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Surprise! There’s Another Calendar!

Yesterday I talked about my old buddy Ron Clarke bringing me a 1965-66 Canadiens Forum calendar when we met in Orillia recently – My New/Old Calendar, but I held back on the full story so I could stretch it over two days. Sometimes it’s good to stretch things. Especially nowadays when NHL rinks sit quiet.

Ron also gave me a 1956-57 calendar!

Yes, it’s in bad shape. It’s wrinkled and some of the months have been cut off, but it doesn’t matter one bit. It’s a fine specimen, and I’m extremely touched that Ron would do this. He’s my oldest friend, we go way back, and although he says there’s a lot he can’t remember in his day-to-day life, he still remembers my old Orillia phone number and my birth date, even though we only see each other every decade or so now. What a guy.

Thanks for the two old calendars, Ron. They mean a lot to me. Your friendship means a lot to me.

calendar 1

calendar 2

calendar 3

calendar 4

calendar 5