Sure, I’ll Just Ask Jean Beliveau!

Okay, I’m a bit embarrassed by this. I mean, who asks Jean Beliveau for tickets?

I guess I did, although until I found this letter the other day, I had no idea I’d even done this. In fact, I still don’t remember, and when I looked at it, all I could do was scratch my head.

As mentioned the other day, I came across some letters I’d thought were long gone, and this Beliveau one is the third I’ve posted in the past week or so. It joins Red Fisher and Gerard Pelletier from the recently-found batch, along with  Asking Sam Pollock to be stick boy and  Frank Selke Jr. that I’d posted several years ago and which sit quietly in my scrapbook.

I’ll be showing more letters in the near future if you need your attention diverted, if just for a few minutes, from this pathetic season.

16 thoughts on “Sure, I’ll Just Ask Jean Beliveau!”

  1. Dennis, this is really hilarious. The nerve on you is amazing. That fact that you were 34 makes this great but the fact you don’t remember it makes it even more hilarious. You might have been drunk when you wrote it and drunk when you got the letter I can just imagine your cheeks getting as red as a Habs jersey reading this lately!

    I can just picture JB reading it and thinking: The nerve of this guy! 🙂

  2. And Danno, they ended up in last place and poor old Pit was fired. History is going to repeat itself, I’m afraid.

  3. Martin, I despise the scribbles I see nowadays. If they didn’t include their numbers, we’d have no idea who the player was. Players back then wrote legible, they took their time. Beliveau’s is a perfect example, but most were like him. Hull, Howe, Richard, all of them. For the money players make now, they could at least sign their name so fans could read it.

  4. Darth, I guess I wanted good seats for a change and didn’t want to pay scalpers prices. I’ve been wondering how I put it in the letter.

  5. Dennis it’s too bad Beliveau didn’t return your original letter, I’d love to see how you asked for the tickets.

    I see you used to live just a short walk away from Liam Maguire’s. Did you see the new strip of big box stores they’ve built over the old train yards? It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but that area is yet another better spot for Ottawa to have put its hockey arena.

  6. Chris, I had such great years, about six, in that area, with very fond memories. I miss Ottawa. I lived there for 15 years and I considered it home. Then we moved away for some reason.

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