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Almost In Pittsburgh PA

The Canadiens let it slip away and fell 4-3 in overtime to the Pens in Pittsburgh, but it was a hard fought loss, they almost won it but they didn’t, and all in all a decent showing against the defending Stanley Cup champions with the world’s greatest player on the team – Tom Kuhnhackl.

They had it in the bag until Pittsburgh tied it with just 55 seconds left in the third period, and in overtime it was an inexcusable ‘too many men’ penalty that cost them the two points.

But at least it was a single point gained, the boys are still near the top of the leader board, and in the words of Bob Cole, it was “not too shabby”.

This is a team with numerous injuries, but they remain competitive. So cheer up, celebrate New Year’s Eve, and all the best to you in 2017. Hopefully great things will happen and it’ll be your best year ever.

Gatorade and chicken soup is good for a hangover.

Random Notes:

Alex Radulov opened the scoring in the first frame, Pittsburgh would go ahead 2-1 in the second, but with just 39 seconds left in the middle period, Paul Byron deflected Jeff Petry’s shot and it was tied at two.

Brian Flynn would put the boys ahead in the third, but then the wheels fell off.

The Pens outshot the Habs 41-40, and Montreal was absolutely dismal on their two power play attempts.

Next up – Music City on Tuesday.

I’m having some doubts about my new idea for this site. It’s possible that it’s a tremendously stupid idea.

Happy Rocket Long Weekend

It’s the big Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, when we celebrate a queen from so far back that even Bob Cole wasn’t even born yet.

I don’t know about this. Did she even come to Canada? Did she watch the Leafs and say “We are not amused?”

It’s a great weekend though. It’s a time when students come home to visit mom and pop and spend the three days partying with friends with mom and pop never seeing them except at dinner time. It’s when outlaw bikers gather to play frisbee and learn to ballroom dance. And it’s when millionaire hockey players not in the playoffs finally open up their million dollar cottages up in the Muskokas or Laurentians.

I don’t know why we have a holiday for a British queen who reigned more than a hundred years ago. My feeling is, this big weekend should be in honour of Maurice Richard, the man responsible for slaying charging troops from Toronto and Boston, and overcoming the evil and ruthless Clarence of Campbell.

And if it’s all about celebrating a birthday, Bob Dylan was born on May 24th. Bob grew up just a few miles south of Canada, in Hibbing, Minnesota, so he knows what cold, snow and hockey are. I’m sure that right now he’s reading The Hockey News from his pad in Malibu. For me, it’s no contest between Bob and Vicky. Not once did I party and do illegal drugs to a Queen Victoria record.

Although Vicky was quite a looker, don’t you think?

But Rocket beats them both. Of course. So to everyone out there, Happy Canadian Rocket Long Weekend. If your kids aren’t home, don’t worry. They’re probably passed out in a dumpster somewhere and will be fine by dinner time.


Saying The Names

Something I feel you need to know, although in the big scheme of things, and to paraphrase Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, “Ilsa, it doesn’t take much to see that the pronounciation of several million Habs fans don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”

You, me, Pierre Houde, Bob Cole, and whoever replaces Bob Cole, will spend the next ten years mispronouncing Alexei Emelin’s name. I know we will. Most of us aren’t Russian.

It’s not “Emelin” as it looks. It’s “Ye-MEL-in,” with a huge emphasis on the “Mel.” You have to make the ‘Mel” explode out of your mouth.

And how do I know this? I asked my Russian wife this very question just yesterday. It was “Luciena, how do you pronounce Emelin?”

And while I was at it, I checked with her about our way of saying Markov, and it’s wrong too! It’s “MARK-uv.: Heavy on the “MARK, soft on the “ov” so it sounds like “uv.”u

However, to make you feel better, we are pronouncing White, Gill, Price, Gorges, Gomez, Eller, Subban, Moen, and Cole the way they should be pronounced. And probably Pacioretty, Gionta, and Cammalleri too, but I need to ask someone who’s Italian about this. I’m also willing to bet that Weber is Weber and I’m happy to report that Lucy says we say Kostitsyn absolutely perfect.

As for Plekanec and Spacek and Budaj, it’s unknown territory.

Someone who has never heard of Jacques Martin and reads something about him somewhere might think Martin is pronounced Martin, as in Martin Short. But the majority of these people live in the Ozarks and Toronto..

