Stuff To Read If You’re Not At The Office Party

A few small things to rattle on about during this Friday evening while you’re probably out at the office party or buying widgets for the stocking or simply getting pissed at the local watering hole.

Number one is the ridiculous article written by Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald and sent over by Blue Bayou in London.

In Harris’ opening paragraph he writes, ” The Canadiens are a despicable and dirty little hockey team that loves to dish out nasty cheap shots, often from behind, often after the whistle — and shows not the slightest willingness to back up the stick-work by dropping the gloves.”

It’s just a nonsensical piece of crap, but it’s the comments at the end that really stand out. Habs fans rally and give it back to this guy in a creative and intelligent way. I’m very proud of these people who took the time to give this idiot the shots he deserves.

You can see this garbage and the rallying comments which follow Right here.


Danno has sent an interesting piece where a great goaltender in his own right, Chris Osgood, says it’s no wonder the Canadiens kept Carey Price. This article, written in much more of a professional manner than the Boston thing, can be seen here!


Recently I showed an ancient bottle of Capital Ale and I explained that it was given to me years ago by an elderly fellow in Ottawa. This old guy, my ex-wife’s uncle, used to tell me great stories of life in Ottawa way back when, including how he and his friends would sneak in through the windows of the long-gone Ottawa Auditorium and watch the original Ottawa Senators play if he and his pals didn’t get caught and kicked out. He told me he saw Howie Morenz and Aurele Joliat play many times, and always for free.

I also remember him telling me how much more of a bloodbath hockey could be in those days and how the fans would fight in the stands and sometimes go after players.


My wife and I are invited to two Christmas parties and I’m happy to announce that both gatherings are being held when the Canadiens are on days off – Dec. 20th and 22nd.

Am I the luckiest guy or what?

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  1. i refuse to read the uneducated crap put forth by this wannabe scribe from boston. my little brain does not have enough room in it to be cluttered with useless untruths and crap. pls. don’t give him the time of day. i think everyone should ignore him and he will go away.

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