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Hometown Heroes

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Two fine hometown boys, Hall of Famers Gilbert Perreault (inducted 1990) and Mr. Beliveau (inducted 1972).

Perreault was born and raised in Victoriaville, Quebec (pop. 43,462), and Jean moved there with his family when he was six.

From the HHOF’s “One on One”I was a Montreal fan,” admits Perreault. “The Canadiens were our main team in the NHL. They had so many great players. I admired Jean Beliveau. I watched him a lot. I liked his style, I liked the way he moved and I liked his stickhandling.

Anyone who saw this great Buffalo Sabres star play knows just how how talented he was, with an extraordinary slickness when it came to handling the puck, just like Jean. Simply an incredible player with the Sabres from 1970-71 to 1986-87, notching 512 goals and 814 assists along the way (1326 points in 1191 games).

Perreault starred for the Montreal Junior Canadiens for three seasons before joining the Sabres, and when you see him with the Junior Canadiens (as in the Youtube video below), it’s a definite reminder that he would’ve looked good in a Habs uniform.

Thanks to Kathleen in Maryland for sending me the picture above  via Twitter @bflosenrab, and she adds that her sources say it was taken in good old Victoriaville.

Tonight’s The Night

As you can see below, the Buffalo Sabres are in town tonight to clash with the home team.

This is a big game for the Habs. The Sabres are tied with them for first in the standings. And it’s the same tomorrow when Boston comes a callin’. They’re also tied with Montreal and Buffalo.

Then it’s the Hurricanes, Devils and Sens, who are also tied with the Habs, Sabres, and Bruins.

Then I add a couple of ūüôā ūüôā so people don’t think I’m an idiot.

September 2013

Date Visitor Home Time (ET) TV Network/Results
Sun, 15 Sep 2013 Sabres Canadiens 7:30 PM RDS
Mon, 16 Sep 2013 Bruins Canadiens 7:00 PM RDS, NHLN-US, TSN2
Fri, 20 Sep 2013 Canadiens Hurricanes
(Quebec City, QC)
7:30 PM RDS
Sat, 21 Sep 2013 Hurricanes Canadiens 7:00 PM RDS
Mon, 23 Sep 2013 Devils Canadiens 7:30 PM RDS
Wed, 25 Sep 2013 Canadiens Senators 7:30 PM RDS
Thu, 26 Sep 2013 Senators Canadiens 7:30 PM RDS

Go Ahead Habs, Make My Day

On this game day against the Buffalo Wings, things are not starting out well.

Yes, the TV will be warmed up. Yes, I’m expecting a big night from the Habs considering the last time these two teams played, if I was in the stands, I’d ask for my money back.

Everything’s fine in preparation for the big night.

But in one hour from now, approximately 10:45 am pacific time, I will be sitting in the dentist chair and letting this stranger rip open my gum, lift it up, and decide whether to perform a root canal or not.

So you see, the Habs better come out flying. They’d better not make my day any worse then it’s already going to get.

Random Notes:

Jacques Martin spoiled any uplifting spirits and all-round good holiday cheer of Habs fans everywhere when he announced that Andrei Markov isn’t quite ready yet. Maybe Jacques is joking with us.

Does Jacques Martin joke?

Habs Slashed By Sharpened Sabres

The theory that the Canadiens come out flat in the first period because of so many opening ceremonies is one thing. I happen to agree with this theory.

But what about when they stink to high heaven, like tonight in Buffalo? What’s the excuse – Injuries? New players? Not enough pretzels on the flight to Buffalo? Buffalo wings?

And then it became 4-0.

I didn’t pay attention much after that. A Russian friend came over and she told us a little about Vladivostok. I had the TV on in the background, and I saw first Gomez, then Gorges score. But I have no energy to even try and analyse why this player did this and the other did that. Two games in a row, for the most part,¬†it’s a team¬†that has taken to the ice flatter than a pancake.

Why is that, Dr. Phil?

It’s almost done with, and 4-2¬†seems like a good score, even in defeat. But only when it’s close throughout and the other team ices it with an empty goal. It wasn’t so in this case. Montreal was a team who slept for the most parts of two periods, then got their chances in the third.

And then it became 5-2, and even a remote chance of a miracle comeback are cut quickly at the neck, like a freshly-greased guillotine dropping suddenly.

Hardly acceptable.

It then it became 6-2, and suddenly, Vladivostok seemed like a good place to move to.

Random Notes:

Tomorrow night, let’s celebrate the 100 years and be done with it for another 100 years.¬†It’s been too much – the retro uniforms, the playing around with the CH’s at centre ice, the distractions, the pre-game ceremonies. The end can’t come soon enough. Both fans and¬†non-fans of the Montreal Canadiens want it over with quickly. At least I do.

