Stumble In Halifax

Boston 7, Montreal 3.

Hate that. Even in pre-season. It sends the wrong message to overbearing Bruins fans.

It started out just fine. Erik Cole sent Scott Gomez in alone, Gomez made no mistake, and the many Habs fans at the Halifax Metro Centre whooped and hollered with glee. 

After that, though, things pretty much went down the toilet.

Goaltender Peter Budaj, who will be spelling Carey Price from time to time this year, was shaky at best and might have a restless night tonight, going over what he did wrong, reminding himself that he’s expected to perform an important job this year – winning when Price is resting. So toss and turn, Peter, and fix a couple of things.

This makes an underwhelming one win and four losses so far. With an underwhelming display by the goalie and most of the players in front of him.

More than 10,000 Haligonians packed the Metro Centre for this bummer, and I hope they had a good time. Nova Scotia is good, solid hockey country, some say the birthplace of hockey, (although I think the birthplace of hockey is Orillia) and this lovely province is also home of the Trailer Park Boys, so good pot must grow there too.

Native son Brad Marchand scored one of the Bruins’ goals, as did Zdeno Chara, who’s not from there, and these are two of several reason why I say this night was a bummer.

Random Notes:

Along with Gomez, Montreal goal scorers were Brian Willsie and Aaron Palushaj.

Alex Henry fought Boston tough guy Shawn Thornton to a lengthy draw.

Tonight, back to the Bell to meet once again, the enemy. 






14 thoughts on “Stumble In Halifax”

  1. Yeah our record in this pre-season is really depressing. The funny thing is, there are moments here and there in all the games that are really great and they are thrilling (Gallagher for instance) but then we still end up losing which kind of kills those thrills. I’m trying to stay positive because there has been some great things, but losing to the Bruins was a real drag.

    I’m going to the game tonight and I’m half-dreading it because I suspect it’ll be another loss. Sigh.

    I have to say that when Marchand scored I laughed. I thought of you Dennis at that moment and I thought to myself: I wonder what he’s screaming at the tv right now.

  2. We only had eight regulars (the league minimum) on the roster last night while the Bruins had 13. That alone is reason enough not to take the final outcome too seriously.

    Also, Habs hit the goalpost at least four times and missed several golden opportunities to score.

    Peter Budaj had a terrible outing. Had he played as well as he did against Buffalo, we could have won this game.

    I have to admit that I yelled too when Mr. Big Nose scored. it’s never pleasant seeing the Bruins celebrating at our expense, even if it’s only exhibition hockey.

    Jacques Martin is going to make some big cuts today and tonight’s Habs will be a completely transformed team. So don’t worry Darth, you should expect much better results for this rematch.

    Finally, I just want to say I feel bad though for the loyal Habs fans in Halifax who paid top dollar to watch what turned out to be a sorry spectacle of boys playing against men.

    But then again it’s only preseason. So, Chill!

  3. As for the term “regular” I use the term loosely because the NHL collective bargaining agreement defines a veteran differently than most people would for the purpose of article 15.3 (d). That is why Alex Henry and Yannick Webber would be considered “veterans” in last night’s lineup…

    From the NHL CBA article 15.03 (d):

    A Club shall be permitted to dress a minimum of eight (8) veterans for any
    Exhibition Game. For purposes of this Section, a veteran shall constitute either: (1) a forward or defenseman who played in thirty (30) NHL Games during the previous season, (2) a goaltender who either dressed in fifty (50) or more NHL Games or played in thirty (30) or more NHL Games in the previous season, (3) a first round draft choice from the most recent year’s Entry Draft or (4) any Player who has played one-hundred (100) or more career NHL Games.

  4. Dennis,

    It’s a funny old pre-season with so many players, lineups, combinations. But I’m sure things will change when the firm up the roster. Never like losing to Boston but this isn’t real yet.

    Mind you there will always be people who aren’t happy which ever way you do it.

    An old neighbour of mine Mrs Itchinsink was on the phone to me complaining that Jacques Martin has thrown everybody on the ice but her boy Dek……..

  5. Yes Darth, Marchand scoring was like someone pulling out my tooth with a pair of pliers. Hope you have a fantastic time at the game. I wish I was going too. Gallagher has been impressive but I just wish he was slightly bigger. Our team is killed and got bigger with the addition of Cole, and I love that. It might shut the critics up slightly. Please let us know how it went while being in the Bell.

  6. Danno, I was thinking about pre-season ticket prices last night as I watched the game. I’t not right and absolutely criminal to charge top dollar when it’s only try-out time for so many players. Fans get ripped off for parking and tickets and beer during the regular season and shouldn’t for exhibition games. It’s not right.

  7. Yes Blue Bayou, her boy Dek Itchinsink saw no ice time and it’s a shame. I just wish he was bigger. Like Gallagher. Oh, and by the way, I don’t know if I told you but …..BOSTON SUCKS JOCK STRAPS.

  8. your are right dennis. it is criminal to charge those prices but as long as idiots will pay they are accomplices(is that a word or a palinism) in the crime…………………… wake me up when the season starts or when jacques martin gets fired.

  9. DK, I’m taking Prices advise and I’m chilling out but I’m so chilled I could be on the verge of freezing to death!!
    Not too happy from the East!!!!

  10. Why does the NHL make things so difficult? For me, the simple definition of regular NHL players are those on one-way NHL contracts.
    I never realized Alex Henry had actually spent that much time in the NHL. Thanks Danno, I always assumed he was a career minor leaguer who got called up in emergencies.

  11. Yes, Alex Henry qualifies as a veteran because he has more than 100 NHL games in his career. Mostly with the Washington Capitals and Minnesota Wild which he played for in 02/03 and 03/04.

  12. At this moment, high winds have blown out the ower here and so there’s no TV or computer. (I’m at work right now). Damn Mother Nature. Did she have a lousy childhood?

  13. I’ll write about the game when you post the story about it. I’ve got a few things to say but I’ll wait till then. I want this damn pre-season over with already!

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