Summit ’72 – ” Almost Time”

Tonight’s the night. Game 1 in Montreal. I’ve traded shifts with another bartender so I can watch without distractions. There’s no way I want to see this on the TV in the bar. Too much noise, too many distractions, too busy. I just want the solitude of my little apartment, where I can watch the game in peace and not have to serve a bunch of liquored-up car salesmen.

I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see how powerful we are at hockey. Maybe I’ll get a pizza. And I’m turning the phone off.

4 thoughts on “Summit ’72 – ” Almost Time””

  1. I would have called u Dennis but you had your phone off. On the evening of the first game I was in the equipment van enroute to the gig during the first half of the first period. When Canada opened the scoring, I jumped out of my seat, banging my head on the ceiling of the truck and scared the shit out of the driver. By the time we unloaded the gear and got into the bar it was 2-2 end of the first. WTF. The first stage of shock was setting in. The rest of story is pretty much the same as every one elses.

  2. It’s hard to think back to a time when I didn’t want to watch an important game in a bar. Being able to wave my hand and have a fresh pint placed in front of me makes any occasion better. Although it must definitely suck to be one doing the fetching.
    I’m few years younger than you. Even before the current “sports bar” with walls of gigantic TVs, in my memory a good bar would have a few 20″ or 27″ TVs mounted high in a corner. I don’t remember much from ’72, and nothing from this series. My parents weren’t hockey or sports fans and I’m not even sure they had that crappy 14″ B&W set yet.

  3. Christopher, there was one TV in the bar in Sudbury (Holiday Inn, City Centre). And yes, it does suck when you’re working. I had my pub and was hard at work when the World Cup of Hockey was on around 1996 or so, and I pretty well missed it all and remember nothing about it. Much better when you’re just drinking and watching and gazing at the women from time to time.

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