richard suspending Colin Campbell.

Absoutely sure. It was Colin James suspending Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion and Maurice Chevalier suspending Noami Campbell.

Oh, I thought you said Mike Cammalleri lived in Campbell River.

Look, for gawd’s sakes, Colin Campbell suspended Mike Cammalleri.


Is Cammy About To Get Poked In The Eye And Bopped On The Head?

Frankly, I didn’t see the Mike Cammalleri incident with the Islanders’ Nino Niederreither. Often in a one-sided whitewash such as this game, I tend to get distracted easily.

But can Cammalleri be suspended? I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s the NHL brass on the case, the Three Stooges of the sporting world. Curly Joe, er, Campbell, will monitor the moods of other teams in the east, and going by that, will make his executive decision. If Brian Burke and a few others say Cammy must go, then he must go. Can’t be having the Canadiens too strong right off the bat.

NHL Powers-That-Be Are Not Rocket Scientists

That sound you hear is the sound of hockey fans all over the world losing interest in the 2007-2008 NHL season.

NHL brainiacs are probably quite intelligent people in many things in their lives. Some might be able to rebuild car engines, others might do complex math equations, while others might be able to fix broken plumbing.

But when it comes to running the show, these same people are really stupid.

It came first when the NHL season was stretched to 82 games. Because already, we know the playoffs are going to go into late spring, early summer.

But now we’ve been waiting since Monday for the first game of the Stanley Cup finals to begin on Saturday. Almost a week later.

Don’t these people understand that with summer comes outdoors stuff? There’s barbeques, beaches, camping, lawn cutting, sitting outside, baseball, campfires, gardens to attend to, things to build, things to fix outdoors, going for walks, sleeping on the hammock.

Hockey goes on the backburner very quickly.

So it’s up to these people to hold our interest because it’s in their best interests. If no one’s watching, then advertisers won’t advertise. Seats won’t get bought. Merchandise won’t be sold. Fans just might go away and stay away.

All because these people, Gary Bettman, Colin Campbell, NHL General Managers and owners, are really stupid.

If they are really forced to stretch this out, then come up with a plan B. Just don’t go away and expect us to stick around. This week, there could have been classic playoff games to watch on regular cable TV. There could’ve been documentaries on the Stanley Cup, the Detroit Red Wings, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. We could’ve learned more about Evgeny Malkin, Henrik Zetterberg, and Pavel Datsyuk.

They could’ve force-fed us hockey on different levels and forced us to stay interested.

There should’ve been a big build up all week to the final showcase. But nothing. Zero. Except for the usual TSN, Sportsnet spewing.

How can they not realize they’re losing viewers by playing right into summer with big gaps in between? Can they be that stupid? 

It’s fine and dandy for hard-core Detroit and Pittsburgh fans to gear up for the final. But two cities does not make a league, or television ratings.

Surely at some point, these people should clue in. Shouldn’t they?