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Really Big Advice Show

Friday at the big collectables show at the Pierre Charbonneau Centre in east-end Montreal, Max Pacioretty, Tomas Plekanec, Brendan Gallagher, and Brandon Prust will be signing autographs from 6:30 to 7:30 .

And because the signings are arranged by Classic Authentics, which is an arm of Classic Auctions, the company I work for, I’ve been asked to sit at the table and make sure these players have enough pens and photos.

Kind of like being a stick boy.

I’ll be more than just a pen and photo guy though. I’m ready to give them big time advice.

I’ll only have an hour but hopefully it’s enough time to offer Max tips on how to improve his skating and shooting. Prust might need fighting tips. I’ll probably be able to advise Plekanec on how to get his shot away quicker. And I’ll try and convince Gally to endorse a better hamburger.

I’ll give them female relationship advice too if they ask.

Boxers Antonin Decarie and Sciller Hyppolite will also be there, from 8 to 9, and if I’m still around, I’ll give them a few fighting tips like I give Prust.

The following evening, an old favourite of mine, Claude Larose, along with Bobby Hull, Rogie Vachon and former MLB pitcher Claude Raymond will be there but I probably won’t. I can only give out so much advice. And they don’t need it. They’re retired.

Sunday, it’s the Canadian Olympic ladies France St. Louis, Nancy Drolet, and Kim St. Pierre. Maybe, because Max, Tomas, Brandon and Brendan won’t be listening, the ladies could give ME shot, skating, and hitting tips.


Are You Sick Of The Mediocrity?

I saw Friday’s afternoon game 10 hours after the fact. I wish it was ten years.

Without being too harsh here, I’d say Montreal stunk. They played a mostly-uninspired game in Philadelphia, falling 3-1, and showing almost no drive or determination, as Claude Giroux, who was so great just a few years as a member of Canada’s National team during the World Juniors, played like it was men against boys. Giroux was sensational, and just imagine this guy in a Montreal Canadiens uniform.

Something we’re missing from this team. A big-time game-breaker like that. And a francophone to boot.

Petteri Nokelainen opened the scoring, his first of the year, and I guess those who are supposed to score, forgot for some reason. Maybe their paycheques were late by a couple of minutes.

Then Philadelphia and Giroux went to work, scoring three goals, (two by Giroux), the most depressing being the third with just five seconds left in the period.

And did the Habs wake up and pour it on, desperately playing to catch up?


It’s not been a great time lately for the Canadiens and us. In the last eight games it’s been win one, lose one, win one lose won etc. How mediocre is that?

Something has to change. Such lack of energy and enthusiasm. It’s an insult to the great Montreal teams and players who came before. And to us. We’ve become long-suffering fans, and is there a more depressing description than “long suffering?”

When I look at this team now, I decide this – when there’s no life, no energy, no enthusiasm, when not a whole lot seems to be clicking, then it has to fall back on the coach. The Habs need to be kick-started, come to life, and put together better than .500 hockey starting sooner than soon.

With this, it has to be the old adage – you can’t fire 22 players so you fire the coach.

Random Notes:

Claude Giroux hails from the same town, Hearst, Ont. as good old Claude Larose, who was a solid if not spectacular Hab forward during part of the 1960’s and into the 1970’s. I remember he wore sort of a greaseball haircut.

Shots on goal, Philly 36, Habs 24.

Sidney visits Saturday night. At least it’s not a day game.




The Old Scrapbook Choo Choo Train Chugs Along

A few things to mention as we continue down the old scrapbook trail. Included in this post is an old letter I’d written asking if a crest I saw on one of the Rocket’s sports jackets was available to the public but Frank Selke Jr. wrote back and said it wasn’t.

The huge face of the Rocket you see is from an old Vitalis sign that was in the barbershop window in Orillia that the barber gave to me. It’s made of thick cardboard and because of its thickness, it was the beginning of the pages starting to come apart.

Also in this edition is a picture of Jacques Plante and it appears to be autographed, which I didn’t know about until now. I researched this picture and could only find the same thing minus the signature. I suppose it’s possible that when the Canadiens sent me these pictures, they included the signed Plante, which I never noticed.

Flyers Make It Interesting

Claude Giroux, who would have looked mighty fine in a Montreal Canadiens uniform, scored at 5:59 of the first overtime to give the Flyers a 4-3 win and are now back in the series.

This is a great thing whether you want the Flyers to win or lose. Hockey needs an excellent Stanley Cup finals, not a four-game sweep or a five-game, one-sided affair.

The series now sits at 2 games to 1 for Chicago and Kate Smith is preparing a massive bump and grind routine with the sign man for game four on Thursday.

Giroux comes from Hearst, Ontario, birthplace of fine Habs forward of the 60’s and 70’s, Claude Larose.

I Met A Kid Who Told Me A Fib

I met a kid my age who had just moved with his family to Orillia and his last name was Larose. I asked him if he was related to Claude Larose, who was a brand new player with the Canadiens, and the kid of course said yes, they were cousins, which wasn’t true, but I believed him because I was about 11 or 12 and pretty darn gullible. But the kid had a slicked-back greaseball haircut and so did Claude Larose so no wonder I believed him.

Below, Claude Larose, then and now.

Larose_Claude_01 001

Don Cherry Sure Must Have Liked His Beer


Don Cherry was almost a Montreal Canadien. He belonged to the club in the early 1960’s, but Sam Pollock took him aside one day and asked him to lay off the beer. Cherry said he wouldn’t and was promptly shipped to Spokane.

This is Cherry, number 6, with the Hull-Ottawa Canadiens of the EPHL (Eastern Professional Hockey League) in an exhibition game against the Boston Bruins before the start of the 1962-63 season. Hull-Ottawa, a farm team of the Habs, supplied many, many players to the big club in those days.