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By the time this week-long break in the Habs’ schedule finishes, Scott Gomez will look like Pancho Villa, Max Pacioretty like Marcello Mastroianni, P.K. Subban like Sidney Poitier, and Carey Price like Burt Reynolds.

By the time it finishes, I might not remember who’s on the team.

In the meantime:

A fine piece from The Hockey Writers about  Nail Yakupov, very possibly the first pick in the 2012 Entry Draft, and who is being compared to Pavel Bure, only with more edge to his game. (which is a nice combination to be sure).

Alex Ovechkin calling Bruce Boudreau a fat fuck after the coach didn’t put him on the ice in the last minute of the game. (You have to read his lips but you can make it out clearly). And while we’re speaking of Ovechkin, I just have to say that I hate his TV commericals. All of them.

Canadiens sign Jarred Tinordi, now playing for the London Knights of the OHL, to a three-year contract. The great thing about Tinordi is his nice size. This blueliner stands 6’6 and weighs 215. It’s here at Jarred Tinordi

Interesting story from the Trail Daily Times, with Jean Beliveau reminiscing about the night he and the Habs played an exhibition game in Trail, BC, fifty years ago. Legend Recalls Time In Trail

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  1. God I would love to have Ovechkin with the Habs. He likes it here and with our fans the guy would be amazing. Wonder if Washington would trade him for Gomez? Sadly they’re not that insane.

    Speaking of the NHL schedule, according to TSN 990, it’s done by computer now. It was done by a guy years ago (whose office I went too) but now it’d done be computer. Sigh. Computers don’t always make everything better.

    I went to a Bruins site on Tuesday night and you know what player they’d really like to have? Cammy. The idea of him in a Bruins jersey is just too horrifying to think of.

    The Ovechkin commercials aren’t too bad when you consider the god-awful Laraque TekSavvy commercials. Those are a special kind of hell believe me. Don’t know if you saw them out there but here they showed then a lot during the playoffs the last two years.

    The Crosby ones are funny but the Tim Horton’s commercials with Crosby were lame and eye-rolling stuff.

    Forgive me Dennis but here’s that wonderful TekSavvy commerical in all it’s glory:

  2. Darth, I can’t handle these commercials. Laraque’s makes me want to toss my peanut butter on rye, and Ovechkin’s are just embarrassing. As you know, my wife is Russian and she’s embarrassed by Ovcechkin. She’s proud of many Russian players but she thinks Ovie is just a goof. When I own the team, I may make a try at getting the guy, as long as he promises never to make any more commercials and stick to hockey. Cammy in a Bruins jersey? Maybe if they gave us Nathan Horton and David Krejci. And speaking of a player wearing another team’s jersey, I saw an old picture of Gordie Howe, from 1971, talking to Ann Murray, and she’s wearing a Red Wings sweater and Howe’s wearing a Habs sweater.

  3. I think the best commercials with hockey players in them are the one Eddie Shack did for Glad garbage bags and the one the Rocket did for Grecian Formula 16.

    But the Rocket’s ad is #1 of course…

    Here’s a little Canadian trivia:

    Do you remember Resdan dandruff shampoo? Somebody famous designed the logo which appeared on the bottles. Can you guess who that person is?

    It was Ian Tyson (of Ian and Sylvia fame) who spent four years at Vancouver School for Arts studying painting. He worked briefly as a commercial artist, had a few illustrations published and designed the logo for Resdan dandruff shampoo. Then he wrote Four Strong Winds and the rest is history.

    Here’s a couple of classic Resdan ads:

  4. Danno, I didn’t remember that Resdan commerfcial until I saw the guy in the rowboat and then it all came back. Good trivia about Ian Tyson. When my brother was in Michelle Wright’s band, my first wife and I were seat fillers at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Calgary, which meant that we’d sit in front row seats and move around a little as people got up on stage. For awhile I sat beside Sylvia Tyson, and I remember that even though she and Ian had been divorced for years, she laughed at his jokes that night. Also, my wife and I decided to learn a few steps of the Cha Cha and a couple of others and we used Ian Tyson music to practice with. I was so lousy you can’t even imagine. We gave up.
    And yes, Rocket’s is the best.

  5. Dennis,

    While we’re on retail matters and looking forward to tomorrow night, I believe I’ve just received a food related omen, but it could mean a lot of different things.

    We order online and have our weekly shop delivered (yes yes I know but it does leave the roads clearer, saves fossil fuel etc. allows “quality”time with the children blah blah – and 100 other excuses for being idle)

    Anyway, I’ve just received a text to say they’re running late and more significantly that they’ve substituted our ordered Waitrose cooked/peeled prawns with Waitrose Canadian Large Prawns.

    Who will be the Large Prawns tomorrow night? The Habs or the Sens? I just don’t know if this is good or bad.

