11 thoughts on “Swedes Carry On”

  1. And meanwhile, how about a salute to the Men’s and Women’s curling teams, who brought home double gold medals for Canada?! Good on them!

  2. Price stoned the U.S. and Canada wins it 1-0 to advance to the final match against Sweden on Sunday at 7:00 a.m. Eastern.

    Keep calm. Carey on. And go for the Gold!

  3. If the Olympics weren’t so Euro-centric, we’d be allowed to send multiple hockey and curling teams the same way multiple teams per country are permitted for bobsleigh and luge. We’d have a very good chance at sweeping both curling competitions, and a second medal in women’s hockey. Probably not a second medal in men’s hockey, but it would improve the overall level of play.

  4. It’s a unique and cool idea, Christopher, except that it would be weird if Canada played Canada. But you’re completely right, it would improve the level of play. Very interesting concept.

  5. Why isn’t Alex Steen playing for Canada? He was born in Winnipeg while his father Thomas played there and probably spent his childhood there too. When Canadian players have kids in the US, the children end up playing for the Americans. e.g. J.P. and Zach Parise. Then there’s Stastny and Fowler, both born in Canada but play for the US. We’re always on the losing end of hockey immigration.

  6. Not only that, Christopher, but Zach’s dad J.P. has become an American citizen. It’s all unfathomable to me.

  7. Dennis and Chris, I think Parise was born there and his Mom is American.

    I have dual-citizenship too, but you KNOW who I’d play for!!!!

  8. Marjo, I don’t blame Zach for wanting to play for the US. I just don’t like the general trend of the top Canadian hockey genes migrating south.

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