Sweden Was No Picnic For Our 1972 Boys

In 1972, Team Canada decided to play two exhibition games in Stockholm in preparation for the final four games against the Russians in Moscow. It was a way to have some ice time on the bigger ice, to deal with jet lag, to work on some things, and to have some solid European opposition before the main event took place. It wasn’t supposed to be serious, it was intented to be a bit of a brief vacation on their way to Russia. But because of what had happened in the first four games in Canada, losing two, winning one and tying one, the Swedish exhibition games became much more, because the Canadians were now in an ugly mood.

Canada played two games in Sweden, winning game one, 4-1, and tying the Swedes 4-4 in game two. Wayne Cashman almost lost his tongue when Ulf Sterner decided to insert it in Cashman’s mouth, and Swedish fans booed our boys incessantly for their hard-hitting and rough play. Their media also came out strong and labelled the Canadians a bunch of dirty rotten thugs and gangsters. The Canadians also got a first glimpse of the biased and inferior refereeing they would later encounter in Moscow. Team Canada didn’t have the fun they thought they were going to have in beautiful Stockholm.

This is a program from the Swedish games, with Ken Dryden as cover boy.

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3 thoughts on “Sweden Was No Picnic For Our 1972 Boys”

  1. DK; That Gulf sign reminds me when you and I worked for P&M in Orillia !
    What a couple of hard workers we were, just waiting for lunch break to scurry up to Dino’s to whipe everyone out at foose-ball. We must have done something right because they said our jobs were there when returned from ” The Alantic City Pop- Festival , alass we never did take up their offer !!
    Cheers from the East !!!!

  2. I remember them playing the Swedes ,but I dont recall alot about the two games.I remember Cash getting his toungue near chopped off,remember team Canada’s return and Cash got up to the mike to speak,I think even with a tongue in good working order we still wood have not been able to understand what he slurred out.

  3. I’d like to hear the Cashman speech at the mike. I never have. I think getting a stick in the mouth and the tongue mangled hurts pretty bad. Thanks, Derry.

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