8 thoughts on “Stuff To See”

  1. Good idea, Danno. I think I have it straight. A guy making a million would pay about $25 for a beer, and a guy making minimum wage would pay about a buck. It’s a great idea.

  2. DK, being a elevator Mechanic I always look for what’s not kosher, they also got Keith’s last name wrong. Your time on the blog & now copy writing for Classic Auctions would not have escaped your vigilance. How the boys lost to the Laffs I can’t understand , it must be they have not received our emails, you for stick boy & myself after being on strike for two months I can not afford to pay off my low life Laff fans! Great effort though against Philly.
    I like the term the egg line. They seem to have great feel were each will be at any given time, hope it continues.

  3. They really do seem to compliment each other Mike. I heard today that Eller’s five points is the fastest two-game start by any Hab in eleven years. And you’ll get your money back Next Habs-Leafs game is Saturday, Nov 30th, in Montreal

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