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New Guy Semin

Right winger Alexander Semin, recently bought out by the Carolina Hurricanes, has been picked up by the Habs for one year and 1.1 million. Cheap like borscht, unless you live in the real world of course.

With Semin, we’re just gonna have to wait and see. The former first-rounder scored forty goals once upon a time, while last year he managed just six. He’s known as a talented enigma, somewhat polarizing like many of his fellow hockey-playing countrymen, and when you read fans’ comments throughout the web, you see that a bunch think it’s a fine deal with nothing to lose, while plenty of others feel he’s a bum who might be better off selling vodka in Vladivostok.

Semin is 31 years old, has nice size at 6’2″, 209 pounds, and over the course of 635 NHL games played with Washington and Carolina, notched 238 goals and 275 assists for 513 points. Definitely decent numbers, aside from last year’s miserable showing, and now it’s time to pull up his socks once again and help our boys. He joins Gally, Dale Weise, Devante Smith-Pelly, and fellow new guy Zack Kassian on the right side.

It’s all fine and dandy because he’s cheap, but it’s still tough for me to shake the image of his fight with Marc Staal back in 2009 when he slapped away like Liberace on the ivories. Look it up. I can’t bear to, now that he’s a Hab.

It was pathetic and I never wanted this guy on my team because of it. And now he is.

I’m working on this issue though. I was never a great fighter either, and if I was a lousy fighter, who am I to criticize another lousy fighter?

And maybe, aside from fighting, he’ll help.


Semin Helps Out

Denis Brel in St. Petersburg has written a fine piece about what Alexander Semin is up to in Russia. So I’m just going to put my feet up and let my terrific stepson take it away. Many thanks to Denis in “The City that Peter Built.”

By Denis Brel –

Alexander Semin signed with the Carolina Hurricanes, but of course has yet to skate with them. So he went overseas like others are doing.

Almost every day we hear in the news, and I heard again today, that another NHL star has signed a temporary contract with a KHL team. I think the main thing for most players is to maintain their form, although it’s also good money in the KHL, and many players have decided to return to the club where they played before because it’s a comfortable situation for them: Ovechkin is playing for his native “Dynamo” Moscow, and Evgeni Malkin of Magnitogorsk “Metallurg, for example.

But with Alexander Semin, things are slightly different.

The fact that he has decided to play for the second-division team in Krasnoyarsk, which was his first step in professional sports, for a team called Sokol in the VHL (Major Hockey League), a long way down from the KHL.

Semin also wanted to play for free, but he was told that he must be paid at least something, as it’s in league rules. Therefore, Sasha signed for the lowest possible wage in the VHL (50,000 rubles), which comes to about $ 1,450 per month after taxes. And Semin has decided that all of his money will go to a children’s hockey school, personally buying sports equipment for kids just starting out.

Why did Semin decide to play for free in his hometown when he could make much more?

His response is found in Sport-Express:

“I wanted to be close to my family, to play on a team where I started. To be honest, this has been my dream from the time I left Krasnoyarsk. Alex Ovechkin completely supports me, and he sent a text saying”Well done!” It will be great to play in front of family, friends and fans. This is a chance to give back to my hometown and the sports school, where I was taught to play hockey. Yes, there is a lockout, but these difficult circumstances should be used for something good.

Different clubs approached me to play, but I decided to play at home. I’m familiar with hockey people in Krasnoyarsk. I was here after the World Championship and preparing for the NHL season in the local arena. I thought just jokingly about what it would be like to stay if a lockout happened, and then I thought, why not?

I’ve haven’t been home much in a long time, and family and friends are delighted. And my grandmother hasn’t seen me play in years. It’ll be a great present for her, she just turned 90 years old. She is, incidentally, in good health, and she’s still a big cheerleader (laughs).

All of us NHLers are communicating over here, and maybe for some it’s a weird thing I’m doing. But I’ve explained everything. I just want to be at home.

Babbling After The Cheez Whiz

You haven’t asked but I’ll tell you anyway. I’ve got time after polishing off my cheez whiz on Russian rye and lemon drink concoction that is supposed to be healthy and kills enemy cells but I really have no idea.

Would I like to see Alex Ovechkin play for the Habs?


But I’d take Evgeny Malkin or Ilya Kovalchuk in a heartbeat. Pavel Datsyuk too.

And if Montreal went out and got Alexander Semin, whom I suppose is available on the market, then I hope a lockout happens and isn’t resolved until it’s time for him to retire.

If Montreal got Semin, I don’t even want to be stickboy. That’s how bad it is. You ever see him fight?

As for Ovechkin, I think players and coaches around the league have him figured out. You just have to be careful when he has the puck close in because he has such a wicked shot. Other than that, I can do without the flair and high maintenance. Unless Washington wants Gomez, Bourque, and Kaberle in return. Then welcome Ovie! Can I get you anything?

And yes, I know you’ve seen this Semin fight a million times, but I’m showing it again in case there’s the odd person out there who just got out of prison or was living in a monastery in Tibet for the past several years.



Canadiens Pull It Out As ‘Another Night, Another Hero’ Continues

Sergei Kostitsyn , you rascal! Scoring the winner with only 21 seconds to go in the game as the Habs inch closer to the Capitals in the standings with a 5-4 win that makes all Hab fans jumping for joy.  And doing it not long after taking a poorly-timed penalty which led to Washington tying the game up at 4.


Tomas Plekanec, you son-of-a-gun. Invisible for most of the first half of the season, but now playing firewagon hockey, and scoring a short-handed goal and another in the third.


Robert Lang, you ‘happy-to-be-a-Canadien,’ you. Scoring another big one tonight and lighting the dynamite stick that saw the Habs pot four goals in the third period. You came to the Habs when they couldn’t land Mats Sundin. And now you’re a star.


The Canadiens keep it rolling, having now won nine of eleven games, and on almost every night, a new hero does the deed. Maxim Lapierre on one night, Andrei Kostitsyn on another, brother Sergei, Lang, Plekanec, even sometimes Alex Kovalev.


And of course, Jaroslav Halak, who’s coming through in a big way. Good for RetroMikey in Hamilton for defending this guy all along and telling all of us that Halak is an excellent goalie who just needs a chance. It’s great to see something like this happen. It’s a real feel-good story emerging.


And regardless of what CBC colour man Craig Simpson said about if the Habs want to go far in the playoffs, they have to make less mistakes and keep it simpler. Simpson forgot to mention that these young guys who make the odd mistake are also chipping in in a big way while other regulars are sidelined.


He should be throwing kudos at them, not picking them apart. Don’t worry, Craig, they’ll have it all together by playoff time.


The Capitals played well also and had their chances, but couldn’t get it done. And geez, I make a couple of jokes about Alexander Semin and his fighting ability and the guy comes out and scores two goals. I’m not gonna do that again.


Alex Ovechkin had his chances but that’s not anything unusual. He has his chances every game, against every team.


This is a big, big win. It sets things up for Tuesday’s game in Boston. The Bruins won again today, and they need to be slowed down.


And Montreal is just the team to do it.



Warning To All Habs. Be Careful With This Girl, Uh, Guy

Message to Mike Komisarek, Tom Kostopoulos, Frank Bouillion, Sergei Kostitsyn, Georges Laraque (if he plays), and all the Habs.


DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, get in a fight tonight with Alexander Semin. You’ll get girly-slapped and have your hair pulled. He may even scratch you with his fingernails. Stay away from her, uh, him.