    But I will ensure that in future we order Canadian prawns so as to do our bit to keep the struggling economies of the old Empire afloat 😉

  6. Danno, I do remember this Hai Karate commercial. I’d forgotten completely. I love these old commercials. Way better than Ovie and Georges by a country mile. A couple of years ago I posted a bunch of Boom Boom Geoffrion Miller beer ones which are pretty silly but also loveable.

  7. Howe as a Hab. Wow. Can you picture him and the Rocket on the same team at the same time in their prime? What a show that would be.

    I don’t remember who it was (the Roadrunner, Lafleur?) who did a commercial in Gaspe years ago where he was on top of Perce Rock. My family (who is from there) talked about it a lot. That’s one I’d love to see.

    The Laraque one was torture but the Tim’s Crosby one where he leaves the stalled bus to go play hockey with those kids was total bullshit. Notice how it’s only him and no one else on that bus who comes out? Guess it means to imply the Penguins are big-time jerks with no time for kids? 😉

  8. Blue Bayou, if you eat the prawns then they’re the Sens. If you save them and put them on display in your living room, then they’re the Habs. If they’re dipped in garlic butter, they’re delicious and so they’re the Habs. If you put ketchup on them, they’re the Sens.
    I like the idea of having groceries delivered. Not sure it can be done in Powell River but anyway. And by the way, is your daughter still a Flyers fan?

  9. Darth, here’s a question that has me stumped. How come there’s no apostrophe between the “n” and “s” in Hortons? It’s been bugging me. Shouldn’t it be like Wendy’s, or McDonald’s etc? It’s just Tim Hortons.

  10. Darth, not for one second can I imagine the Rocket ever putting on another sweater like Howe did. It doesn’t compute. You bet having both on the same team would be unreal. Both were right wingers so they’d never play together but regardless…

  11. They may never have played together but what a first and second line! We probably would have won 10 in a row maybe?

    I guess it’s Horton’s because it’s supposed to be “his” coffee, his “donuts”.

    All I know is that I’m addicted to their coffee like it was crack.

    His wife sold the chain for one million dollars. It’s now worth over a billion I believe. Ouch.

    That commercial had him and a car on top of Perce Rock. It must have been in the late 60s/early 70s. I’ve tried looking for it but no luck so far.

  12. Darth, but it’s not Horton’s, it’s Hortons. It should be Horton’s. At least I think it should be.

  13. Wow. Shows how much I paid attention to their signs. I’ve always assumed it was Horton’s. Whoops. Oh well, at least as long as they have their coffee I’ll be happy.

    Kind of odd when I think about it now though. Wonder if it has anything to do with Quebec since apostrophes are the sign of evil here and it was easier.

    Dennis, we need a game and soon if we’re resorting to this. 🙂

  14. Darth, I know. A week off is ridiculous. So ridiculous that I’m about to post a bunch of photos from my desktop.

  15. Dennis & Darth,

    From Wikipedia:

    Some older locations retain signage with the company’s name including a possessive apostrophe, despite the fact that the official styling of the company’s name has been Tim Hortons, without an apostrophe, for at least a decade.[26] The company had removed the apostrophe after signs using the apostrophe were considered to be breaking the language sign laws of the Province of Quebec in 1993. The removal of the apostrophe allowed the company to have one common sign image across Canada.

    If you feel strongly about it, you can sign the following petition to try to get Tim Horton’s to put the apostrophe back on their logo.

    The article with the link to the above petition offers an interesting fact. Did you know that Tim Horton’s real name was Miles Gilbert Horton?

    We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel talking about deceased Leaf players aren’t we?

    We urgently need Habs hockey.

  16. Danno, I did know his name was Miles Gilbert but of course, as with everything, I forgot because my brain cells have frozen due to something wrong with my upper hard drive wiring due to no Habs hockey during hockey season, plus the fact that I’m a product of the fifties and Leave It To Beaver and the Sixties with Leave Brain Cells At The Door so it’s not my fault. PS. I think removing the apostrophe is silly. But now I see why they did it.

  17. Figures it had to do with Quebec. Some stores don’t offer much selection due to our language laws, etc. God this is stupid (don’t get me started).

    Thanks for the info Danno. I suspected it had something to do with that.

    Speaking of Tim’s – has anyone tried their Lasagna yet? Bet it tastes like watery beefaroni.

  18. I don’t care how good they’ll look tomorrow with their Movember staches as long as they play as they did last week. I especially hope to not see Gomez’s good looks wasted on a top line. His looks should be reserved for the press box.

    Danno, my top two are very close to yours. Of course the Rocket’s two minutes for looking so good is the best ever. But for me Eddie Shack’s commercials for the Pop Shoppe come second.

    Dennis, as Homer Simpson said, “every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I took that home winemaking course, and I forgot how to drive?”

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