Surprise! There’s Another Calendar!

Yesterday I talked about my old buddy Ron Clarke bringing me a 1965-66 Canadiens Forum calendar when we met in Orillia recently – My New/Old Calendar, but I held back on the full story so I could stretch it over two days. Sometimes it’s good to stretch things. Especially nowadays when NHL rinks sit quiet.

Ron also gave me a 1956-57 calendar!

Yes, it’s in bad shape. It’s wrinkled and some of the months have been cut off, but it doesn’t matter one bit. It’s a fine specimen, and I’m extremely touched that Ron would do this. He’s my oldest friend, we go way back, and although he says there’s a lot he can’t remember in his day-to-day life, he still remembers my old Orillia phone number and my birth date, even though we only see each other every decade or so now. What a guy.

Thanks for the two old calendars, Ron. They mean a lot to me. Your friendship means a lot to me.

calendar 1

calendar 2

calendar 3

calendar 4

calendar 5

3 thoughts on “Surprise! There’s Another Calendar!”

  1. Two things: First, whoa, what a find! Second, you can tell the measure of men by the quality of the gestures within their friendship. Kudos to both you and Ron, Dennis. Is there any way that you can get a blow up scan of the Royals team photo without in any way damaging its current state. From what I know, this may be the only colour photo of the Royals on the interwebs!

  2. I remember these calendars as my grandfather on my mom’s side used to have one up in the kitchen when I was a young lad. They must be hard to find now as most of them ended up in the trash in the new year.

    Your amazing calendar is also good not only for this year but also 2019.

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