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Atlanta – Hockey In The Deep South. Where, If You Skate On The Pond, You Drown

The Canadiens play the Thrashers Tuesday night in Atlanta. Are you excited?

 Atlanta – home of Coca Cola, Gone With The Wind, CNN, Ted Turner, the Braves, Falcons, Magnolia trees, the ’96 Summer Olympics, crazy hot summers, and a place with firm connections to the Civil War.

 And for some reason, they have NHL hockey. And they’ve had it for a while. No one knows why.

 From 1972 to 1980, it was the Atlanta Flames, but because they couldn’t make a go of it financially, the team moved to Calgary. Calgarians were happy about this. Canadian hockey fans were happy about this. The fourteen hockey fans in Atlanta were sad.

The team, like magic, got a second shot at NHL hockey when the Thrashers were born in 1997. Winnipeg can’t get a second shot, but Atlanta did. Maybe Gary Bettman had a crush on Clark Gable.

 Montreal, like always, needs these two points. The Thrashers are a team sitting in 14th place in the east, tied with Ottawa for second last with 37 points.

 It would be a real bummer if the Habs let this one slip away.