Boston in town tomorrow for the big night.

The Boys Better Be Ready In Buffalo

Habs in Buffalo in a few hours, and hopefully the team’s ready. They’ve been falling behind often lately, and it’d be nice if they can pop a couple early and let the other team play catch-up for a change.

But the Sabres have been playing well. They’re 5th in the east with 32 points, while Montreal is 12th with 26 points. Buffalo is also stingier in goal with their goals-against at 55 while the Canadiens have allowed 77.

So c’mon boys, score early and win. And a shutout would be a nice little bonus.

Habs Head West With Two Notches On Their Holster

 I suppose if one would look at the animosity level of the teams in the northeast, Montreal would have very little time for Toronto and Boston, with Ottawa and Buffalo bringing up the rear. The Bruins/Leafs/Canadiens triumvirate is what legends are made of.

Ottawa is coming on fast,¬†mostly because of the close 120 kms¬†apart, and of course there’s all the Habs fans living in Ottawa including massive amounts of francophones¬†both in Ottawa and across the Ottawa river in Gatineau.¬†

Buffalo could make a case though for being in Montreal’s bad books. This is a team which has proved to be a thorn in the side of the Canadiens over the years, and should be considered at least as disliked as Ottawa. They’ve been around longer, and have given the Canadiens fits over the years. Winning sometimes, hurting opposing players sometimes (eg Tom Pyatt), and having Gilbert Perreault, who should have been a Montreal Canadien. He was born to be a Montreal Canadien. Instead, he was the enemy. A Buffalo Sabre. It wasn’t right.

Dennis Hull said in 1972. “I like Moscow. It reminds me of Buffalo.”

The Habs lost their opening game last year to this team, but tonight, in Buffalo’s season opener, Habs got revenge with a lovely 2-1 overtime win with a goal by Brian Gionta, and the boys get it done again. It’s just a little theft, twice now, but the Habs can steal games all year long¬†as far as I’m concerned. Two points are two points. That’s the bottom line.

Two for two, with Andrei Markov out and Carey Price being the Carey Price we all know and love. But Ryan O’Byrne and Glen Metropolit are being looked at. Sure, keep the injuries coming. Make it more even for the other teams.

Good work by:

Georges Laraque, in my opinion, played his best period (the 1st), since he’s been a Canadien.

Travis Moen charges the net, scores, fights (and is a good fighter), and has bumps and cuts and bruises on his face. He’s a Saskatchewan boy, which means he’s tough as nails and salt of the earth. A good old hockey-playing¬†Canadian prairie boy.

I’m tired of mentioning shots on goal.¬†Habs won. And including pre-season, the boys are 6 wins, 3 losses.

Random Notes:

Calgary Tuesday night. Yippee ki yay!

Assistant Steps In And Helps With Win

With head coach Jacques Martin high up in the stands studying the talent below, assistant coach Toe Bama takes over and offers tips to Roman Hamrlik, Josh Gorges and Maxim Lapierre during the big come-from-behind 3-2 win over the Sabres Saturday night.

Bama got his namename “Toe” as a kid when his little sister had trouble pronouncing his real name “O”. He was also a politician at one time, before he gravitated to hockey. “I like¬†hockey because there’s less violence and swearing,” he said.


Leafs More Important Than World Peace And Global Warming

Due to the Canadiens-Sabres game not being televised, I made an executive decision. Instead of listening on the radio, I watched the Leafs-Detroit game, as a sort of scouting mission. You see, I’m not only an almost-owner and almost-stickboy and almost the guy who makes the players’ wives comfortable,¬†but I’m also an almost-scout. I wanted and needed¬†to get a feel for the Leafs, who the Habs open up against Oct. 1st.

I didn’t see much. Grabovski has put on weight. One of the players walked in to the rink wearing a fedora. Fans were quiet. Komisarek slammed a few guys but not much else, which is what he did in Montreal,¬†although listening to the pre-game patter from the CBC boys, you’d think he was the saviour and a nice blend of Bobby Orr and Doug Harvey. I’m now absolutely convinced these guys paid no attention whatsoever to the Habs last year. Because if they did, why would they speak in such glowing terms about this bum?

From time to time I put aside my scouting duties to check in at the Bell Centre, and I noticed Ryan O’Byrne had a fight, Buffalo led 2-0 in the first and scored a short-handed goal. Short-handed goals are unacceptable. I also noticed that Carey Price is in goal and I’m slightly concerned. This is a guy who needs a big night and it’s not starting out that way.

I then saw on replay that O’Byrne destroyed the guy after the guy hurt Tom¬†Pyatt. See Komisarek? That’s how you fight.

