Success In Beantown!

What a valiant, gutsy, never-quit effort by the Canadiens in Boston as the team ends the Bruins 12-game win streak with an incredible 2-1 shootout win with Alex Galchenyuk doing the deed.

Just a gigantic effort from a team that lost two thirds of its fourth line early when Dale Weise was slammed into the boards and hurt his shoulder or arm, and Travis Moen in defence of Weise fought Kevan Miller, took a punch to the head, and was helped off with obvious concussion symptoms.

Peter Budaj was as solid as a rock, and it’s funny about this guy. We’ve seen him mediocre at times, but not always. Sometimes he great, like tonight, when he stopped all but one deflection and was a wall in the shootout.

As much as I get nervous when I learn Budaj’s starting, tonight he showed that when he’s on, he’s an excellent net custodian.

Alexei Emelin had a big night, scoring the lone regulation time goal for his team, and he threw his weight around, including a beauty Bob Baun-like clean check on Milan Lucic, which of course the Bruins took offense to. Zdeno Chara was ridiculous in his reaction.

The Bruins are whiners that way. Clean checks shouldn’t cause nastiness and scrums. But with that team, it’s part of the agenda.

Mike Weaver was awesome, thumping and blocking and making the right plays and hitting a post, and when Marc Bergevin said after acquiring this guy last month that they’d been trying to get him for awhile, I’m now starting to understand why.

The Canadiens in the third took four straight penalties, and without whining about a couple of others, I’d like to say here and now that that the holding call on Brendan Gallagher was absolute bullshit.

And it was just three seconds left in the Habs fourth penalty, a high stick from Francis Bouillon (which was deserved), when the Bruins tied it up on a deflection which ultimately sent it to the shootout where the Habs joyfully burst the Bruins’ bubble.

What a gutsy showing from the Canadiens. They were outplayed for much of the first half, but they held their ground, held their lead, and Budaj stood his ground. And slowly but surely they began to get more shots, play slowly increased in the Bruins end, and they made a great game out of one that could’ve easily gone south quickly.

Yes the Bruins look good. They’re a great team and could go far in the post season. But one thing’s for sure. The Habs can beat them.

Like tonight, with two important guys gone early. With the back up in nets.

A tense game ending in a win for the Canadiens and putting a happy halt to that 12-game Bruins streak.

I truly love when Bruins fans go home miserable. Oh how they must hate the Habs!

Random Notes:

Brad Marchand had a chance to put his team ahead in the shootout and I cringed as he skated in. How gross would that have been to see The Nose win it. But he didn’t. And Galchenyuk did!

Shots on goal – Boston 29, Habs 22

Dale Weise and Travis Moen appeared to have suffered some serious stuff, it certainly didn’t look good, and with Brandon Prust and Lars Eller already out, we don’t have a fourth line anymore.

Next up – Buffalo Tuesday evening. Carey Price should start, although it’s still a bit of a mystery how hurt he actually is. Talk about his shoulder came up on TSN 690 this afternoon, and he was already nursing a lower body injury. So we’ll see.

29 thoughts on “Success In Beantown!”

  1. What a game! I agree with you about the Gallagher call. I think the refing tonight was awful.

    So we lost our 4th line? Maybe we’ve been lucky all year keeping the injuries to a minimum and our good fortune has run dry. I sure hope not. Onward to Buffalo!

  2. I think the roof of my house may have actually lifted when Chucky scored that beauty. And I was in the basement!
    Lucy, what a gigantic nob. Can’t take a clean hit, you’re right Dennis they don’t like it when they’re on the receiving end, and then spears a guy and denies it! Emelin was probably “embellishing”! What a great win!

  3. Hey Dennis, I thought Emilin played a great game as did Vane, he never scored but was good defensively.Gallagher was as always friggin great. I love his work ethic and tenacity.Peter Budaj was awesome,can’t fault him in anything

  4. Dennis I’m disapointed—you didn’t mention how you felt like a ——————- [insert your favorite warbler bird species]. Like you said–GUTSY! I’m so proud for the guys standing up and getting a team win with partial line-up. SLEEP WELL HABS LAND< we cheered them to victory!!

