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I’m at work, I’m very busy, and I can only offer the following, which isn’t much.

Puck drops at 8:30 ET tonight in Dallas, and the question lingers – will the Canadiens continue to smell? We can only wait and see.

The U.S. Olympic team was announced following the Bridgestone Winter Classic, and George Parros isn’t on it.

But Max Pacioretty is.

First a baby boy, and not long after, an Olympic roster spot announcement.

Congrats Max.

And about the Winter Classic, with more than 105,000 fans in attendance at “The Big House” in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The smallish yet shifty right winger skated casually out of his own end, and suddenly without warning, he burst in. It was like the others were standing still.

You can’t see the 105,000 fans here. They were far, far from the action, which has been my annual beef since these outdoor things began. Even the first row is probably a lousy view for the paying public, considering it’s about fifty feet from the boards.

But that’s their choice so maybe I’ll just shut up.

Anyway, the big rush.

19 thoughts on “Stuff – Including Max Makes Team”

  1. I have mixed feelings about MaxPac being named to the American team (and will feel the same way if/when Carey Price and/or PK Subban are named to the Canadian team, and/if Andrei Markov and/or Alexi Emelin are named to the Russian team), because I think that the time off might be better for the players.

  2. Is that you, Dennis?? Not bad, not bad at all! And you can “hear” the cold!

    Once the Olympic teams are formulated, it would be interesting to tabulate which NHL teams contribute the most.

  3. I agree. Meanwhile, my sister, who lives in Ottawa, is nearly apoplectic about the fact that Bobby Ryan wasn’t named to the American team.

  4. Ian, the Ryan thing does seem weird. He’s a great young player with size and good hands. And the Americans can’t use him? (the Habs could).

  5. I wonder if the American brain trust isn’t overthinking things, as Stevie Y. and the Canadian management team is apparently doing. Bobby Ryan was a “no-brainer” for the American team, as far as I’m concerned, but I also think that PK is a “no-brainer” for the Canadian team, yet judging by what I am reading, he is very much on the outside, looking in.

  6. Yes, another five days or so and we’ll know if PK is on the team. It’ll be interesting to hear. They say it’s all about having enough right-handed shots, but for me, the bottom line is he won the Norris last year and should be on the team, especially on the big ice surface where he can motor.

  7. In Dallas tonight, there’s a dude in a beige jacket sitting behind the net who is obnoxiously banging on the glass board. He now has a poster card that reads “bang!”. Besides all the obvious reasons, this is the best reason there should not be a team in Dallas.


  8. Oh my dear Lord, Chris. I’m surprised someone has not put a gun to his head and made a bang. That’s just too whacked.

  9. AHHHH DENNIS!!!!!!
    Memories of “The Lung Brothers” line…that potent scoring trioka back in the days of the NG hockey tournaments.
    Lest us not forget the occasional contributions from “The Shitty Line”

  10. Constant banging on the glass would drive me nuts. But no one mentions the worst part about it. All the fingerprints he must put on it, which would be a bummer for those higher up who have to see through it. From the comments in the link Christopher sent, people in Dallas, for the most part, think it’s great. But I’d hate it, there’s no doubt. So freaking much. I hate even when someone stands up in front of me for no particular reason. I also don’t understand why he would want to do it.I’m surprised there’s been no fisticuffs now and again. If I was behind, I might be thinking about hurling a full beer at him. Talk about a distraction. If I ever go to a game in Dallas, I’ll make sure I’m not behind the net.

  11. Jim, that was so long ago too. But they were fun games and it was a great way for us drivers to get to know the other guys and vice versa. For me that was the best part because until then, there was a bit of a dividing line. It was great fun.

  12. It’s whacked. I wouldn’t enjoy the game with him there. I think I’d ask for my money back.

  13. The folks in Dallas like him because he’s the only source of fan excitement from the lower bowl. It makes them think they’re a real hockey city.

  14. There has to be something mentally wrong with this person, there’s just no other explanation. I’m with you Dennis, if he were in my way, I’d find the nearest beer bottle. This has to be irritating for the players on both teams as well.

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