Sweet Mother’s Night Win


A 2-0 blanking of the Boston Bruins by the Canadiens with Habs moms whoopin’ and hollerin’ from their seats at Boston’s TD Garden.

How sweet it was. And how the Bruins and their fans must already dread the thought of meeting the Canadiens in the postseason.

Montreal just keeps on beating the Bs (6-4 in October, 5-1 and 2-0 in November), and they’re ready to drop the gloves, as Dale Weise did with Gregory Campbell and I guess Alex Galchenyuk with Torey Krug, although I somehow missed Chucky’s battle in the ring.

They also show they couldn’t care less about the increasingly less-problematic Milan Lucic.

Last night, while sitting with my brother in an Ottawa public place watching the game with the sound down, I remarked that the Canadiens at one point were showing great things on the power play when they had the Bruins completely at their mercy and hemmed in for what seemed an extraordinary stretch.

Then I realized it wasn’t a power play. Montreal was simply dominant for more than two minutes on a five on five situation. Men against boys. It almost didn’t seem fair. Bruins prez Cam Neely had a serious look of concern from his high above perch.

It was going to be a formidable task. Four tough games in short order against the Penguins, Blues, Bruins, and Rangers. But after dropping a 4-0 decision to Pittsburgh, the boys have taken out the Blues and Bruins in fine fashion and the possibility is there that they can emerge with three wins from those four somewhat worrisome contests.

Tops in the league overall with three points more than Tampa Bay. (Boston sits in eleventh place), and looking more and more like a confident bunch who know they can win on any given night and so far haven’t been all that far off from doing so (5 regular season losses and 1 in overtime).

It’s still early, but Habs fans have every right to feel excited as hell about what’s transpiring. I know I am.

Tonight, Madison Square Garden. C’mon boys, give your moms another great night.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Mother’s Night Win”

  1. I’m not getting too excited yet Dennis, there are so many things that can happen between now and playoff time, potential injuries for one. But yes, I am excited about the direction the team is going in, MB has done a remarkable job in two short years and MT is no slouch as a coach either. I’m just sitting back and enjoying the ride so far.

  2. Hope you have a NORMAL brother—–in that he’s a Hab fan; but one never trust family!!P.S. that comment was meant as my attempt as comedy which is at times UN-timely Hope it was a happy visit!!! But in Habs world it was a GREAT nite— all the open windows letting in the Bruiser[woosie] laments of decemented lineup, back to back games ect, Chara looked good in his silk suit in the sick ward—- getting the feel for retirement rather than a 5’8 kid skating circles round him, leading to embaressing moments on national TV. If it’s so ruff doing back to back games why not rest Rask—he’s a 1-goal handicap at best against Habs—anyway. Lucic kinda quiet without Thornton, Marshbeak, and the rest of the goons to HELP him act tough. Again —- so similar to the 70’s bum wipes from Fill-i del-fia… Take the leash off Subban so he can play the spontaneous style that mirrors his character and the seats at the Bell won,t need cushions!!
    This is GOOOD!!! My daughter showed me how to start a new paragraph. A new way to deal with Habs losses—thanks Luci[via Dennis] and a new approach to grammar—all in one week. Always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane—my good buddy Waylon.

  3. That’s right, Dennis. How many times has this happened this season where you look up to see how much time is left on the powerplay, only to realize there is NO POWERPLAY!?! Even though our powerplays have not been that successful lately, the 5 on 5 is a complete turnaround from last year. I love this.
    Man I love our team.

  4. I’m sure enjoying it too, Moey. And yes, you’re right about injuries, although Bergevin has provided depth. It would be terrible, for example, to see Price go down but at least we have Tokarski. And extra defencemen will help too. Maybe getting excited isn’t exactly the right way to say it, maybe “great hope and optimism” will do nicely. Regardless, they’re looking great at this quarter mark and I’m very proud of them.

  5. Peter, yes, my brother’s a Habs fan, although he doesn’t exactly follow them tremendously close. He likes golf and collecting rare bottles of scotch more, but he hates the Leafs with a passion. How bout that Weise! I wish I would’ve hear the interview with his mother. And good for you for learning more computer stuff. Before you know it you’ll be working as a computer tech.

  6. Matjo, this team has been just awesome and I think management has been brilliant. I didn’t see much of Allen last night so I’m not sure how he did. But all in all, the team as a whole is a force to be reckoned with and hopefully they, with Toker in nets tonight, blast the Blueshirts.

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