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Rebounding From L’Affaire Carl Wetzel

Recently, out of the blue, most of the right side of my site disappeared. This included the picture of me as a kid, the twitter link, CBC links, quote of the day, map, the whole enchilada. There was no reason for it to happen. I’ve tried to be good. I’m kind to animals and I love babies. But it happened anyway.

So I phoned HostGator in Texas and the technicians there worked on it and finally got everything restored, but only up to that particular Sunday, which meant my posts from the few days after that were gone forever. And which also means my little story about Carl Wetzel, a guy who was the backup goalie for Charlie Hodge on a night I was at the Forum, vanished into thin air and is now probably twirling and swirling in cyberspace.

But I’m not taking this sitting down. In that particular story, I included a photo of the lineup from the program that night that showed Wetzel’s name, and then I went on to talk about how many minor league cities he had played in over his career (about 15).

Now I’m coming back with a vengeance, and not only am I including the lineup page again, but I’m showing the whole trip, which includes the program signed by Jim Roberts that evening after the game when I walked down to ice level to see the big CH’s at centre ice, plus the lineup page again, along with my ticket stub and photos I took of the Forum and Toe Blake’s Tavern.

Take that, computer gremlin bastards.