Subban’s Game Is Liberal, Not Conservative

Veteran broadcaster Jim Hughson, in talking about tonight’s Montreal-Detroit game, said,  “P.K. Subban could learn a lot from (Niklas) Lidstrom’s less-is-more style of play.”

Why should PK, back in the lineup after his three game “rest”, change his game and play more like Lidstrom?  No offense to Lidstrom of course, who has been the league’s best overall defenceman for some time now ( six Norris trophies, ten time All-Star), but PK needs to be PK, and not anyone else.

Hughson might as well have named any defenceman in the league and said they should play like Niklas Lidstrom, and it would be a pretty easy and generic statement. And maybe he should have added that Alex Ovechkin should be reined in and play more like Sidney Crosby. Or Bob Probert should have played like Steve Yzerman.

We all know the young fellow loves to freewheel, and it should never be taken away. A defenceman who can rush like Subban is a beautiful rarity and adds a fresh and powerful dimension to the offensive attack, especially on the power play. Dig up an old Bobby Orr video and watch how a rearguard can bring the puck out of his end and into enemy territory in a poetic way. No one said Orr should play more like the more conservative Doug Harvey.

PK sat for three games for other reasons – to correct rookie mistakes, and maybe to harness some off-ice habits. But to hold him back and be a less-is-more player would be like telling Babe Ruth to bunt more.

12 thoughts on “Subban’s Game Is Liberal, Not Conservative”

  1. Leaf Fan, there’s nothing I like better than a good funny joke to get my day going right. So I thank you for that. And I think the you should concentrate more on getting rid of Mike Komisarek than Kessel. Although we sure don’t want him.

  2. PK FOR KESSEL???????………….. what kind of bud are you buds fans smoking in that god forsaken place, ottawa……………….. on the verge? ……. jump….. we just got rid of most of the riff raff…… besides you got komisarek.

  3. Orr didn’t need to be told to play like Doug Harvey, he just knew it was how to play & become the second coming of #2! 2X2 = 4.
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  4. if they had a few first rounders maybe we could listen. for the next year only the bruins will see santa, via santa’s elf brian burke.

  5. Not one of Burke’s finer moments, Hobo. And anyway, he decided Mike Komisarek was a brilliant defenceman so it makes me wonder.

  6. It would be like telling Elvis to be more like Pat Boone.

    The hockey world just has to face it. A leopard can’t change its spots.

    I love PK just the way he is. Full of pee and vinegar.

    And the more he irritates the likes of Cherry the greater I think he is.

    Speaking of which, I just got a reply from the CBC regarding my complaint against Mr. Donald Stewart Cherry Here it is….

    Your email concerning comments made by Don Cherry about P.K. Subban following the first game of Hockey Night in Canada’s November 27 doubleheader was forwarded to me for reply by the Office of the CBC Ombudsman and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

    It is unfortunate that you believe Don’s comments represented a “hateful vendetta” against player P.K. Subban.

    For a number of weeks, Subban’s play has been topic for players, coaches, fans, and the media. Don’s job as a commentator is to talk about the hot issues around the league, and this is a hot topic.

    I have reviewed the tapes of Don’s short comments about Subban on November 27 and comments he made about this player earlier in November. I must strongly disagree with your assessment of them. He did he say anything which could be construed as “openly encouraging violence.” He neither “incited” nor “justified” violence toward Subban. Indeed, he has not only praised Subban’s talent – noting that Subban is a player Don has known of and watched develop for many years – but he also stated outright that he did not condone players deliberately hurting each other.

    Again, thank you for writing. I’ve shared your comments with my colleagues at HNIC.


    David Masse

    Senior Director,

    CBC Sports

  7. because pk was benched for 3 games will donald s. use that as proof that his comments about pk were justified, sorry don doesn’t know that word, ok, umm alright?

  8. And it’s a problem, Hobo, because Donald S. will feel he’s once again a genius for saying those things about Subban. It’s going to swell his ego even more.

  9. Hi Leaf Fan, are you on the verge of becoming Hab in Ottawa? I fully recommend it. Ignore Saturday’s debacle. Shit happens. You’ll appreciate being a Hab fan every spring. Especially this spring when the Canadiens are hoisting the Cup.

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