  5. The win was a bittersweet one because just last week the Habs finally saw the perfect fourth line emerge in the combo of Weise, Moen and Prust who each scored a goal and played their hearts out against the Avalanche. We lost Prust after that game and now Moen and Weise are the latest victims of Boston’s goon hockey. It’s a big loss because they were the perfect combination of toughness and skill. I just hope the injuries are minor ones and these guys can be back together once again for the playoffs.

  6. I give The Nose a 5.5 for his dive…

    One day Krejci will have to stand up without the goons to back him and his puddin’ butt is going to be beat into a bloody plup…

    Bournival will never see the minors again. His play was spectacular! He single-handedly crush one of their powerplays! Sadly, Bourque was back to being Bourque, but everything else was great.

  7. Did anyone catch the broadcast on NBC Sports Network? Down here in the Excited States, that was the only place to watch the game, and let me tell you, the broadcast was atrocious. It was every bit as bad and biased as the CBC broadcast against the Make-Believes. Jack Edwards may as well have been calling the game. In fact, I might have preferred that because while Edwards is a Bruins homer and hates the Habs, he makes no pretensions of being unbiased and he at least respects the Canadiens somewhat. In particular, Pierre Maguire was especially brutal. He did everything but say that he wanted to give all of the members of the Bruins organization a BJ (sorry for the crude reference) once the game ended.

    Turning to the game itself, it is clear the Bruins are better than the Canadiens. However, it is also clear that the Habs get under the skins of the Boston players. It is also evident that if Peter Budaj could play his entire career in Boston as the visiting goalie, he’d end up with Hall of Fame statistics! As much as I questioned the decision to start him, Budaj was as great last night as he was bad the last time these two teams met.

    Lucic is a fearsome player, but he is also a cheap shot artist. The Emelin hit on him was 100% perfectly clean (though Bruins cheerleader Maguire questioned it, of course), and Chara’s cheap shots after it were par for the course. More worrisome is the fact that the entire third line is now out of action. Prust was already gone for the season, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we find out that Moen has concussion-symptoms and that he too will be gone for the rest of the season. I don’t know the extent of Weise’s injury. The problem, aside from the fact that the so-called fourth line had been playing very well, is that this means that Rene Bourque will now be in the lineup on a regular basis again, and last night, he reverted to form with his usual “I don’t give a sh-t” performance. It must drive his teammates nuts when they see that lack of effort.

    I hope that the Habs have something left tonight for a rested Buffalo team which has for the most part been playing slightly better hockey of late.

  8. Ian, this ‘murican turns the sound down and listens to our English broadcast. It makes for a MUCH better game and the information provided is of interest (although it would be nice to hear commercials that are not on year three)…

  9. Yeah, who likes that our injured list is growing — just in time for the playoffs. Maybe Weise and Eller won’t be on the side very long, however Moen doesn’t look like he’ll come back. It really bothers me the way he got hit in the head. It seems that most hockey players are fine with fighting which of course means that concussions will come about this way and not only with hits from behind.

    Last night’s game should have been Boston’s. They had us in a perpetual PP (with or without all our five!). How many times did that puck “ping” the post or not go in because they clumsily missed the shot. (not to take away from Budaj’s great night) I think it’s too early to say that Bourque went back to slacking last night. It was difficult for any of our guys to get past their blue line and stay there for any length of time with exception to our power plays. I’d love to see them face the B’s in the playoffs but it would scare the pants off me. Having said that, if we can beat the Hawks, the Ducks, the Av’s, the B’s…did I miss anyone? This is an indication that we play VERY well against the big guys, so reason dictates that we’ll do well in the playoffs. It’s exciting!
    On another note, PJ Crock said last night on L’Antichambre that Lucic’s spearing was a “love tap” and ridiculed the host for thinking the contrary. How in the world did this dude ever get into broadcasting? If he can do it, that means I can do it.

  10. Derry, isn’t it great to see Gally bug Chara. What heart. If only Bourque could buy some of that.

  11. Peter, the birds haven’t disappeared, they’re in transit, coming home from Florida. They’ll be back! Love that the Habs upset the Bruins so much. Love it.

  12. Danno, Moen was woozy like Parros and Bournivalwere when they got their concussions. We might not see him back this year but keeping the fingers crossed on that. As for Weise, I haven’t heard because I’m so busy right now giving my 187%!