And finally, when I was a truck driver and making a delivery in the Crownest’s Pass in Alberta, an older fellow and I started talking hockey. I’ve never forgotten this. He said to me, “I always liked that big Gene Bellevue.”


Habs Shock Beantowners And The Rest Of Us Too

I didn’t expect that. Who did?

I was getting ready to talk about lack of heart, about how Jacques Martin should be fired, about how Scott Gomez looked like a little girl on Patrice Bergeron’s second goal, and then……..

Canadiens pull off a stirring comeback and win in overtime 3-2. 


And by stirrring, I mean stirring. Down 2-0 with just over two minutes to go in the game. Boston was almost in command, Bruins fans were probably raising their glasses in toasts, and I was ready to blast those crazy Habs on these pages.

But they won the thing! Scott Gomez scored first to make it 2-1 with a fluke goal at 17:38  of the third. Then, with Carey Price pulled, Brian Gionta tied it at the 19:12 mark.

And in overtime Max Pacioretty fired it home and Montreal shocks you, me, the Bruins, Bruins fans, Bob Cole, Mike Milbury, the Pope, and themselves, and are now tied with Boston for first place in the Northeast division.

The night went from bad to good, just like that. At the snap of a finger. Magical, like me doing the Rubik’s Cube!

Thank you Habs. You just made my graveyard shift coming up shortly a whole lot better. Now I won’t pose any threat to innocent ferry travelers.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 42-29 Montreal but that’s quite deceiving. The Canadiens weren’t really dangerous for most of the night and the lack of goal production is really bugging me. The team has scored 105 goals in 42 games. In comparison, Pittsburgh has notched 136 goals, and Philadelphia and Atlanta both have 137. To name a few. 

PK Subban played almost 26 minutes. Getting serious minutes like this because of injuries (Markov, Gorges) can only be good for the young fellow’s confidence, which had suffered a setback lately as we all know.

Mike Cammalleri left with some sort of problem. Sure, why not?

Next up – Tuesday in Manhattan to take on the New York Averys.

Who Is The HNIC Voice Of All Time?

I came across what I think is an interesting poll, although it was done in 2005. But I think nothing’s changed from then to now. I also disagree slightly and have my own choices at the bottom.

The Best “Hockey Night In Canada” Play-By-Play Announcer Of All Time

Danny Gallivan 53 votes 36. 30%

Bob Cole 16 votes 10.96%

Jim Hughson 16 votes 10.96%

Jim Robson 15 votes 10.27%

Foster Hewitt 14 votes 9.59%

Dick Irvin 12 votes 8.22%

Chris Cuthbert 10 votes 6.85%

Dan Kelly 5 votes 3.42%

Bill Hewitt 4 votes 2.74%

Don Wittman 1 vote 0.68%

But if I were to choose:

Danny Gallivan – The best. Period.
Chris Cuthbert -Both he and Hughson are as professional as can be.
Jim Hughson
Bill Hewitt – Smooth voice and part of my youth. More polished than his dad.
Dan Kelly – Great, and died too soon
A younger Bob Cole – Before he started getting names wrong.
Foster Hewitt – Foster was the first and is very special to many people, but technically he wasn’t as sound as many of the others, including his son.
Dick Irvin – I love Dick Irvin but he wasn’t as slick as Cuthbert and Hughson and these guys. Made a better sidekick for Gallivan.
Don Wittman-  True pro with Winnipeg roots. Sadly is no longer with us.
Jim Robson – Canucks broadcaster for many years and loved greatly out here. But I don’t think he was as good as the rest.

And The Parade Winds Its Way Down………

The Bell Centre in Montreal sits at the corner of Avenue des Canadiens de Montreal and Rue de la Gauchetiere, with Rue de la Gauchetiere being the main artery.

That’s all fine and dandy, except if you’re describing a big game, like “Miracle on de la Gauchetiere”, or a Stanley Cup parade – “The parade winds its way down de la Gauchetiere.”

Whew. It’s too much of a mouthful.

So I say to Montreal politicians – why don’t you just do the right thing and change the name – to Boulevard Jean Beliveau (Jean Beliveau Boulevard). Then the Bell Centre would sit on the corner of Avenue des Canadiens de Montreal and Boulevard Jean Beliveau. How nice is that?

