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Maurice Richard Sales And Service

The Rocket tried a lot of different things to make a few extra bucks during and after his career because he wasn’t rich like Scott Gomez. They included, along with the usual team duties – beer rep for Dow and Molsons/O’Keefe; a Laurier Life Insurance PR guy; and he owned a pub (Tavern 544/9); General Fishing Lines, which he operated out of his basement; Capri Electronics; and Maurice Richard T.V., a colour T.V. sales and service business. I’m sure I haven’t listed all of them.

Below is an invoice I have from Maurice Richard T.V., from April 28, 1967, to a customer named Yvan Claude Marchand, who had just bought himself a nice, new Zenith for about the same amount as one would pay nowadays.

Television throughout the ’60s had lousy colour. At least any I ever saw. A lot of red and orange, and often, people’s skin would be green or orange or maybe blue. My folks never had a colour TV until well into the 1970’s and I was long gone from the house, but I remember when I was a teen and would see colour sets at friends’ places and was never all that impressed. It’s come a long way baby.