  13. Mike, The Nose needs another tuning up. And I mentioned this before but at a recent practice, Bournival was utterly impressive. I really like this kid.

  14. Ian, I heard McGuire this morning on Sportsnet praising the Bruins and only mentioning that the Habs know how to get under their skin. The thing for me about McGuire is that even though he’s knowledgeable, he always comes off as being THE most knowledgeable who ever watched a hockey game. The heck with all of these dudes. We can only hope that the Canadiens shove it down all their throats.I thought Emelin’s hit was a good, clean old school hit. It wasn’t an injury-inflicting type of hit, only one that will send the other guy flying. This is Emelin’s game, which he’s been off on lately and hopefully it’s returning. I thought he was a major reason they won, for various reasons. When he plays like that, it’s sensational to watch.

  15. Marjo, I thought Bourque might have played better, considering he said he learned a lesson from being scratched. He could’ve got his nose a lot dirtier, especially in a game like that. We’ll see how he does tonight against Buffalo. PJ Crock is a complete idiot. It’s beyond explanation how he gets these gigs.

  16. McGuire was out of control last night. As I said earlier, he and the other NBC broadcasters were every bit as bad as the CBC broadcast crew was on Saturday night. When they were defending Chara’s assault on Emelin after Emelin’s CLEAN hit on Lucic, and when they defended every other Boston attack on Montreal’s players, it was just nauseating………….

  17. I am so fortunate to be bilingual and watch the game on RDS , as for l antichambre we skip it if pj crock is on because he is a goof of the highest order and he should not be on the air. His little tantrum on cbc was something else, as for Maguire who cares about a clown like that.

  18. Hey Dennis, Very sad getting all that bad press just because you win a game fair and square. The press can turn shit around anyways they want to, I saw a good game from my chair, they each had 6 powerplays, close to the same shots, two deflected goals and a brilliant move on a shootout, what’s to wine about?

  19. Joe, that’s cool that you’re bilingual. And yes, Crock is a goof of the highest order. That’s quote of the day material of the highest order. Thanks.

  20. I don’t think the Habs will ever get proper respect, Derry. I saw a good game too, so interesting. I loved when the Canadiens continued to stop them on power play rushes. It was textbook.

  21. Great win, I’m overjoyed. Keep it going boy’s! @ Peter Hab how about a Blackburniam Warbler, they should be in Brighton in about 3 weeks down at Presquile. @ Margo, Crock is a total ass & still ticked that the Habs kicked his ass off the team! As for Maguire who amongst us like a total know it all,a legend in his own mind!

  22. Oh, I forgot to mention! Last night after Galchenyuk scored, my heart soared like a Oleaginous Hemispingus. 😆

  23. I should become a bird watcher— there’s birds I never HEARD of flying around after every Habs win in Beantown. Heard Luchi this morning crying that Emelin was dirty and a chicken–blah blah blah—Thought Emelen showed a LOT of guts last nite.— Ka-BOOOOOM!!! Mike, I was raised 5 miles East of Brighton, 1 mile north of hwy 2 at Smithfield from ’52 till ’72. Lots of Habs games on the radio but no webie wable woodle birds. Do you know the area? Habs can lose tonight if they need to regroup after the last week [+/-]of intensity We beat THE BUMS–Sens, Avs, Leafs, & the Dirt bag Bruins!!!

  24. Who gives a fuck what that bald – four-eyed fuck McGuire or any of those other idiots say. The habs won. Fuck head Lucy and Chara are poor sports and will never have any class. I await the day when some young and coming 6’7 youngster lays out fuck head Chara and ends his career. These are two guys I wouldn’t shed a tear for if they had career ending injuries. The spear lucy gave should warrant a fine at least. Anyways, I was impressed with the Habs. Sorry about the wasted rant on a couple of fuckheads. Don’t let an classless team like the bruins put a damper on the win. The injuries will hurt. But it’s an opportunity for a bulldog or two to step in. The boys are playing incredible.

  25. I’ll tell you why, Mayo. Because it’s time people like McGuire started giving this team a bit of respect. It’s non-professional to be biased against teams when they’re supposed to be non-biased media types and many of us feel McGuire and Stock and a bunch of them are ridiculous and it pisses us off.

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