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Bobblehead Blues

They came in a couple of different sizes, with the one I have (below) being about five inches high while a rarer version stands more than six inches.

As you can see by the ad, they could be ordered, but I think many kids also had their dads buy them at big league rinks. At least that’s what I did, at Maple Leaf Gardens all those years ago. A nice Habs one which I ended up breaking because, after all, I was a kid.

It was a bummer that I broke it and I made sure I got another one, although it took about 50 years.

And yes, they’re worth slightly more than a $1 now.

Canadiens Smoke Stars

Ready? Take a deep breath:

The Dallas Stars scored just 1:47 into the game, but that was it for the visitors as Max Pacioretty’s 34th of the season tied it in the second, while in the third, Gally, Lehkonen, and Radulov broke it open and the big win gives the team 95 points on the season, four better than Ottawa which got a loser point in their SO loss to Philly, and now the Canadiens hope to make it three straight on Thursday when the Florida Panthers, another team like Dallas that has no hope for the postseason, pay a visit to the Bell Centre, home of $12 beer even though the team is owned by Molsons, which I don’t think is right but I can’t buy beer at the Bell anyway because I’m 5000 km. from there and I can drink pints right here in Powell River for $4.50, and if you’re still with me, the Canadiens outshot Dallas 36-28 and Carey Price was as solid as can be throughout.

Whew, a one sentence recap. Maybe I’ll just move on to something less tiring now.

I wish I had one of these early-1960s bobbleheads.

Oh wait. I do!