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That Kadri Person

I agree with Brendan Gallagher when he says Nazem Kadri is a twit.

“He sits on the bench yapping his mouth, he gets on the ice and all of a sudden he’s scared,” says Gallagher.

So the game plan (in my mind) for tomorrow night is hopefully erase the yapping any which way. Maybe a Brandon Prust smash to the nostril area. Maybe a Gallagher accidental high stick. And if you recall this guy slamming Lars Eller into the boards and standing over him like he was Charles Bronson, then maybe Eller can return the favour and send a miniature cast iron replica of the Little Mermaid up one of Kadri’s orifices. Any will do.

Kahri now has a whack of confidence after being promoted so heavily by Don Cherry over the past while, and I think any of the above solutions would be good for him. It’d be a solid learning experience, albeit painful, and he’ll come out of it a better man. It’s all about growing as a person.

A little pain never hurt anybody.

So anyway, I hope you’ve had a beautiful day and the flowers are blooming nicely for you.

Go Habs.