Sullivan, Where It All Began

Here it is, Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, Alaska, built in 1983, which means Scott Gomez, born in December of 1979, began honing his craft here as a youngster. This is where he shot and scored and fought and went into corners, often smiling.

It was here where he, as a young buck, shot rolls of tape in corridors, got his skates sharpened, maybe went public skating and held hands with girls, and where he certainly dreamed of someday playing in the National Hockey League. It was here where he’d tell his buddies at the hot dog stand that someday he was going to play for the Montreal Canadiens and make 7 or 8 million dollars a year, and they laughed.

It was in this hallowed sanctuary where coaches and scouts drooled at the young fellow as he filled the nets with pucks every night.

I guess the blame starts with Sullivan Arena.


4 thoughts on “Sullivan, Where It All Began”

  1. Hey Dennis I have an odd request for you. I told you some time ago that I had a niece in Brandon who was good friends with Ryan White and how she and her family had received all these great habs memorabilia from him in the short time that he has been a hab meanwhile me the lifer had didly. Well she came through and gave me a hab t-shirt with around 15 initials signed by the players. Pretty cool! Now here is my request, I can make out about 10 of the sigs and I wondered if there was any way of seeing the signatures of the players to try to match up the ones I’m not sure about. Any thoughts?

  2. Dishonest John, that’s cool and it’s also a tough one. Often nowadays they include their number which makes it easier because they scribble so much. I’ll bet if one was to google each player, you’d see examples of signed stuff. There’s lots of signed cards and photos on eBay too. There are ways. It’s great that you got this. Would it be possible if you emailed me a photo?

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