“The parade winds its way down Jean Beliveau.”

Wikipedia says Rue de la Gauchetiere was named for a landowner named Joseph-Daniel Migeon – Sieur (sire) of de la Gauchetiere, way back in the 1600’s, I think before even Don Cherry and Bob Cole were born.  He never scored one goal for the Habs, or helped young players, or brought the city a Stanley Cup, or signed autographs until his hand hurt. 

But Jean Beliveau did all that and so much more. And for all that Beliveau has done for Montreal and hockey and adding class and respect and pride to the city, he should be recognized with a street that runs past the rink.

I think it’s only right.

Canadiens Suck The Big One

I thought it was Elliotte Friedman, roving reporter for the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada,, who said the most unbelievable thing tonight but I was corrected and I think now it was Glen Healy who said that for many Montreal fans, Alex Kovalev was as popular as Guy Lafleur.

Or was it Garry Galley?

Bob Cole, however, brought everyone back to their senses when he replied, “I don’t buy that for a second.”

I don’t buy it for a second either. That’s about as far out a statement as you can get.

I mention this because even though it’s not overly interesting, it’s at least more interesting than what we saw tonight from the Canadiens, a team on the playoff landscape bubble but didn’t play like it. In fact, they made the Ottawa Senators look like world beaters in a 4-2 lacklustre loss to the visitors.

How frustrating is that? The Sens showed up, the Canadiens should have stayed home and let the Hamilton Bulldogs give it a shot.

There’s really nothing more to say. Habs lose and Alex Kovalev was more popular than Guy Lafleur.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec and Benoit Pouliot each scored for Montreal. That’s interesting, right?

Senators fathers were at the game. Being the despicable, low-down, dirty rotten bastard that I am, I’ll just mention that it’s too bad their sons didn’t lose on this night.

Sunday night, it’s the Rangers in New York. Will we see a good Habs effort or a bad one? Will the power play get back on track after going zero for six tonight? Will the goaltending be better?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

Georges Has To Admit It – He Hurt His Team Tonight

It took Montreal more than two periods to get it even a little bit together against Detroit, mainly because most of the time, especially in the first period, the only Habs players who saw the ice were the penalty killers.

All thanks to Georges Laraque for taking a high-sticking call and then a dangerous tripping/kneeing call to earn him six minutes in the penalty box which begat penaties to Paul Mara, Travis Moen and Ryan O’Byrne shortly after which begat two goals by Detroit, and the Habs fell into a big, black hole that took them forever to crawl out of.

I hold George directly responsible, (and I’d hope he’d agree) for the Habs going down 2-0 after one. And a knee-on-knee that could end another player’s career, which Georges is guilty of, is unacceptable also.

And why did Laraque stick his knee out? Because he spends most of his time standing still and was caught flat-footed. Big Georges is not exactly what you would call a “free-wheeler.” It must make good players in university and the minors wonder why Georges is there making the big bucks and they’re not.

The third period, however, almost made things worthwhile, with Mike Cammalleri, with help from Andrei Kostityn, at least making a game of it by tieing the score at two. The Canadiens had their chances and could have won it, but it was too little too late. They were also outshot by the Wings 34-18 and Carey Price was, for the most part, solid once again. 

It’s just too bad Georges was dressed on this night. The result could’ve been different. They were going good in the beginning.

They lost in the shootout but they got a point. And they earned it because they climbed back in it after just one player, their own, had taken them out of it.

Random Notes:

Guy Carbonneau worked with Greg Millen and Bob Cole up in the CBC broadcasting booth. Carbo sounded somewhat nervous and didn’t have anything earth-shattering to say, but this can be expected from a rookie. He also needs to put more excitement in his voice. But maybe the Habs don’t excite him anymore.

Columbus Blue Jackets visit on Tuesday.

A Bunch In The Blog Bad Books

In no particular order:

Pierre McGuire, Jarkko Ruutu, Sean Avery, Gary Bettman, Bob Cole, Denis Gauthier, NHL cheerleaders, Mike Milbury, Boston Bruins, David Frost (ex-agent and junior coach), Michael Farber, Mats Sundin, lots of hockey parents, Brian Burke, Stan Fischler, hockey in non-hockey places. And although a Habs fan, George Stroumboulopoulos gets a two-minute minor for his lousy, soft-hitting interview with Gary Bettman.