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Emelin Bullies Malone

When they couldn’t score on the five-minute power play, it sort of summed up the entire season.

And then there was Ryan Malone.

The Habs were down 2-1, which would eventually be the final score, and Malone lost his mind because he didn’t like the way Alexei Emelin was using his body to crush him and others. And although Emelin’s big hits were clean and almost always are, they hurt, and poor Ryan forgot this was a hockey game and hitting is what happens.

Maybe some of these millionaires need to be reminded now and again that hockey isn’t for the weak of heart, it’s supposed to be hard hitting, and if you don’t like it, go to work in the mines or accounting department where your father works.

Anyway, the Habs came away with a five-minute power play because of this, and failed miserably. Again. One doesn’t have to be a genius to know that if Montreal’s power play was a normal, reasonably good power play, we’d be wondering who we were going to meet in the first round.

But back to Alexei Emelin. This guy plays hockey in a way that is pure and and tough as nails. He harkens back to defencemen like Bob and Barclay Plager and Gilles Marotte and Bob Baun. But I don’t want to say it’s old school. It’s being a hard-hitting NHL defenceman, there will always be these types of hard-rock players, and Ryan Malone, who has been an asshole before against the Canadiens, showed big time that he’s quite a baby and maybe should take up horseshoes or full-contact croquet instead..

Yes, the Canadiens lost again, their 5th straight, but there was much about them I enjoyed on this night. In fact, if it wasn’t for Lightning goalie Mathieu Garon playing an outstanding game and coming up with a half dozen or more stops that were nothing short of sensational, it would have been two points for the Habs and the beginning of their 19 game winning streak.

Random Notes:

Habs new guy Brad Staubitz laid a beating on P.C. Labrie. Not sure if it was meaningful in any way, but I kind of liked it.

David Desharnais, one of the team’s best and most consistent, went end to end to tie the game, and I can’t say enough about this guy. Small but just excellent.

Montreal outshot Tampa 24-22. Erik Cole had six shots and skated like the wind.

Thursday, Minnesota Wild pay a visit to the Bell.

Stressful And Successful At The Good Old Hockey Game

Boom Boom Cammalleri not only dipped, doodled, and scored on a big penalty shot, but also held his own fighting against taller forward (3 inches) David Krejci in leading his team to a heart-stopping 4-3 win on home ice.

Thus ends a three-game skid and solidifies the Canadiens’ place as king of the hill, top of the heap in the Northeast division. 

(See video at bottom for fight replay)

Boom Boom and the boys clawed out a lovely and exciting win over the Bruins in what was pretty well a classic Habs-B’s game at the Bell Centre Thursday night, a game which featured bumps and thumps on the ice and squeals from the crowd throughout.

I’ve decided I like hockey again.

And not only do I like hockey, but I loved the open-ice, thunderous wallop PK Subban leveled on Brad Marchand. We don’t see these old-school bodychecks much anymore, but when we do, they’re something to behold. If I wasn’t so anti-Bruins I might have felt some of Marchand’s pain. I know I winced.

Scott Stevens, Bob Baun, and the Plager brothers would be proud.

(Also see PK’s big hit video under the Boom Boom fight at bottom)

I’m keeping this short. Montreal and Boston gave us some mighty fine entertainment. Max Pacioretty had a goal and an assist. And Maxim Lapierre is not only despised by the Bruins but also by Mike Milbury who said, and I quote, “When you have guys on your team playing with the annoyance level of cockroaches.”

I’m okay with this. The cockroach scored. And the other cockroach Milbury was referring to, Subban, showed the Bruins they have to keep their heads up.

So all’s well.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 41-37 Habs.

Next up – Habs travel to Denver for a Sunday game, which is also the first of seven road games.