8 thoughts on “Sunday Game Slightly Earlier”

  1. Hey Dennis,Well didnt the Habs win the last afternoon game,let’s hope they can keep it going.I thought they didnt have a great game last nite,kinda sloppy in their own end at times.To bad about Carey,that third goal was interference for sure.

  2. Derry, for me, after it became a 5-1 score I thought Montreal came on and I felt they could actually win it. For me they did well considering the circumstances.

  3. Thursday’s game against Boston is going to be huge. It would be nice if the Habs (can I still use that word?) can beat Minny tomorrow and Buff on Tuesday before that important match…

  4. And Danno, if they can actually catch and pass Boston, imagine, after all the injuries, with so many Bulldogs.

  5. Hey Dennis, Getting ready to watch the game,hoping for a great one,good to see the Leafs kick the shit outa Boston last nite.Can I borrow your votes again as Mackenzie made it to the top five last nite,hopoe we can make it through.

  6. Hey Dennis, Thank you for your votes,we apreciate them all.Habs are kicking some ass 6-0 after two,Auld is playing very well and great to have Gill back.

  7. That PK owns the ice!

    Amazing how he could weave in and out and hold onto the puck for so long to finally score that goal.

    And Ryan White with the Gordie Howe hat trick – A goal an assist and a fight.

    Auld looking really good…

    It’s a beautiful game.

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