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New Habs Job Idea

Still waiting by the phone for the stick boy thing. Have also heard nothing about keeping the players’ wives comfortable, being a flag kid, becoming owner, and riding shotgun on the zamboni.

Maybe this will work…

You might have seen the Habs dads on TV when the Canadiens travelled to Minnesota and Colorado recently, and 24CH recently showed a few minutes of them too.

The dads get to go on the road with their sons from time to time, compliments of the Canadiens organization, but alas, sometimes dads can’t go.


I’ll be a fill-in dad for a player whose real dad can’t make it!

I’ve got dad experience. I’ll make sure he gets to the rink on time. I’ll tie up his skates if he wants. And of course after the game I’ll head to the bar so I don’t embarrass him in front of his friends.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

Price Under The Weather

Carey Price has the flu, which means Peter Budaj will be between the pipes tonight against Philadelphia.

Maybe Budaj will sparkle. Maybe he’ll stone the Flyers. We’re ready for a big night from the backup.

This is a winnable game to be sure. The Flyers haven’t exactly been burning things up, as they currently sit tenth in the East with 13 points in 15 games, while the Habs are fifth with 17 point in two less games. The Flyers have lost seven of their nine road games, and it’s their second game in as many nights, losing 5-3 to New Jersey on Friday.

Michel Therrien told the troops on 24CH, which aired last night, that the goal is to score at least three goals every night, because you’ll win more often than not when this happens. (Only two of Montreal’s eight wins have seen them score less than three, so it’s seems a solid enough theory). So we need guns blazing. Hello Erik Cole.

The diagram is drawn up and the task at hand is this: Budaj has to earn his money ($1.2 million this season); the boys have to score at least three goals, preferably five; no one is allowed to get injured; and Carey Price needs to eat lots of chicken soup and feel fine in time for Monday’s game against Carolina.




24CH Shows Wonderful Moments

I was fascinated by the first episode of 24CH, and I need more. And more are coming, I just don’t know when yet.

To hear the speeches from Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien to the boys. To give Dr. Mulder a mulligan by Therrien for walking on the crest on the floor, but told to never do it again; to see an incredibly serious Alex Galchenyuk told by Bergevin and Therrien that he’d made the team.

To see 17,000 Habs fans, who stood in the bitter cold before the free scrimmage at the Bell Centre, and as many came in a certain entrance, there was the entire team was standing in a line to greet them, along with Guy Lafleur, Rejean Houle, and Henri Richard, plus, I’m sure, many others I didn’t see.

To hear Geoff Molson tell us he’d had a lot of time to think about and talk to others about what went wrong last year, and to hear the coach and the general manager say that this year will not be like last year, that there will be no more excuses, that in a shortened season there will be surprises, and it’s the team’s job to be one of those surprises.

I’m all choked up. I could watch about four hours of this stuff.

Can’t wait for the next one.

24CH English Version Kicks Off Tonight

The English version of 24CH, a behind-the-scenes peek at the Habs, begins tonight on TSN at 8pm et/5pm pt. Tonight’s episode will be an hour long, and throughout the season there will be six more 30-minute episodes.

This should be extremely interesting. Maybe we’ll see some wild and crazy hi-jinks. Maybe Michel Therrien swears like Bruce Boudreau, although having said that, I don’t think anyone swears like Bruce Boudreau. (Remember 24/7?).

This series began in French on RDS last week, and now it’s the English version for those of us who tried to learn the French language and failed miserably. Like me.

Here’s my post from the 24/7 series in 2010 that featured the Penguins and Capitals.
I Want A Habs Version Of 24/7

And here’s some technical stuff from TSN that may be important to you but frankly, I don’t have a clue what this gibberish is.

The series is complemented by 24CH Flash, 48 exclusive highlight clips (one per game day) available through the Montréal Canadiens app for iPhone and Android-powered smartphones. Bell Mobility subscribers can access the 24CH Flash highlight clips 24 hours in advance through the Bell Premiere Zone of the Montréal Canadiens app. Bell Fibe TV subscribers can also access the 24CH Flash highlight clips through the TSN Xtra app and RDS Extra App.

In addition, 24CH Weekly offers fans exclusive video content from the series with videos posted every Saturday on Canadiens.com.