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Toenail Clipping

I find myself thinking more and more about the lockout and how it’s affecting me, and I have to say it’s not affecting me a great deal at all, other than having to dig deep to keep posting here every day.

I’m just sick of the whole mess, one created through greed, distrust and lies, and one that may never get truly resolved, even if they go back to work. It’s way too discouraging. I’m also tired of seeing hockey analysts on TV going on and on about it every day, of press conferences with Donald Fehr with sombre-looking players standing in the background, and hearing that the Winter Classic is cancelled, with the all-star game next. Which is fine because I despise the All-Star game anyway. Seeing smiling players in a big love-in isn’t my idea of the sport.

I’m tired of hearing about players signing with teams overseas – it’s boring and depressing, and every time I hear, it’s like another nail in the season-being-over coffin. And of course I’m tired of Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, and the word “millions.”

I’m just sick of it all, even to the point of putting personal hockey memorabilia away, out of sight, and making my museum-like room, which I’ve shown photos of here, more of a normal room. I hate the term “man-cave” and I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m too old for a man-cave, and I’m allergic to dust.

When PK Subban does the weather on TV, it doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t smile or laugh or have any kind of emotion. All I can think of is, why didn’t he sign a contract. When Andrei Markov gets hurt in the KHL, I’m nonchalant. When owners and players jostle over millions, I yawn. I’m too busy trying to get my ducks in a row so I can retire from the workforce and still be able to pay some bills.

I think about hockey players now and I think very little. With the Canadiens it’s always been about the team as a whole anyway. When I watch them, I see the sweater. I see the crest. I see if they win or not. Who wears the sweater makes very little difference. It’s how they help the team that’s important. That’s why I climb up one side of Scott Gomez and down the other. He hasn’t helped the team and thus, he deserves it. It goes with the territory.

If Josh Gorges or Erik Cole came to Powell River, it doesn’t matter, even though they do a good job for the team. I wouldn’t go out of my way. I don’t want their autographs. Trevor Linden was in town recently, played road hockey just around the corner from me, but I stayed in the house and clipped my toenails or whatever. This sort of thing just isn’t important to me. Yes, if it was Jean Beliveau, I’d seek him out and ask him to tell some stories about another time, about Plante and Harvey and the Rocket and such. Being coached by Toe Blake. With Josh Gorges or Erik Cole, I’d really have nothing to talk about.

I won’t be watching when Toronto plays Pittsburgh or Columbus takes on the Devils, or any other of the hundreds of meaningless games (to me) around the league. I could care less. I have toenails to clip. It’s only about the Habs crest and the team winning. Everything else about the NHL means nothing. The lockout, money, and the previous disputes, have made me tired.


Seen In Passing

I spotted Gary Bettman and Bill Daly the other day on the Sunset Strip, and I asked if they wouldn’t mind if I took their photo. They were gracious and true gentlemen, and I don’t know why everyone is so hard on them right now.

And it was just an incredible stroke of luck that later in the day, I also ran into NHLPA big shot Donald Fehr and two player reps – Philadephia’s Scott Hartnell and Vancouver’s Manny Malholtra. Wow! Who would’ve thought?

What are the odds of meeting so many important NHL people in just one afternoon? Sometimes I think Lady Luck follows me around.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s….Hockey’s Saviour!

It’s possible that Gary Bettman and his clan won’t be able to fix the woes of the NHL. Brendan Shanahan, Bill Daly, Mike Murphy, Colin Campbell, the owners and the rest of those guys in Armani suits who run things might try but it’ll be tough.

Don Cherry isn’t interested.

Hal Gill or Travis Moen or Ryan White won’t fix Zdeno Chara. He’s too freaking big and strong, with fists like sledgehammers.

Via Rail, Air Canada, and Geoff Molson have given it a shot, probably to no avail, and the cops have better things to do.

Readers weigh in with solutions but it’s still a dead end.

In fact, there’s only one man I can think of who can take care of business. One man who doesn’t fool around, who scares the hell out of me and Jack Schitt and the cat. One man who fights dirty, pulls hair, and kicks people in the nuts. A man who has friends in the big house and who ruins my day on a regular basis.

Time to bring out the heavy artillery.

Put your hands together for –


With A Forfeit On The Horizon, The Struggles Continue

If the recent game in Ottawa is forfeited to the Senators because the Canadiens used Ryan White for three minutes without informing the league he was being called up from Hamilton, then we’ll have to suck it up, swear a bit, and then toss it aside and continue winning.

A forfeiting would not be a good thing. It was a good old 4-1 thrashing of the Sens, a game where the home team outshot the good guys but like Roy Rogers, the good guys ended up winning and smiling and riding off into the sunset. We can’t forfeit a game. We need every one. Two points is a major hit. We’re on the bubble as far as playoff spots go, and like Danno has pointed out in a previous comment,  the Leafs are coming up fast.

Here’s Gary Bettman’s right-hand man, Bill Daly.

“The Canadiens have an obligation to make a filing with the League office, notifying us (by 5 p.m. ET) that they are adding Ryan White to their active roster,” Daly said. “But they hadn’t done that. So according to our records, he was still an AHL player and wasn’t eligible to play. He was not on that active roster at the time the game started.

“It was a simple filing issue but, obviously, simple filing issues can entail broader concepts under the Collective Bargaining Agreement and problems under the CBA with your cap accounting obligation and active roster, if they were (above) their 23-man limit. That would have been an additional issue, but that wasn’t the case.”

Can Things Get Any Worse?

NHL investigating Habs over links to alleged drug trafficker

CBC Sports

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly confirmed to Hockey Night in Canada’s Jeff Marek that the league is investigating a report in Friday’s edition of La Presse that links two Montreal Canadiens players to a man arrested in a recent sting operation.

“I can confirm we are investigating the facts,” Daly wrote in an email with Marek.

According to the Montreal newspaper, Canadiens forwards Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn allegedly made calls to 38-year-old Pasquale Mangiola requesting vodka, women and luxury cars while the players were at local restaurants and bars.

The Kostitsyns have not been accused of any criminal involvement with Mangiola, La Presse reported.

Mangiola, charged with drug trafficking, was among 55 people arrested Feb. 12. The suspects were allegedly part of a network of groups working together to traffic drugs in the Montreal and Ottawa areas.

When contacted by CBCSports.ca, Dominick Saillant, director of media relations for the Canadiens, declined any comment on the La Presse story. The Canadiens have not called a formal press conference, but have asked the media to be at the team’s practice at 2 p.m. ET.

Attempts by CBCSports.ca to contact the Montreal police were unsuccessful, but a phone message stated the department is not commenting on the anti-gang operation, called Project Axe, that led to Mangiola’s arrest, or the La Presse report.

Earlier this week, the Canadiens assigned Sergei Kostitsyn to their American Hockey League affiliate, the Hamilton Bulldogs. Kostitsyn, 21, has eight goals and 15 assists in 52 games for the Canadiens this season, his second in the league.