Surprising Turn Of Habs Jacket Events

I find it hard to believe what happened yesterday.

But I think I need to start from the beginning.

A long time ago, when I was about 13, I saw a man coming out of church wearing a black sports jacket with a blue, white, and red crest on the breast that said “CHC” which stood for Club de Hockey Canadien, or Canadiens Hockey Club. I knew what it was right away because I had a picture of Maurice Richard wearing one.

I asked this man, whose name was Roy Faubert, why he had this jacket, and told me he did some scouting for the Canadiens. I thought that was excellent, that a Habs scout was in my midst, and not long after he took my buddy Ron Clarke and I to a game in Huntsville where he was looking at a few players.

I wrote about this a few years ago, how I had a picture of Maurice Richard wearing his jacket, how I’d written the Canadiens asking if I could have a crest like that, and that Frank Selke Jr. had written back saying no. And how Roy Faubert came to church wearing the same jacket as the Rocket.

Now here’s the part that’s left me speechless. I work at Classic Auctions, and yesterday I had a good look at a jacket that came in, a black sports jacket from the early-1960s, with a crest that reads “CHC”. It was like the one Rocket had, and like Roy Faubert’s from fifty years ago at church.

As I was checking the jacket out, I looked in the inside pocket, and the name and date were there. It read “Roy Faubert 1963”.

Fifty years later, Roy Faubert’s jacket has come back into my life.

Here it is below. And below it is the letter from Frank Selke saying I couldn’t have the crest. Under that is Rocket wearing his.

Roy's jacket

10 thoughts on “Surprising Turn Of Habs Jacket Events”

  1. According to SIHR, Roy Faubert was a player for the Fort William Hurricane – Rangers of the Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League from 1941 to 1943.

  2. It does, Ian! It still blows my mind. I was shocked when I saw his name inside. There had to be a bunch of them, who would’ve thought the one I knew about would turn up. It’s awesome.

  3. If there is any way for you to buy this item, you should try. It would be almost like bringing the jacket home!

  4. I’d really love to own it, Ian. all I can do is watch how it does in the fall auction and if it’s not too crazy, I’ll throw some bids in.

  5. What an amazing story, Dennis. I am tempted to say that it’s almost beyond belief, but then so many of your tales fall into that category – the intersections in your life (even 50 years later, and documented no less!) are marvelous. I’ll gladly toss in $10 to help you buy that jacket – it’s worth it just to think of the story that will be passed on to your great grandchldren (and I wouldn’t bet against your still being around to tell them!).

  6. Thanks Eric. When I saw his name in the pocket I let out a whoop that startled everybody in the office. And I’d been quiet for the past month and a half until then. I’ve got my sights set on this jacket, but it remains to be seen what it’ll go for. Thanks for your kind offer, but I could never accept it. I just have to hope the bidding isn’t out of control and I can somehow win it for myself. It would be such a treasure. (and an amazing thing to pass on to my great grandchildren like you say).

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