Sundin and Naslund Are In Sandy’s Bad Books

I work with a woman named Sandy who likes hockey. She’s a Canucks fan, but she’s still a nice person. Her and I have an annual bet on who will finish with the most points in the season, the Habs or the Canucks, and I collected a sweet five bucks from her last year.


But the thing that Sandy really is is outspoken. She says what she thinks. Her father taught her to say what’s on her mind as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone. She’s fun. Sometimes outrageous. She reminds me of an old friend, Frank, in Ottawa.


And things will bother her. 


Sandy said this to me yesterday, with more than a hint of anger in her voice. “i want you to write in your blog about who does Mats Sundin think he is? He’s waiting like this, screwing up a bunch of teams (Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver) who don’t know if he’ll choose one of them or not, and so they’re all in limbo. I mean, this isn’t Wayne Gretzky here. Sundin’s good but he’s not God.  How hard can it be to decide about something like that and not keep these teams hanging? It’s ridiculous. Who does he think he is?


“And another thing,” she went on. “You should also ask, who does Markus Naslund think he is, saying what he said after he left the Canucks. All that about he didn’t have anybody good to play with. He’s finished anyway. He was a lousy captain. And he’s not Wayne Gretzky either. In fact, in my opinion, he was never very good.”


(I didn’t have the balls to tell her Naslund didn’t have anybody good to play with last year.)



3 thoughts on “Sundin and Naslund Are In Sandy’s Bad Books”

  1. DK,

    I like it when people speak out, say what they’re thinking because it means they are willing to put themselves out there and let others agree or disagree with them or, hehe, take potshots at them. So, Sandy, you sound like a guy pissed off at a girl he wants to jump who sorta likes him but not that much …. yet. Who does she think SHE is? Uhuh, more like who does he think HE is? Yeah, just because it’s something he wants real bad doesn’t mean that she should have to kowtow to him. Myself? I like the fact that Sundin is taking his time and I’ll be okay with whatever he decides so long as he doesn’t get bullied into joining the Canuckleheads, the Twinkies, the Dead Wings, or retiring.

    As for Naslund, hey, he was too good for that `dopey’ team.

  2. p.s. What? She’s supposed to feel bad, get guilt-tripped into something she doesn’t want because she is either warily (probably rightfully so) or simply doesn’t like the dopey canucklehead? Bah humbug!

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