Swell Dames

Players and their families are gathering in Montreal as things get closer, and I’d like to give a big welcome to Myrtle Gionta, Gladys Moen, Henrietta Price, Ethel Gorges, Wilma Pacioretty, Bertha Bourque, Eunice Parros, Gertrude Prust, Mildred Bouillon, Daisy Drewiske, Hazel Emelin, and Rosemary Eller.

These ones are swell dames. Real lookers.

Welcome ladies. Apparently Schwartz’s steaks are as good as their smoked meat if you feel like dining out.

You see? I’m not even flirting. This is the new me and it hasn’t been easy.

I’m playing hard to get. Strategy.

4 thoughts on “Swell Dames”

  1. One day Dennis these ladies may punch you out. You could say you were possessed by Gaston though and hope that works. If not, you better run!

  2. Dennis, are those the players’ great-grandmothers? I think they’ll either appreciate the attention or smack you with their knitting bag once you fetch their glasses. Nowadays the wives have names like Harvest.

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