Sure, Why Not? It’s Just Another Injury

Brian Gionta is gone indefinitely because of a broken bone in his left foot.

Sure, why not? And Tomas Plekanec, Roman Hamrlik, Mike Cammalleri, Youppi, and several of the training staff will all be out soon with yet-to-be-determined injuries. Although I’m not feeling bad if Youppi goes down.

 Bring ’em on. We’re used to adversity. Maybe the entire team will get mononucleosis.

What did we do to deserve this from the hockey gods? Is it because of 24 Stanley Cups? Are we paying for hoodlums torching cars and looting buildings when we win a series? Or because of deserting the Forum and moving into a big fishbowl? Maybe the gods don’t like the way the team treated the greats in retirement, like the Rocket and Lafleur. And the hot dogs at the Bell Centre aren’t nearly as good as the Forum’s.

And on a personal note, what did I do to deserve this? My players in my hockey pool include Andrei Markov (injured), Gionta (injured), Valtteri Filppula (injured), Sergei Gonchar (injured), and Alex Ovechkin, Jason Arnott, and Alex Frolov, all of who have been injured.

Do I deserve this because I smoked my first cigar when I was 12? Or because I was a teenaged rascal who probably should’ve been sent to a crowbar hotel for several years?

What about Boston and Philadelphia and Detroit fans? They’re a terrible bunch. How come the gods like them? Detroit fans throw octopi on the ice, for goodness sakes.

Injuries are all about depth, and Habs fans have been shouting loud and clear since the begining of the season that the team needs another defenceman and an offensive forward. And I know there’s the issues of cap space, players available, and players who actually want to play in Montreal, but if the hockey gods really liked us, they would have found a way. 

15 thoughts on “Sure, Why Not? It’s Just Another Injury”

  1. Dennis, maybe the Hockey Gods are punishing us for picking on the Leafs so much over so many years. You know, Karma – what goes around comes around – hubris/nemesis – payback’s a b*tch etc. Frightening prospect really…

    There have been just too many “ayoille” moments surrounding the Habs for us to take this situation lightly. And as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    I too see Gionta’s injury as just another sign from these angry Hockey Gods. And I have seen enough.

    Consequently, I hereby promise on my sacred word of honour to stop picking on the Laughs – I mean Leafs — until such a time as I have permission from the Hockey Gods to start picking on them again.
    I’ll patiently wait for their sign…

    Imagine, dedicated Habs fans from coast to coast collectively appeasing the hockey gods by launching a Be-Nice-to-a-Leaf-Fan campaign.I know its a lot to ask, but no sacrifice is too big for our team.

    You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.

  2. Danno, you’re right. We shouldn’t pick on the Leafs. Just because they haven’t won anything in more than 40 years and shoot themselves in the foot and will end up in the basement and will never win for another 40 years, it doesn’t mean we should be mean to them. They can’t help it if they suck on a yearly basis. Hey hockey gods, we love the Leafs!

  3. DK ; Spoke to a Hab’s fan with the CH flag proudly displayed from his car window in a Timmy’s parking lot today . We both feel Gainey’s mind is not really into the game after loosing both his wife & daughter & that some of his choices for replacements are not quite up to his accute abilty to choose wisely , IE Gill etc. ! I for one would not be the same person if that tragic set of surcumstances were to fall on me ! Bob is a very stoic person but these tests must deeply affect this Great Canadien & are hidden behind a very troubled soul ! I guess what I’m trying to say is these over paid lackies need to step up & play with pride, that Bob put his trust in them & most nights they are letting him down !! Just two HABS fan’s thoughts on the season to date !
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!

  4. Hey Dennis, I for one will not bow down to the Leafs Gods. No way Jose. One of the great thing about being a Habs fan is our total disdain for the Leafs. This is even more through this year with KOMO joining that stinky team.

    On to the subject at hand. The Habs are being tested and that is the bottom line. What better time to see who will step up and who will falter and make himself obsolete. I stated before that I did not have spectacular expectations this year based on the overall transformation of the team. This is a good year to test guys and see what they are made of. We all know what guys like Gionta and Markov brings to the table. There has never been a better time to evaluate the team depth and make decisions accordingly.

    SK will have to be called up sooner rather than later. Time to put both brothers with Plekanec and see what they can contribute. If for some reason they can’t get their s…t together, now is the time to find out. The same can be said for all the grinders. I really feel for Price as he will feel pretty lonely in the next while. If he allows 3 or more goals a game, regardless of the amount of shots against, he will collect the infamous “L” night after night. On the other hand, he might just decide to stop everything. Like I said, time to find out who wears that uniform with pride and wants to be a Habs.

  5. Andre, thanks for that. I’d love to see Sergei back up with his brother. It’s time to really see if he can do it. And if the grinders can grind like super-grinders, then that’s all we can ask for. Friday will be interesting in Washington.

  6. Hopefully indefinitely is a coy way of not saying whether it’s two or three weeks. Was he playing on a broken foot or did he break it during the Phoenix game and not realize it until he removed his skate? Either way he was still playing better on one foot than most of the team.

    Will who ever plans on stepping up, please hurry up and do so. On the bright side O’Byrne is coming back.

  7. at least you’ll be catching a break when Ovechkin returns when the Caps play against the Habs. Bad for Habs good for your/my pool. I’ve been waiting for him to come back, i need him badly. in my pool, that is.

  8. I just realized that the habs haven’t won the cup since the year my brother was born. Coincidence? I think not. I’ll be right back….

    Fixed the problem! The habs can win the cup now.

  9. Oh that’s cruel.
    I was born in ’94. Maybe i never should’ve been born. Am i the reason why we haven’t won? No it can’t be!
    Well. Goodbye my friends this is the last post from Phil.


  10. I was born in 1959. That year, the Stanley Cup Final was contested by the defending champion Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    In 1959, Montreal was making its ninth consecutive appearance in the Final series. It was Toronto’s first appearance since 1951. The Canadiens, lead by the legendary Rocket Richard, would win the series four games to one to win their fourth-straight Cup victory.

    The Montreal Canadiens franchise was celebrating its 50th anniversary that year. This year, as the Centenial celebrations continue I am celebrating my 50th birthday.

    Also. I spilled a cup of Tim Hortons coffee on myself this morning and that is a clear sign from the Hockey Gods to put a stop to this be-kind-to-Leafs crap.

  11. Thanks Dennis.

    But I only wish I was just one year younger. In 1960 the Habs won their fifth Stanley Cup in a row beating the Leafs in the finals four games straight. Has there ever been a finer moment?

  12. Danno, we’re a fortunate bunch who saw the six team league in all it’s glory. I’m really happy to say I was there. It’s good being a 50’s child.

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