And why can’t the Habs, at some point in time, when all¬†the stars are aligned, not allow any goals in a game? Shutouts are unheard of with this team. When was the last time they had a shutout, 1993? (Just looked it up. It appears both Price and Halak had¬†one shutout each last year although that could be a misprint.)

Back in Toronto, Komisarek just thumped a guy near the net. I thought the announcers were going to have an orgasm. He also threw the puck up the middle which of course was intercepted, and took a bad penalty. Get used to it, Leafs fans, you’ll be seeing a lot of bad passes and bad penalties.

2-2 in Montreal. This is much better.

3-2 Montreal. Much, much¬†better. Price came through in fine fashion. From the stats, it looked like a rough game, a good game, a game that should’ve been televised. Imagine, Leafs coast to coast on CBC, and the Habs nothing. But no wonder –¬†Mike Komisarek and Jonas Gustavsson are the best players who ever lived. And there’s talk now that Gustavsson (The Monster) is better than Terry Sawchuk and Turk Broda combined and will soon be inducted into the Hall of Fame, even though he’s only played three periods in the NHL.

I couldn’t be sure but was that JIm Hughson and Craig Simpson kissing The Monster’s ring in the corridor after the game?

Random Notes:

Habs finish pre-season with four wins, two losses and one shootout loss, for nine points. That’s pretty good but of course it doesn’t compare with the magnificent, brilliant¬†and overwhelming display of ¬†hockey shown by the Leafs who now have ten points.¬†That’s why CBC shows the Leafs. They’re just too darn good not to.

Howe Loved His Car, And Other Tidbits

¬†Stories From Various “The Hockey News'” Over The Years:

Oct. 1, 1947 – More Canadian hockey players have married American girls while playing with Hershey than any other US city.

Oct. 13, 1948 – According to rave notices, the best young goalie in professional hockey circles will be in the nets for the Indianapolis Capitals during the 1948-49 American League season. He is Terry Sawchuk.

Feb. 10, 1951 – There are 10 Detroit Red Wing bachelors and the writer wants to know if you are woman-haters or the right one just hasn’t come along. “Only been in love once in my life – that was with my first car, a ’34 Chevy,” said Gordon Howe. Red Kelly chipped in: “Brunettes or blondes are fine, but I can’t get along with another redhead. I want a wife who’s a good cook. A brunette would do for me.”

Oct. 11, 1958 – Doug Harvey, vice-president and director of the NHL players’ pension fund, admitted player representatives were not sure their pension was being handled properly and asked the owners to allow a survey to be taken.

Oct. 24, 1964 – The NHL’s new rule that forbids a goalie to from deliberately falling on the puck may change the way goalies are penalized. For example, in the recent All-Star game, goalie Charlie Hodge was victimized when he smothered the puck and was given the first penalty ever incurred by a goalkeeper in the 18-year history of the classic.

Nov. 3, 1972 – Harold Ballard, president of Maple Leaf Gardens and Toronto Maple Leafs, was sentenced Oct. 20 to three years in the Kingston Penitentiary for fraud and theft. The nearly 70 year old Ballard, who was convicted Aug. 15 of 47 counts of fraud and theft involving $205,000 diverted from the Gardens, was emotionally shaken by the sentence.

March 8, 1974 – The world of hockey is mourning the death of one of its greatest competitors, Tim Horton. The 44-year old Buffalo Sabres defenceman was killed in a single car accident at 4:30 a.m. Feb. 21 near St. Catherines, Ont. Horton was returning from Toronto where the Sabres had played a game.

Feb. 4, 1983 – The Seattle Breakers of the Western League swapped the rights to left winger Tom Martin in exchange for a used bus.

Kovalev Made Them Mad In Wichita And Gets In A Brawl – In 1994

I saw this article by Mike Brophy when I was going through a 1994 Hockey News as I sat drinking tea and swatting the odd mosquito on graveyard shift recently. The article came out during the 1993-94 NHL lockout, and players were playing in various other leagues until things got straightened out. This is how it went.

“The New York Rangers are expecting big things from Alexei Kovalev this season.¬†

The 21 year old delivered Oct. 21, exploding for four goals and two assists in a 21-1 victory. Too bad it wasn’t for the Rangers.

Kovalev’s¬†outbirst came for Lada Togliatti and at the expense of the Central League’s Wichita Thunder. He was one of two NHLers – Buffalo¬†Sabre Denis Tsygurov also played – who dressed for Togliatti in the first of a three-game CHL exhibition series.

Kovalev was the best player in the game, but he was not treated with respect. When Togliatti took a 10-0 lead in the game and continued to double shift the left winger, Thunder players took runs at him. Kovalev fought Thunder hopeful Jason McQuat at 15:39 of the third period.

Togliatti players appealed to the Wichita bench to tone down the hitting to which the Thunder replied: “Quit running the score up on us.”