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Meals For the Gold Medal Game

The World Juniors gold metal game is on soon and you’re trying to decide what to eat while watching.

Presenting my amazing recipes that you can cook up and enjoy while Canada and Sweden go head to head.

1. Take two slices of bread and gently insert cheese (any type) between them. Spread butter or margarine on the outside of bread and place in a hot pan. Gently brown one side and then the other side, making sure both sides are equal.

This fascinating dish, which is the hit of my dinner parties, is what I like to call ‘Fromage de Grilled’.

2. Gingerly open top of package and pour pasta into boiling water. Make sure water is salted but do not use ocean water. Stir occasionally until pasta is soft, drain, and add delectable cheese powder, a touch of milk, and a tiny bit of butter.

This little treat, known as ‘Dinner du Kraft’ or ‘Mac and Le Cheese’, will  soon have you taking Italian lessons and dreaming of riding in a gondola along the canals of Venice.

3. Place one or two slices of bread into machine that gets hot when button is pushed down. In only a few minutes, bread will pop up and is now toasted and ready for butter. After butter is applied, slowly spread peanut butter evenly over top, making sure no areas of toast are missed. This is known on the dinner party circuit as ‘Peanut Butter sur Toast’. And for those with even more imagination, simply add raspberry or strawberry jam to top of the peanut butter and press hard to mix well. This is called ‘Peanut Butter sur Toast avec Jam’.

4. Carefully open a bun of approximately six inches long and place a cooked wiener inside. Add relish and/or mustard (and maybe catsup and top with fried onions. Do not overcook wiener as it will go limp. This wonderful entree, which I have perfected, is called ‘Chien Chaud’ or ‘Dog du Hot’.

5. At the top of the stove you will see dials. One of these dials will say ‘oven’ and it will have numbers on it. Turn dial to about 375 and insert the dinner package, which has been frozen to keep freshness in, into bottom of stove which will open up when pulled.

Check periodically, and when it looks like the delicious mashed potatoes are bubbling, take dinner from stove. Remove wrap from top and dig in. This meal, which is great for when Leaf and Bruins and all those other fans with serious issues come over, is fondly called ‘Dinner de Frozen’.